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Welcome to The Bug Bytes a site/blog mainly for Papercrafting and some photography and other stuff thrown in here & there. Add in some die cutting machine, scrapbooking tools, cameras, scissors , glue and...... My name is Pam. If you have been redirected from Papillon Digital Design you have come to the right place.Hope you get inspired by the projects, videos and files. Would love it if you could leave comments and become a follower. (Word verification is turned ON to avoid spam. Sorry for that inconvenience.) Would love it if you would also share your project here . If you find a linky under the post do share your project by posting link there or if you do not find a linky post your link in the comments.Thank you for visiting. The website Papillon digital designs has changed to Papillon Digital Design so if the link gives and error or takes you to page with chinese characters then please drop the 's' in the link at the end of papillondigitaldesigns and try . That is change papillondigitaldesigns to papillondigitaldesign and try the link.

November 29, 2009

Version as of today

Here are the  versions for the 4 products as of today (since I do not have the create or the original bug I have not added that. But if someone mails me I can add that too)

Gypsy build (click on wrench icon) - should be 0148
Gypsy Sync - should be - 1.1.3598.31251
DS - 1.031101.0
Cricut E - V2.34 

Thanks for sending me the other two since the original post so here they are
Create 1.54
Original baby bug 1.34 

In between posts - snowflake doily

I was sitting in the passenger seat on the way to sommerville, Texas and of course I had taken the gypsy with me. I did not want to design anything big. So designed this small doily instead. I thought that maybe I would put it up in the blog as a filler - maybe as an "in between posts" moments.
The cartridge used is just Gypsy Wanderings. Sorry so no cut file . Just the gypsy files for download.as usual from the navbar. It's called snowflake doily. You could resize and use it for table setting or under cupcakes or if you resize it big enough maybe as a scrapbook mat for round photos. It's upto you how what you make of it.
I xyroned it and applied glitter. I have to clean up the edges where there is still adhesive film still peeking out  but here is the photo

November 25, 2009


When I was in London this summer I saw beautiful paper crafting projects in one of the restaurant. It was in miniature though. So I thought to myself why not make it into a scrapbooking project using the Gypsy (and thereby DS). No template to go on. Nearest thing to a circle is a hexagon or octogon. Since I needed a 6 x 4 photo to go in settled on a hexagon to simplify so that the shapes do not go out of the mat. It's pretty simple to assemble - just glue and a score and maybe some stamping with your border stamps
Here is a picture of the project

The gypsy file can be downloaded from the navbar. DS file is up too.
A general tip - Whenever you download anything preview first as sometimes downloading moves things around and also make a test cut first using cheap paper before using expensive card stock . I have cut the gypsy file but not the DS file so imperative that you preview and test cut.
Here are the video's for assembling - yep it's in 2 parts. Guess I talk slow. Do not cut page 7 in gypsy file (DS file is page 1 and named as - Do not cut)- Just read it before cutting. Cartridge used is George

November 21, 2009

Cookie box with window

One of the Mb members requested a cookie box. So here is one. Sides are one inch . Files  both cut and gypsy can be downloaded from the top navbar. I have with great difficulty included score marks :). This fits in 12 x 12 mat. Cartridge used George and basic shapes. Here is a picture

 I have not added score marks to the 4 small tabs but it goes all the way through. You can modify the side rectangles to be and the tabs if you need height of box to be taller. You would then of course need a wider 12 x 24 mat. Remember min. width extra needed for welding is 0.15. So take that into account when sizing and welding by incrementing one of the shape by that amount.  If you have doubts  I do read all the mails :)
Once again thank you all for the sweet comments you leave. I enjoy them very much and it's such a motivation.

November 20, 2009

Swing Card

Here is a picture of swing card designed on gypsy. Card size is standard 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. Cartidge used for the basic card is George as my gypsy wanderings is messed up. Also this way it's easy to get out a cut file too. Note the inner snowman is not included as you can use any image at the center - maybe a turkey for thanksgiving. This card can be used for all occasions.

