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December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
Hope your stockings are full :)
Maybe some of you got a cartridge or two ?
Mine had some lenses! for my camera. So what is in your stockings? Do post what santa got you


cricaholic said...

Nothing! I'm the Santa (s)he was too busy providing for the rest of the family.

Minta's Creations said...

I got an expression...the aqua one! it came with two cartridges. so excited.and I got the create a critter cartridge...Can't wait later to play! Merry Christmas!

TR said...

10 cartridges (black friday)
snowman full of coco
scrapbook paper
candle w/fish globe
bath and body works hand soap


Merry Christmas



Lisa Ritchie said...

I was very lucky. Santa brought me a Kinect, an Ipad, and a Washer and Dryer and the 9 new cartridges coming out next month on pre-order.

Anonymous said...

I got a bunch of good things but my friends and I had agreed to limit the gifts and instead give a donaton to a charity But I got gloves, candy, a screen cleaner, a passport holder, and TA DA a FLIP video camera..... and a nice day with friends

Vicky said...

Merry Christmas to you, had a great Christmas got Imagine cartridge and Simply Charmed, also Peachy Keen stamps! money and gift cards, a new camera I got for myself.

Denine said...

I got a GYPSY!!!!! and much much more.
Still thinking of a name for her. Right now it is 'fickle' because she is locking up on me when I try to load my carts... so I am online looking for some help... :)

Sandi Clarkson said...

Got lots of great stuff including 10 new carts and Becky Fleck's newest sketch book. Lots more stuff than I need but love it all!

Susan L said...

I received an IPOD touch (32 gb), The new blue Expression, a cover and case for the IPOD and a wonderful "I Love You Mom" daily calendar. I am blessed :)

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B


Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL one!!! -Sam :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Pam!!!! Hope u had a great Christmas!!! I got a Gypsy!!!! among other wonderful things. I also got a new Steelers purse (we LOVE the Steelers!) and a hands free for my phone!!!

Georgiana said...

3 new cartridges...Birthday Bash, Nifty Fifties, and Wrap It Up. Lots of embellishments.

Happy New Years,

Laura Lee said...

I got an IMAGINE...so I have been playing pretty hard! :) I hope your Christmas was as blessed and Happy as mine was this year.

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