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June 29, 2010

Heritage Silhouette Jewelry

Hi everyone. My name is Yolonda and I am glad to be this weeks guest designer on Tuesday Treats. My name on the message board is Crafty Scentiments. I wanted to make a video of my project, however, after I came back from my vacation I had a bad cold and I literally have had no voice. What little voice I do have sounds terrible, so I thought I would spare you.

This is the first project that I made using this cartridge and it turned out really nice. So nice in fact that I have taken this idea even further and designed some other pieces of jewelry using other cartridges. I will be posting them on my personal blog (http://craftyscentiments.blogspot.com) later this week. For today's project I designed a very simple pair of earrings.

Here is a list of my supplies.
Heritage Cartridge pg. 68 (silhouette 5)
Black Card stock (Recollections)
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
Martha Stewart hole punch
Ranger Perfect Pearls Pigment Kit (Jewels)
  • Forever Red
  • Forever Green
  • Forever Blue
  • Forever Violet
Ranger Mini Mister
Needle Nose Pliers
Jump rings
Silver Plated Ear Wires

Although the Gypsy is not really needed for this project, it makes designing projects so much easier. You can really see just how big an image will be. I started by cutting the silhouette at 1.5 inches. I cut 2 layers for each earring. One set I cut in the original orientation, and the other set I reversed the image to cut them out. I used black cardstock for this project so the colors of the Perfect Pearls would really stand out.

Using Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive, I glued the layers of the silhouette together. I used the Martha Stewart punch to punch a hole at the top of the piece.

Before adding the jump rings and ear wires, I colored the pieces. The Perfect Medium that comes in the kit is like an embossing ink. I stamped the entire piece to cover with it with the thick substance.

The powders come in a variety of colors. The powders are very fine and a little goes a long way. I dusted the entire piece randomly with the Perfect Pearls Powders making sure to clean the brush between colors.

To set the powder, you need to lightly mist it. I used the Mini Mister by Ranger to spray a fine mist in the air. Then you sweep the piece across the mist of water. You really need very little water and by sweeping across the mist that is in the air, you won't use too much water. I then attached the silhouette to the ear wire by using a jump ring.

And here is the finished piece. They are very lightweight and really fun to wear.

That's my project. Thanks for taking the time to view it and I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you think.

June 27, 2010

Wohooo! Hit the 500's

So yep there will be a celebration and I think we will celebrate with a giveaway of what better cartridge than another obsession of mine - one cricut lite cartridge. So at first I thought Celebrate With Flourish - then I saw Lovely Florals and it also has a font so more mileage for the money and so the giveaway cartridge will be Lovely Florals


So leave a comment in this post with your email by July 3rd midnight central time and yes - you have to be a follower for this one for sure as that's what this is all about :). Let's do the drawing again on July 4th. A nice date for celebration don't you think?
Well even now this latest whatever you call it  - watching the dashboard fever - is not  gone out of my system yet. Would you believe I am now following my friend Sassy's blog - http://shesasassylady.blogspot.com/  and also Tuesday Treats http://www.tuesdaytreats.com/ :) ? I know I am sick..
Just a little more words  - Followers - I  thank all of you who are following my blog. It is such a nice feeling when someone reads and thinks that you might just be worthy enough to maybe read a little bit and so then follows you. It soon becomes like a pulse or heart beat which measures how healthy a blog really is. So is it any wonder I am thankful to all of you who have followed and made me so happy today for this is truly a landmark day  for me.
Thank you and Hugs!

That elusive 500th follower

Well for a few days now I am glued to looking at my follower list as  it is now at 499. And whenever I pass my my laptop I sit down and eagerly see - is it 500 now and nope - there it remains stuck at 500. In this I like youtube better than blogger as each time someone subscribes I get an email and know someone has joined and also the username and  but nope not in blogger. Here I have to keep looking at my dashboard and refreshing the screen. Sometime or mind latches on to the strangest things don't they? Even when we have better things to do we get stuck .
So I watch like a hawk stooping down on my follower list in my dashboard lol.
Oh 500th follower - hurry :)

June 23, 2010

Sigh a small glitch with this update

When I went over my old files I encountered a glitch.
Now why did I go over my files? I have encountered a Crafter's block. No mojo just buying thirst for more cartridges but nothing coming forth with lol. So since my turn at Sassy's soon comes up I went looking for an uncut file of mine and lo behold a glitch. I wanted to make a trifold card and so had pasted 3 images and welded and left 2 pieces hanging out of the mat on both sides. When I changed something well there was the glitch. The image just moved and I couldn't do it . So I tried afresh and well the image gets bumped to the right 
Let me show in CDS as I cannot do this with the gypsy.
I want this

But the left circle when trying this gets bumped to the right and I get this. Note I can get some portion to hang out true but it will not center ie I will not get a proper centered trifold but an off centered one.