Both the cut file and gypsy file are available under respective names from the navigation bar at the top.
The first page is actual cut page. remember to keep the cricut speed low. there will be a small sliver of paper around the inner square - just snip it. The 2nd page is for cutting the middle square if you need it. I have used it for the red square and also can be used to size whatever images you want to place in the square at the back.. I have used the DCWV recycle green stack - 8 x 8 and the red paper was got separate from archivers from winter collection. The green and red embellishments are tiles and the bling in the center was also from archivers which I cut out from a bigger piece. The snowman was from snowfriends and I have used some glitter  for snow
Now for the the scoring and folding. Here's a picture

Do not score the inner square as it should be free to swing. Fold one side one way and the other - the other way :)  allowing the middle to swing free. If you are using single side paper you might want to cut page 2 - the inner square. Use this square also for sizing any image. It should not be bigger than this.
Once again the files for download are under gypsy and cut files in navbar.

Some of you may have problems linking cartridge. So here's how to maybe fix it

First check that you have all the updates - your gypsy should be version 1.2 build 0148 as on Nov 19th (wrench icon is the settings icon so click there and check). 
Check if you hear a click when inserting the cartridge. Sometimes it may just be loose contact. Then try each step below till you get it
1) Blow on it as there may be some dust particles clinging to it and then try linking. If that fails 
2) try to reverse the front and back side and try plugging - (worked for some). If that fails try
3) cut with it in cricut and then try
4) connect the gypsy to cricut and load the cartridge in cricut and cut with cartridge from cricut (not the gypsy) and then gypsy still connected try linking cartridge.
If all this fails call PC at 1.800.937.7686 and ask for gypsy support[:)]

November 18, 2009

Lattice fold card

Ok here is a lattice fold card . It requires a little piece of gluing as some cuts were unavoidable. File can be downloaded both for cut and gypsy. I have used george as my gypsy wanderings is distorted but you can easily recreate in gypsy wanderings

Page 1 is the  base for welding and need not be cut. You can resize and use it for your own design
After cutting page 2. Keep all pieces intact while removing - the triangular pieces and the card as if it were a single card piece of size 8.5 by 5.5.
Then score carefully on front and back like the picture below

Carefully fold the triangle pieces and glue just the 2 edges shown with preferebly glue dot  by flipping it down.
Not the top of the triangle but just the base - on the 2 sides. I am gluing one in the picture also glue the other side. You can start from bottom leaving out just the last piece as you will see later.

This is how it looks when folded
Now remove only the bottom piece if you want and attach it at the top like I have done below

Now page 3 is optional. It has the another piece for the front layering and at the bottom is a lace pattern to go with the lattice theme. You can use plain paper for front layering and cuttlebug with argyle pattern or anything similar. I have just used plain but with paper ribbon.
Just add sentiments and it's ready to go.
The files can be downloaded from the top navigation bar under both gypsy files for gypsy and DS files for DS

Decorations for card - Flower Rose template

I was watching  scrapbooking on my TV when I saw a template that I liked but did not want to use my scissor and punches and cut each single one out. So I designed a similar one with the gypsy. I will get a .cut version soon too. Here is the picture.

You can resize this . ( just take care that all is in blue and no single item is selected ie purple - else you'll be resizing only that element. If that happens just tap outside and tap back. If still does not work. Zoom and group everything back together starting from center square)
Just a tip - If you want to keep the original try doing all resizing and multiple copy on another page. That way if you make a mistake you can delete that page and need not download the file again and then transfer.
Mark the corners and score straight from corner to corner. (You can use the remaining paper as a guide. Just put back the flower inside the cutout and mark the corners if it's confusing when it's seperate)
 Remove the punch out circle.
The file is under gypsy files and named as flower rose template

November 17, 2009

Box making with Gypsy or DS

Some of you may have been wondering what I was doing for the past few days if you had visited me during last 2 days and thinking to yourself is she out of her mind Hope you did not feel dizzy. I am sorry as I was changing and trying out layouts.
Well coming back to the topic. I said that I will show you some welding snapshots from DS (easier taking screen shots than taking out the camera)
Lets look at making box from welding and construction angle. We have to decide on the size and max size can be a square box of about 3.8 inches for 12 inch mat ie 11.5/3 as we have a workable area as only 11.5.
You can choose a rectangle too.
Here I have chosen a square box initally as it's easy to figure . But based on this you can easily calculate any box and design. I am going to keep the box 3.5 inches. File can be downloaded in .cut and .gypsy from my site. Principle is the same in gypsy and DS
Let's start with center square of 3.5 inches (unlink the aspect ratio and choose real dial size)
Note down the x and y value. To remember better I placed it at x - 4.0 and y - 4.0.
I generally leave about 0.15 inches for welding. So taking that into account for the top and bottom side- the squares should be width 3.5 and height - 3.65. ( I make one box and then copy the other) .You can drag and place them at the top and bottom. Take care of the x axis. It should be the same as the x axis of the  middle square - ie in this case 4.0.

