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September 14, 2010

Gypsy update 0194/0202 which was on 9/10 I guess

No this is not the update for Imagine. It is just fixes minor bugs - some keywords right and also I believe  the beaver image from Create a critter. This time I was so vexed that I could not  again figure out what was in the update that I emailed PC CS and yeah !! I got a reply. Well no way would I have found what was in the updates otherwise..
Oh my gosh! Come on really  there was a beaver in CAC and it had problem? I better start using some cartridges. All I saw in this cartridge was that cute deer and squirrel. Sheesh. Well I am off to see sassy. See I am still lazy. I know she has done tons of images from that cartridge - that alligator, dog, kitty. Yes I can now blame sassy. She didn't do Beaver. That's why I didn't know about the error. So we can all blame Sassy right?
And I caved again!! I got the Imagine I am ashamed at myself. I was doing so well. I didn't get any of the new cartridges - Yet - ha ha. And well... guess since November is coming near - I can chalk it up as a gift to myself. How sick am I? But that's about it. i am going to be a good girl and not get anything anymore. Between designing my own papers, cricut and Imagine I do not need much right? And no running and buying Imagine cartridges too. I will stick with just some. There is no space on my Rennee system for more cartridges.


flowerdisco said...

how I envy you getting the Imagine :)....I am drooling over it right now. But, with a kid turning 18, graduation and going to college not too much left for me right now :)

Jessica said...

You too? Me as well! I can't wait to receive my IMAGINE!! I was so tempted to go order some the new cartridges for it but I held back (believe it or not)! ;)

Ohhh Snap said...

I didn't know about the troubled beaver on CAC either lol. Good thing I read your blog :D.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Well I am sure glad it is fixed now, before I got to that one!!! LOL. I did not buy the Imagine. I will but I am going to get all the cash first this time as when I bought my Gypsy I spent a fortune buying new carts that I had to have!!! This way I will be able to afford all the extra goodies I want and don't forget all the new carts you know I will have to have!!! So for the time being I will be stashing cash and drooling. So make plenty of videos and I will keep watching. Oh and I need to make more room for it too! Enjoy you new toy Pam.

mfc.melissamade2 said...

I have been just crazy with that darn beaver!!! Geez so glad they fixed it - I mean I use Beaver's on my stuff all the time!!! LOL just kidding! Thanks for the update Pam! And I caved as well on the Imagine! Let's just hope they give us some G updates so we can use it! LOL

2 Ducky said...

Congrats on the Imagine. DH made me get one too. So I did, I am not stupid!!! LOL!

Good to know about the beav. Thanks!

cricaholic said...

Thanks for the update info!!
CONGRATULATIONS on the IMAGE!!!! I'm SO HAPPY YOU GOT ONE!!!! I'll anxiously wait for your thoughts and ideas....PROs/CONs!!!! I didn't get the Gypsy for awhile and YOU finally convinced me to get one. I LOVE MY GYPSY!!! Let's see if you can enable me on the Image!!!LOL

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