So try it out with your gypsy too and let me know if you have the same problem too. I asked beth - makeupgirl217 and she says her gypsy behaves the same way too. Wanted  to ask Sassy too but poor girl is so busy that I felt really guilty disturbing her..

This is a bit annoying as if both the other images need to hang out they hit a sort of barrier on one side(this can be any side)  and the middle image is never centered - what you would need if you want a trifold card. It will hang out unevenly.
Of course to make it you can still cheat by doing it in 12 x 24 mat and designing in  only the 12 x 12 left portion and allowing one side to hang out left and other to the right and since only one side hangs out it will allow you to design and then changing it back to 12 x 12 mat.
Unfortunately does not work in 6 x 12 mat for some reason. So baby bug and create people will have this error and no workround while E people can have a workaround
sigh.. It is video time again... I or makeupgirl will do it..

edited since then
Was just doing the video and found there is another way to do this also even for 6x12 mat.
You have to add the images - and see that you have the exact height as changing it will bring it back to annoying lol. So you get one chance and if you make a mistake you have to start over.
Here is how
have it to the right size and then arrange . It will not be centered. See if you can grab the other end of the 3rd image. you should atleast be able to see the selection box or else it is not possible. If you see then g ahead and ungroup and then move the images. First one will move. 2nd one will try to resist and then move. and once you get it in position go ahead and group and weld. Do not move the whole image r try t increase it size. It will go back to the glitch then.
I will edit and put up the video soon.

Blog visiting or hopping

Sometimes when you do that from the cricut MB you come across some awesome projects.
I came across these two and am I impressed

I think it is time I brought up the creative hands award back up doesn't it?
So here is the award for Green bean and Sharon for their lovely projects.  I must remember to pass this award more often like maybe once in a month or  once in two. I could have sure given this to sassy, beth and Cheryl (for their projects sure rocked) if I had remembered I had created this award. well .. better late than never. So for today I give these two the award

While looking at Sharon's blog , I was so  surprised that such a talented person like her has my blog up on her blog list. Well moments like these leave me speechless and also has me reflecting on how far this blog  has come along on this gypsy journey.  A little bit of frustration in learning the G without any manuals and an idea that maybe logging the learning curve so that  it may help others avoid the same pitfalls was what started this blog and when I see things like these and also see the number of followers I have - well since I am only human (though  orne'ry old one sometimes)  , I feel so touched and my heart does fill with joy!

June 22, 2010

Pros and cons of gypsy revisited after update 0191/0193

Time to revisit the pros and cons. I have edited the previous pros and cons to include the new features

Gypsy - Build 0191/0193 

  1. Easier to design with the touch screen and can design anywhere and at anytime. As the as says it's in the palm of your hand. To quote a user" It's therapeutical" 
  2. Can store all cartridges so makes it easy to take to crop - more portable than lugging all the cartridges and also can replace the jukebox- this means also using all my cartridges in one design without having to swap the cartridges in cricut or jukebox 
  3. Comes loaded with two cartridge - one font - Gypsy font and one shape - Gypsy wanderings (and u get reward points for these two ) 
  4. Can  transfer files to and fro between gypsy and DS (though don't know how mac users will manage this. also you need full DS and not trial version for this). New feature may soon come up where we can convert the cut files from gypsy itself but right now can transfer only from CDS 
  5. Has a multi page option now like DS 
  6. Can Weld - we need not glue down each tiny pieces in a word - creative possibilities endless as we can join images together. 
  7. Welding flipped images now possible 
  8. Grouping images possible so can apply parameters like size changing etc to a whole bunch of images in one go. 
  9. Copy and paste a whole group of image possible and can now copy across page (to copy across page - select the image and then go to the new page and tap the copy/paste button). CDS(design studio) users will find this very useful 
  10. Can get accurate effects with numpad/10key feature in controlling sizing, rotation, kerning and placement (x and y axis) 
  11. Mac users can use the gypsy (depending on your Cricut firmware - you still might need PC to update your Cricut for the first time) 
  12. Virtual mat (like in CDS) makes it easy to lay different papers on a single mat thus saving paper and cutting layers also in one go. 
  13. Keyword search brings up the images on the keyboard layout 
  14. Keypad layout now brings the cartridge as help bubble when you tap on it and hold 
  15. pressing zoom button and then selecting image buttons on keypad now zooms it up to full size though the creative feature buttons can't be zoomed to full size this way. But holding the stylus on the creative feature does magnify it a bit like the earlier image buttons could do.
  16. Image can now go out of the mat and is not only visible but can even cut the partial image. 
  17. It has a new photo application though is more just like a digital photo album and the photos cannot be brought to the mat. 
  18. Cartridges are now categorized by all, linked and used (i.e gives the cartridges used in a design) so designing now is easy. 
  19. Image can now increase beyond the mat size. In earlier update we had to trick it by setting the cursor size initially to large impossible size but not anymore
  20. creative feature has labels (though some cartridges have it wrong like GW and GF are reversed and animal cartridge has it wrong)
  21. Hide and contour is finally up
  22. One of the best feature is the open template feature. It was also the worst feature as after page 5 it got chaotic but now bless-fully it can be switched off  by turning tapping the eye on the top layer button
  23. Layers can now be named and deleted without a struggle
  24. The G sync has improved. We now have a troubleshoot section Where many problems can be corrected from our end itself using the help/troubleshoot. Also G sycn will only release the G after it is switched off and show busy syncing until you turn off the G sync or exit from it. This is a good thing ;).

