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September 13, 2010

CricuTron Prime

I am so excited and honored to be designing on Bug Bytes today.   My name is Cher~  from Cheryl's Window and I have a cute project and a cute story.   When I first saw that Pam's 'Cartridge of the Month' was Robotz, I figured I'd make something else.  You see, I only have one teenage girl, so I keep seeing all these cute boy things and think, "I don't have any boys, so I don't need this cart."   However, my husband was sitting next to me on the couch while I was blog surfing, and saw some of the cute robots being made with this cart and asked why I didn't have this one yet, because he would LOVE  a robot for his desk at work.   I then realized that, yes, I do have a little boy, he's just bigger than most.  
So, I went and bought this cartridge and started thinking of ways to make it unique for DH.   I didn't want cute patterned paper or cardstock for his office toy; I wanted something more techie and manly.  I remembered Enfys' flower project with aluminum tape (you can see her original video HERE), and figured I'd finally try to work with some of that.  I scoured my room and pulled out all the other metal arsenal I had available in my craft supplies along with a little grunge (that's manly) to see what I could create.   I have to say, I love our little robot and I'm going to miss him when he goes to the office today.   And my DH named him CricuTron.   Isn't that sweet?  

Since the techniques I chose to use became quite labor intensive (needing both hands and full attention), I decided to make a video rather than trying to stop and take lots of pictures. I have edited the video to maximum speed and added a snappy soundtrack so as not to bore you too much. So, please take a few minutes to see how I created CricuTron.

That wasn't so bad, huh?  Just please remember that I did not make this as an instructional for how to solder.  I'm still learning myself and really need some more help.  The solder iron does get really hot and all safety precautions should be utilized.  You should also have proper ventilation when soldering, but this IS another tool that can create a nice effect on some projects and I aim to really learn this technique.

For CricuTron, I used one of the 3D Robotz and sized him on my Gypsy.  I didn't do any special Gypsy welding for this project; I just cut as-is with layers.  CricuTron's body was cut from aluminum tape-covered cardstock as you saw in the video.  The most technical part of this project was that I soldered his seams.  You do not have to do this, but I wanted that industrial look for him.  You could just as easily cut him out and glue him together.  I found that GemTac glue worked best to adhere the aluminum.  

I did cut his layered pieces in Grungeboard.   I have found that if I use my deep-cut blade and cut on level 5 with med-high pressure and multi-cut 4 times, I can cut through Grungeboard with no problem.  LOVE IT!!!

I used T!m Holtz memo pins for his antennae so that he can now be DH's business card holder on his desk.  You could also put a picture in here or a note. 

I originally used my I-Rock tool to add the power circuitry to CricuTron, but it did not stay on for long, so back I went to the GemTac and that worked just well.   It only takes a tiny bit.  I put a drop on my craft mat and then dipped the bottoms of the jewels in the glue and applied to his chest. 

Here is a little profile view.   We love his clunkiness and with the extra soldering, he actually has a little weight to him.

Here is one more look at his cute little self, and yes, his eyes are intentionally different sizes.  DH picked that out himself!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my project today and that it inspires you to look at some of these images and cartridges in a different light.   Also, look how much fun we can have shopping for craft supplies in the hardware store with DH!!!   He was more than willing to take me there for supplies.  

So, total change of subject, but are you excited to see the Cricut Imagine tomorrow (actually just after midnight tonight)?  I have to admit, that I am, but I'm sure that doesn't surprise any of you.  You all know how much I love my tech toys and now we'll have another available. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.   I truly appreciate your comments and read them all.  If you have any questions, let me know and I hope you come visit me at Cheryl's Window for more. 


papillon digital design said...

This is awesome =D> Oh yes! definitely you need toys for the Big Boy!! :) and this one is awesome. Have t try the aluminium tape. Video is great but you know I hate your voice right =))

RAP said...

He's so cute. Don't you love it when our husbands give us an excuse to buy something for our cricut!

Unknown said...

This is awesome!!! I just love it Cher!!

Michele said...

I have to try something like this!! How cute is that!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow is that awesome. I am riding home in a truck watching this wonderful video. AWESOME!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Cheryl, this is absolutely amazing!!! Unbelievable!!!

Karen said...

What a great project. I would never have thought to use that tape! Thanks for sharing your video.

Milamemories said...

This is such a cute Robot, you did an amazing job!!


MizMaryAnn said...

I've used Enfys tape before but not on a robot. I love your tough looking guy and learned several new things watching your video. Great job of trying something new.
Mary Ann

Wendy Raffin said...

Cheryl this is awesome! So unique! I love creativity. I have absolutely none, so thankful for people like you! Great job.

Wendy Raffin said...

I may be posting this 2x's, sorry! I have no idea what happened to my first comment. Great job on the robot! I have no creativity, so am very thankful for the people that do! This is just great! Awesome job! TYFS

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