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June 9, 2013

Stand Card, Photo Frame

Hi Crafting Friends :)
Today I get to share my project with you here and at my own blog Adele's Creations

I have been using my electronic cutting machines for many years now, I started with the Craft Robo, which Silhouette America bought a few years ago and renamed it Silhouette SD, after all these years of crafting and designing I have a ton of designs which I now use in my Cameo, I love to share my design's with you all but unfortunately very few leave comments on my blog, though hundreds take my free files, it is very sad :(

Although this is disheartening, I will continue to share my designs for free, even though I rarely get a thank you!!
Moan over.....now onto my design for this months design team......

This is a versatile Stand Card or Photo Frame

Excuse the bright colours used, I did it for the purpose of showing the layers :)
Here is what the file contains

I left my sample blank but you could add a photo or a sentiment or whatever, the stand is sturdy enough to take embellishment overload's hahaha.

I added some flowers to the 4 edges, though I didn't add them to my file share.

If you would like the FREE Studio file then you can get it HERE
Please leave a comment on my blog if you download, it will only take a second, that's all I ask in return :)

That's it for another month at Pam's, The BugBytes
Thanks for stopping by 
Until next month

Happy Crafting :)




Michelle said...

This is stunning Adele - sorry about the lack of 'Thank-yous'

Karon said...

This is so beautiful Adele - thanks for sharing :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you Michelle & Karon :) You guys are not at fault, you always have been terrific :)

Unknown said...

I love seeing how you put this together! This would be so pretty as a birthday card!!

I don't give away free files on my blog (because I don't know how) but get frustrated with the number of page views to comment ratio. I had almost 100 page views on one post, but only three comments and it was a blog hop post!!! It is sad that people don't take a few seconds to share some words!!! It doesn't take much to write thank you or love your project!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Lori:)
I know what you mean, I had 2 comments with over 1400 page views which also had over 700 downloads :(
That's why I rarely use my Cricut now on my design posts...I love to share but I dislike rudeness!!
Hugs my lovely

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Love your creation! Sorry about the rudeness from others :(. I don't share files on my blog either cuz I don't know how :(. Have a blessed day and thank you for always sharing.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.