  1. Once cartridge is linked it’s permanent and it can be done only once (in the cartridge’s lifetime) to just one gypsy (but cartridge can be reused on any Cricut as it is as it does not get erased) - so resale value of cartridge if any (not quite sure that we can sell - check EULA for this) - but if you can then you have to disclose that it can’t be linked to any gypsy 
  2. Policy restriction about selling a gypsy. Please read EULA (end license agreement) 
  3. Even though settings can be changed for left handers users say it is not completely left hand friendly. For e.g according to one of the users when you scroll through lists you still have to put your left hand over to the right and doing this makes the wrist cover up the screen. 
  4. Cutting time of welding image is proportional to the number of welded image in a mat and also the size of a mat 
  5. No autofill feature/fit to page/fit to length but workaround possible by copy/paste and sizing features. 
  6. Keyword database not complete. Some cartridges's images do not show up on the database an even now the there are lots of spelling mistakes. I would prefer an ability to tag the keyword search just like in CDS so that the search can be efficient
  7. Battery life ? Can it be replaced by provocraft? How long will it last? 
  8. The power cord doesn't go all the way in when charging and hangs out. User can easily when trying to press it in make the pin fall inside the device as the pin inside does not seem to stand sturdy. (it has happened to more than one user) 
  9. The device is not hardy as ports etc are know to fall off inside. So don't push too hard on the cables. ports etc
  10. The Gypsy has also been known to interfere and mess up the cricut while updating the cricut and rendering the cricut useless. 
  11. Sometimes some cartridges refuse to link with the G. George still has some problems (but keep trying with george)
  12. Still cannot close a file but have to open another file t close the present one and then go back to the earlier file as some changes are seen or reflected only after  closing the file.
  13. welding with hide and contour is messed up and is is welding anything inside a solid shape as we call it for eg  trying to weld a word happy inside a square or rectangle. (but if you weld inside a frame ie a double shape like scalloped square on the outer and another smaller square - then we get the right weld)
So the pros seem better but getting a working G itself is like a luck of the draw. If its working right then it's a nice device to have. But I live forever in fear when the Gypsy might die out on me .Will it be the next file or the next update? :) But then with uncertainty is a part and parcel of life. It's working for me right now. I love the 2 new cartridges - the cartridge hoarder that I am I just have to say that. In fact these 2 cartridges are sufficient to have and u don't need any more cartridges - well maybe you can add wild card to the list and tags and boxes too though you can design your own ... and maybe...(ok snapping out of it now - sheeshh I need to get into that CCC program right now)
***Note: For new users
Mercy from cricut gypsy messageboard has a thread which tells you to how to update and install. Here's the link http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=5553391&mpage=5
see #post 2 in the link above

