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April 19, 2013


Hello, my friends!  This is Audrey and I'm so happy being back at Pam's sharing a project with you.  Being the sweetheart Pam is, she was very cooperative and sensitive to my needs, allowing me to return after a lengthy but necessary absence -- thank you, Pam!

Today my card project is a card-scraplift I found searching Google and I thought it was pretty cool -- it has it's own stand integrated at the bottom of the card!  Although I'll go step-by-step, you'll see this card is so simple and easy, and the basic card can be cut in just a matter of a few seconds!  Cathy Saxton is noted on Google as the creator of this design and the information I got she created it on a Silhouette.  When I saw her sample it looked simple enough not to need the use of a cutting machine, so anyone can do this with just a few scissor cuts.  It's probably one the easiest cards I've found and I'm going to share with you what I did to recreate Cathy Saxton's idea so you can do your own.

Here's my card:

To construct the card begin with a 4.25" x 11" sheet of cardstock; with the 11" side (lengthwise) across the top of the scoreboard, draw a pencil line at the 1" score mark and then score at 5.75"(I've drawn in lines only to give you a better visual so read carefully as they do not indicate fold, score, and/or cut lines);

Turn paper to have the 5.75" side (widthwise) across the scoreboard; score at 1.50" and 2.75" but only up to the 1" pencil line (this will be the stand at the bottom of the card):

Turn the paper again lengthwise (11" side) and draw a pencil line at 1/2" but only up to the first" score line and then repeat on the other end.  It should look like this:

Next, starting on the 1" line you drew, from each end, cut into the card about 3/8" then cut down to meet the 1/2 line; cut across the 1/2  line but only cut up to the 1.50" (or the 2.75" score line depending on which end you start at); repeat the same on the other end cutting up to the corresponding score line only; now bone-fold the tabs along the score lines to the inside.  Your bottom folds should look like the picture following the note before -- please read it:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do not fold the drawn 1" line, or the 1/2" drawn line, or fold down the top tabs at the end of the longer tabs which indicate where the cut for the 3/8" along the 1" line -- these are not fold lines, these lines were drawn for demonstration only for measurement and you'll erase them when you complete the base of your card.

Lastly, fold the score line at the 5.75 score line" (the middle of the card).  Now when you place the top of the card on the bottom stand it will look like this from the front and side:

All done!!!  Don't forget to erase those pencils lines and now you're ready to decorate your card however you please!  Wasn't that easy?!!!  And isn't it cool?!!!

Here's a picture of what my template looks like -- you can use it as a guideline if necessary:

Should you have a question, just visit me at my blog by clicking on my name at the top of this post.  It's been a pleasure being here to share with you, and thank you so much for stopping by!

Hugs and I'll be seeing you -- next month!


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