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June 23, 2010

Sigh a small glitch with this update

When I went over my old files I encountered a glitch.
Now why did I go over my files? I have encountered a Crafter's block. No mojo just buying thirst for more cartridges but nothing coming forth with lol. So since my turn at Sassy's soon comes up I went looking for an uncut file of mine and lo behold a glitch. I wanted to make a trifold card and so had pasted 3 images and welded and left 2 pieces hanging out of the mat on both sides. When I changed something well there was the glitch. The image just moved and I couldn't do it . So I tried afresh and well the image gets bumped to the right 
Let me show in CDS as I cannot do this with the gypsy.
I want this

But the left circle when trying this gets bumped to the right and I get this. Note I can get some portion to hang out true but it will not center ie I will not get a proper centered trifold but an off centered one.

So try it out with your gypsy too and let me know if you have the same problem too. I asked beth - makeupgirl217 and she says her gypsy behaves the same way too. Wanted  to ask Sassy too but poor girl is so busy that I felt really guilty disturbing her..

This is a bit annoying as if both the other images need to hang out they hit a sort of barrier on one side(this can be any side)  and the middle image is never centered - what you would need if you want a trifold card. It will hang out unevenly.
Of course to make it you can still cheat by doing it in 12 x 24 mat and designing in  only the 12 x 12 left portion and allowing one side to hang out left and other to the right and since only one side hangs out it will allow you to design and then changing it back to 12 x 12 mat.
Unfortunately does not work in 6 x 12 mat for some reason. So baby bug and create people will have this error and no workround while E people can have a workaround
sigh.. It is video time again... I or makeupgirl will do it..

edited since then
Was just doing the video and found there is another way to do this also even for 6x12 mat.
You have to add the images - and see that you have the exact height as changing it will bring it back to annoying lol. So you get one chance and if you make a mistake you have to start over.
Here is how
have it to the right size and then arrange . It will not be centered. See if you can grab the other end of the 3rd image. you should atleast be able to see the selection box or else it is not possible. If you see then g ahead and ungroup and then move the images. First one will move. 2nd one will try to resist and then move. and once you get it in position go ahead and group and weld. Do not move the whole image r try t increase it size. It will go back to the glitch then.
I will edit and put up the video soon.


217 Creations said...

Great job explaining the issue. It is not fatal thankfully- just annoying!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I can't check this here at work but will do so later. I haven't noticed anything like this yet, I guess because I am using the 12x24 mat more often now so I can also offer DS users a file also on 1 page. You know I am still in love with the new update and can get around this. I feel bad for the Cricut users without the E though.

Unknown said...

Thank goodness for your Crafters Block LOL! Seriously, it is awesome that you (and others) discover these little glitches so we can go around them until PC can fix!!

Carol said...

Oh fooey!!!!!! I love to cut with things hanging off the mat -- I do this ALL THE TIME. Now it appears that I'll be stuck... I'm glad you found this, Pam, and thanks so much for posting the work around!


Anonymous said...

Where do I go to find the gypsy update that will load the new Cricut Lite's on to my gypsy or is this not available yet?

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.