Heritage Brooch

Hi!  It’s Wini from LooneyBugDesigns.  I am poohbearbaby on the Cricut Message Boards.  I am honored to be your designer for today.  I would love to share my Heritage inspired project with you today.
I have always associated Brooches with Grandmothers.  I don’t know why but just the word Brooch makes me think of my Grandma.  I don’t remember any of my grandmothers wearing a brooch so I am not sure where the association comes from – just my weird way of looking at things.
I decided that I wanted to make a brooch for you but I didn’t want it to be made of paper and therefore look off – so I decided to try my hand at cutting fabric with my Cricut.  I had this picture in my head of this flowered brooch that was somewhat old world looking.  Where did the image come from?  Your guess is as good as mine but it was there.   I had never tried anything quite like this but thought I would give it a try.  Here is the brooch I came up with:
TT Finished Brooch
I started my project by picking out my fabric and trim.  I didn’t know what exactly I was looking for – but I wanted it to look a little vintage (which is typically not my style).  Here are the fabrics that I choose – I LOVE the way they look together.
TT Fabric
I chose two fabrics for my flowers because I wanted them double sided.  So I fused the butterfly and the blue fabrics together to make a single two sided fabric.  I also fused the green dotted fabric to itself to make that two sided (with the same fabric on both sides).  You can’t really tell from the photos but the blue fabric has silver thread in it so it really sparkles in the light.  I thought about tea dying the fabrics and the lace but that was just too vintage for my style – so I left them as they were.
TT Gypsy
Next I set up my file on the gypsy.  I used the blackout feature on the Home Decor Cricut Cartridge to get the flower I wanted.  I turned the real dial size feature on (see the a button is highlighted in yellow) so that I could get the exact size flowers that I wanted.  I then sized the width of my flowers starting with 2.5” and going down in 0.25” increments to 1.25” – 6 flowers in all.  I put my fabric on my stickiest Cricut Mat and away I cut….
Now here are some things to keep in mind when cutting fabric:
  1. Use a new blade
  2. Don’t use thick fabric
  3. Don’t put your images too close together
  4. Don’t cut too fast
Do you know how I know all this?  Yup – I didn’t do any of those things and big surprise, my fabric didn’t cut very well.  I will have to try it again when I get some new blades.  So in the meantime… I cut my file again using some scrap cardstock – traced it onto my remaining fabric and cut them out by hand – UGG – Remind me to ALWAYS HAVE SPARE BLADES ON HAND! I hate to cut by hand – the Cricut has really spoiled me!!  Anyway here are my cut out flowers.
TT Starting Pieces
Starting with the smallest flower – fold your flower almost in half and hot glue the center together (yes I discovered that hot glue works best for this project – who knew?).  Fold the next flower the other direction and glue it to the first section.  Continue until you have just the largest flower left.  I folded this the same way as the previous flower so that the back of my flower would look uniform. I know that I didn’t describe this process very well – If anyone is interested in seeing a video of how I did this just let me know in the comments and I will make one up and get it posted.  Here is my finished flower.
TT Flower Close Up
I then took two strips of the green fabric and folded them over to form leaves.
TT Leaf
I glued the two leaves onto the back of my flower.  I played around with them giving some extra tucks until I had them looking just how I wanted them.  Here is what my flower looked like when I was finished.
TT Messy Back TT Flower w leaves
I wanted to add this really soft ivory lace that found – so I glued that to back of the flower.
TT Adding Lace
I think it really added a lot of charm.  It was just what I was imagining!  I love it when that happens!!!
To finish up my brooch I glued the flower to a chipboard circle and attached a 1” pin backing.
I love this close-up of the brooch – I can’t believe that it turned out so close to the picture I had in my head when I started!
TT Finished Close Up

June 21, 2010

Giveaway - Cricut Expression sponsored by my friend ScrappySales.net

As many of you know our very own Gypsy MB friend Nurseviper aka Dawn who is also a designer here in this blog has opened an online shop called http://scrappysales.net/ . Isn't she so enterprising?
In lieu of opening the shop she is sponsoring a Cricut E giveaway in this blog. 
All you need to do is leave a comment in this post by July 3rd midnight and on July 4th ( winking here ) after we wake up and brush my teeth lol - we will draw a winner using the random generator. I would of course love to have you follow if possible but that's not a must so do it only if you like my blog ;)
Do also visit her blog - http://scrappyrn-scrappyrn.blogspot.com/ (warning: - Be prepared to be enabled as she does the most awesome projects. I have a sweetheart cartridge sitting in my shelf thanks to her.)  and leave her some blog love and best wishes on her new venture.
My best wishes  to her and prayers that her business will grow and succeed.. 

