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September 21, 2010

Cricut Imagine video - opening the box and then some

yep and then some!!
Was sure an interesting experience if you can call it that. But end result  after a major headache was a working Imagine today. Not joking got a real migrane today morning but not the result of this though to certainly added to it .
Ok I started this story in the middle didn't I?
Received my Imagine yesterday evening Yep really after PC's closing hours. Was so excited and thought I was well prepared as I had most of the data n hand nut nope. I was video taping and all went well until.... Load the mat stage. Looked at the back and for sure the rod at the back was at an angle  - 30 degrees.  :) ok I did not take out my protractor for this but approx - just to give you a visual - ha ha.. and I saw the ink cartridges did not g all the way to the end like it usually does in the printer . But I couldn't be sure as who knows - maybe it was supposed to do just that so that it only allows this mat. Well strange thing's happen right ;)
Anyway it was late and I was tired so I slept . Morning I tried about 30 mins thinking it will wake up happy but nope. Called CS and had was on hold!!! Told me to send it in and would send me back by mid October.
had to rush for an appointment somewhere else and then came back and since I was anyway sending it back decided to just look at the back again and after some tinkering fixed it..
ok will not bore you more
Heres the video. Of course step by step videos will come just like the gypsy.. Gypsy users you will find this easy to use as you will be mostly familiar with it. Some difference for sure but will be easy


Unknown said...

Yeah for you Pam!!! I got mine yesterday a.m. and just took it out of the box tonight! ( I was petrified for some reason) Got mine loaded fine, calibrated and did a design from the Nursery cart. Question for you (the gypsy guru, ha ha) do we need a different cable to connect the gypsy with this machine or does the one from the other cricuts work? Have a blast playing with your new toy and I hope it is working fine now.TFS, Mary M

papillon digital design said...

Since there is only port to connect and that looks like just ones in cricut and printers I would say that you can use the same cord which you connect cricut to gypsy for this.

Audrey Frelx said...

Pam, I think you're almost a genius!

Connie said...

Thanks Pam. I'm still waiting for my Imagine. Hopefully I get it from HSN. You are quite resourceful! I'm hoping I don't have any issues with mine when it comes. Don't know if I could find the problem and fix it like you do. Thanks for all the direction on HOW TO FIX IT!!

2 Ducky said...

Mine came and doesn't work. :( I am so glad that you were able to get your going.

Deb with Dogs said...

I appreciate hearing an honest and "this is the reality of the imagine" comment. Everyone gets caught up in the hype but when it comes time to use it...

cricaholic said...

Did you send a bill to PC, since you fixed your own machine? LOL
I'm EXPECTING my Imagine in May, for Mothers DAY!! Unless your enableing... sends me into early labor....Bring on the tutorials!!!Your the BEST!!TFS

Anonymous said...

do you wonder where "quality control" ever disappeared to?? so many people pay $500 ++ dollars and then ahve to repair the machine, or return the machine, or try to get thru to Customer Service when I bought the expression, I gave up on the phone and never bothered trying again.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Pam, You are incredibly techy! I just unboxed my Imagine yesterday and lo-and-behold, the same metal rod had completely come out. Would you be kind enough to walk me through how you were able to put it back in?

My machine is absolutely out of warranty, and we all know that provocraft doesn't have tech support, does not have parts, will not be any aid at this point.

It will print and cut, but I am concerned without this rod it will cause damage in the future. any insight you can provide will be tremendously helpful.
leturhairdown...at...yahoo.com (...at...= @)


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