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June 9, 2010

Scrapbook Page or Wall Art?

Sometimes scrapbook pages are just too wonderful to keep in a book. So why not take out a page that will "stand" on its own and put it on the wall. Of course you can also make things that you only intend to display on the wall. If you want to rotate your displays, you can store the ones you aren't using in a scrapbook lol.

Because I couldn't get a better picture in the frame (I should have done this outside when it was light out lol), I took another picture of the layout out of the frame since the glass just doesn't come out of that shadow frame!

Layers are something I hadn't fully utilized on my Gypsy until I made this project. In fact, I stopped using them all together after the Thanksgiving/Christmas update that rendered them unusable (and I didn't update until latest version). So when Pam aka TheBugBytes posted what layers could do now (especially the moving them around part), I knew I had to start really using them.

So without further ado, here's my take on a layout for displaying the cousin side of the family tree. You can download the gypsy file here. For this project, I used the Heritage cart and my Gypsy.

In a complete turnaround of my typical Gypsy usage, each aspect of this file is on it's own separate layer (have I mentioned that I love the new layers??).

I usually use the Return to Design option after the cut is finished. That way I have a chance to doublecheck the cut before I take it off the mat. I just use the buttons around the cut button to move the cutting blade assembly.

Since I used the same paper for the title and the frame, and because I hit the Return to Design button after the title cut, I just went to the frame layer and moved it near the title to save paper and hit cut. Using the Gypsy means I don't have to worry where the cutting blade is when the cutting starts (knock wood lol).

Here's the breakdown of the Heritage cuts, Gypsy techniques and papers by layer.

Heritage: Frame Feature (row 1, image 8 on p. 31), Word Feature "Cousins" (row 4, image 7 on p. 60)
paper: dark brown cardstock from stash
Gypsy techniques: "Cousins" height 1", Frame height 2.29". Welded "Cousins" inside the frame and used hide contour feature to hide the holes on both sides of frame.

Since I used the same paper for this and the frame, after I cut this out (and used "Return to Design") I just went to the frame layer and cut that (after I moved it to an optimal paper-saving location). After I glued this to the title background, I distressed it with a fine sanding mat (it's shaped like an oval, they are usually in the woodcraft section at the craft stores.

Title Background
Heritage: Frame Feature (row 1, image 8 on p. 31), height 2.29".
Paper: the only name I could find on this was "handmade", but I have two different pads with this in the left hand corner, by K&Co.
Gypsy techniques: I used the hide contour feature to hide everything except the outside contour.

I cut the frame background right after this because it used the same paper.

Heritage: Charm Feature (row 4, image 2 on page 55), height 5" (adjust to fit picture).
Paper: dark brown cardstock from stash.
Gypsy techniques: flipped upside down and hid the hole with hide contour.

After it was glued to the background, I distressed it in the same manner I distressed the title.

Frame Background
Heritage: Charm Feature shift (row 4, image 2 on page 55), height 5".
Paper: the only name I could find on this was "handmade", but I have two different pads with this in the left hand corner, by K&Co.
Gypsy techniques: flipped upside down and hid the hole.

Heritage: Basic Feature (row 1, image 1, p. 24), height 11"
Paper: Tim Coffey by K&Co.

Tree Background
Heritage: Shadow Feature (row 1, image 1, p. 24), height 11"
Paper: Best of Brenda Walton by K&Co.

Heritage: Basic Feature shift (row 1, image 1, p. 24)
Decided the design didn't need them, but forgot to take it out of the file.

Paper: Ivory & Black by K&Co. This was the paper I "had" to use, the starting point for it all. Can you see the sparkle in those flowers?


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

This is just beautiful and you are right, some are just meant to hang on the wall! I love all the detail this page offers. Thank you for sharing.

ladybugstamper said...

Wow, this is great. Way to pretty to be tucked away, I really like the idea of putting this on a wall. Thanks for sharing.

Barb Craft said...

Gorgeous!! I am with you... taking them out of the books and putting them if frames allows everyone to enjoy them a little more!! I have a few frames in the house that I am constantly changing!!
Barb :)

amylynne said...

Beautiful!! I love the tree! Thanks so much for sharing!

217 Creations said...

You did such a fab job!!!!!! Thanks for your dimensions!!!!!!

Unknown said...

What a great layout/wall piece! It really is gorgeous!! I love Heritage!

I love your instructions on how to "return to cut" then select the next layer ~ mental head slap here!!

Karen said...

This looks great in a frame! And Michael's often has their frames on sale for 50% or more off so it's inexpensive to make beautiful art!

imafarmgirl said...

Thank you for the detailed instructions. Now I can try it-you are like my training wheels...

Cheryl Boglioli said...

wonderfully detailed instructions and lovely layout. I LOVE that tree. !!

flowerdisco said...

love it Ohh snap. I am really liking making frames too.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.