So now to the nitty gritty details of what the Cricut E bundle giveaway consists of 
Here are the details according to  Nurseviper


This Cricut package comes complete with and does the following:
* A factory-sealed, Cricut Expression Machine
**** Brand NEW "Plantin SchoolBook" and "Potpourri Basket image cartridge"
* AC power cord
* Cutting mat (12x12) and blade
* Spatula Tool
* Scraper Tool
* How-to DVD
* 2 Project DVDs
* A Quick-Start guide and detailed manual
* Cut up to 23.5"
* 6 New time saving modes
* 4 New creative functions
* 8-way positionable cutting blade
* Larger, full featured display
* Heavy duty construction
* 4 Languages & metric options

Included Cartridges
Schoolbook Cartridge
The Schoolbook cartridge is a complete font designed to match the look and feel of children's schoolbooks. This cartridge is great for educators. 
Potpourri Basket Cartridge
The Potpourri Basket Cartridge is a compilation of select shape graphics from many available cartridges. These include Fabulous Finds, New Arrival, Celebrations, Joys of the Season, Stretch your Imagination, Doodlecharms, Walk in May Garden, Going Places, My Community, Beyond Birthdays, Indie Art, Home Accents, Campout, Baseball, Street Sign, Soccer, and Wedding.


Now all you have to do is just post (one comment per person please with your email address written in it so that we know whom to contact) in this thread by July 3rd midnight - let's say central time and on July 4th morning there will be a random drawing and the winner announced. Remember that I moderate my comments so your comments will appear even though they may take a while as I am always not glued to my computer. But I do check more than once a day. What a way for the lucky winner to celebrate Independence Day!!!

June 20, 2010

Sunshine award

I was given this award again  today by Wende from http://passionatelypaper.blogspot.com/
Thank you Wende for the award and more for the kind words you used as to why you gave me the award. It is nice to know that this blog helps even if it is in a small way. It is so gladdening to read.
Do please visit her blog and leave her some love. She has some awesome projects including a lovely mini album

June 17, 2010

Some pictures from Alaska

Here are a few pictures from Alaska. I will be posting only scenery and wild life and as less as possible of Homosapiens.
But wanted to share one funny thing.  When we flew my son looked down on the land from the plane after take off and said - "Mom - look down ! Doesn't it look like a big brocoli" And all the trees did look like brocoli  from up there :)


Mountain Goat from the Fjordboat



Humpback whale

Sea Lions

A brief Stop On the road to Denali.



Moose crossing!

Bear crossing!

Mist covered mountains

At wonder lake


Fox crossing! Seems like every animal crosses the path of the shuttle bus except the bipeds. Come to think of it we did have one case when we had some bipeds crossing too lol! But I did not take a photo of that!

The Nenana river where we went rafting. My elder son went "rafting" where he paddled while we went "scenic rafting" where we just got to sit and see because my other son was under the age limit of 12

One final crossing - but this was not in front of the shuttle bus but at Healy a  town next to the National Park

Dog sled show

Hatcher Pass - view from our cabin

Same view from outside

At 4.00 am

Closer look at the sun shining on the mountains. Land of the Midnight sun indeed

Independence mine - Hatcher Pass

I once saw a movie of Clint Eastwood with a view like this of a mine

Ground in Alaska. It is spongy to walk on . The mountain greenery is this and not grass

Anther view of the old mine

Our cabin

wild flower

Couldn't resist trying out the shutter speed lessons. Candice you will be proud of your student lol
Here is fast shutter speed

An slow shutter speed

can you smell the clean air by the stream?

Musk Ox farm at Palmer, Alaska - a town just 10 miles from Wasilla  ;) Sarah Palin's town and No did not see her house or her

Musk Ox
Some facts I gleaned - Musk Ox sheds the inner fur which is collected by combing and the resulting expensive wool is called - qiviut. A small scarf made from this costs about 300 dollars

A yearling who loves to be fed dandelions

At the Alaskan zoo, Anchorage on the last day of our trip

Brown bear! Which lead to the argument with my son about Brown bear and Grizzly. He said it is one and the same. But here is the actual fact - Grizzlies are a "race" of Brown bear. So All Grizzlies are Brown Bears but not all Brown Bears are Grizzlies. So guess I won

This one looks so cute hugging the tree while asleep. Yep! but certainly do not want to meet him up close when he is awake lol

Float plane at Lakehood float plane base

Lake Hood Seaplane Base off International Airport Road in Anchorage Alaska is the largest and busiest floatplane bases in the world. Outer perimeter of the lake/hangar

Landing of a float plane

So that's just a few photos from my trip - Yep as I have tons more with and without my family members in it ;)