Now for the left and right side. It's almost the same but this time the width is 3.65 and height 3.5 and we now have to keep the y axis same as the y axis of center square - so y is now 4.0
Now for the tabs. Choose a tab like polygon ie an isoceles trapezoid- in this case shift lock - button 25. (george)  .Gypsy wanderings also has a similar shape.- creative feature 2 ie scalloped square button 29.
This needs adjusting. Height of tab will be 0.5 + 0.15 ie 0.65 for welding but the width will be a little more than 3.5. Fine tune one and then make 3 copies and paste either in clockwise or anticlockwise each to one side like I've shown in the picture below.
Now remember the welding order I mentioned in. It should be grouped and welded from center to the outside
Same in DS. You could have had the weld checked from beginning or after adding all figures then select center square and click weld and then outer squares etc. Now for the lid.
The center square size of the lid depends on the thickness of material used. For regular cardstock it can be 0.2 inches bigger and for thicker cardstock upto 0.3 inches bigger.
Here you can have a fancy sides or plain sides. The center will remain the same and the sides is limited only by your imagination. I have chosen to go with plain for this project and the depth as 1 inch. So the same principle goes.
Select a new page. (In DS goto view and click new page. Then on the mat right click and change name in the appropriate box and press enter and in Gypsy just click the + on the top left of the mat in the gray area).
Center square  3.7 inches (real dial size with aspect link off). Take note of x and y axis. For top and bottom the height will be 1.15 inches and the width 3.7 and x axis same as center square. (make one and copy the other). For the left and right side width is  1.15 and height 3.7 and now y axis is same as center square.
Tabs similar to box . I make one - copy 3 more and then rotate and attach it to each side - in this case I went anticlockwise. Just pay attention that the width of tab does not protrude beyond the width of the rectangle side it's attached to ( after taking into account of adding the 0.15 inches to tab height and considering that 0.15 of the rectangle for side is gone to center square - so play and attach). Here too group and wed from center.

When you choose your own designs for the sides you also have to make the tab suitable for the design. If it's real flowery then you can always cut the basic and then cut out by hand parts that will show or just fine tune a template after cutting one piece.
So have fun in making the box

November 13, 2009

Truffle Box

 I decided to sharpen my welding skills a little. So took up a project. One of Gypsy MB members suggested a nice site for templates and I decided to use one ( http://www.jersgirl.com/temps.html).  I didn't even know what a truffle box was but the template seemed to be a little challenging. So I decided why not. I may very well be wrong how I have assembled it but I'm sure with the template you can do better.
For the next couple of posts we will discuss some aspect of it and why I have chosen that particular combination to weld.  I will include screen shots of the weld (from DS)  explaining my reasoning. Please do post questions in the comment and I'll put it up in the blog. By the end of this session I want you guys to say "Where there is a will there is a weld " 
Here are the pictures

My experience with the box. Do not use too sturdy cardstock - the cardstock needs a certain give for the top to slide together it needs a little flexibility. Use trial version first before cutting it in . Align the first score marks It's across all the way (will be the bottom of the box - it's the one which has 3 of the 4 shapes different) through as shown in the pic. Use the two - what shall I call it - pincers, bull horns :) as guide for scoring.
I originally used gypsy wanderings but for the centre rectangle mine looks so distorted (and cuts that way too) that I could not place the rest of the shapes. So after doing in Gypsy W,  I then used george for the 10 x 2.5 (actual size) unlinked rectangle. Yu can use gypsy or plantin for this. Just select that delete and then put the rectangle in and remember to group back and preview. Always preview and take time to view both in 100% and zoomed.
After scoring the bottom, sides and tab, turn over and apply atg gun or red tape to the tab (it needs to be pretty sturdy else it'll come out when sliding the top (Try out in trial version first please - You'll then see why I'm stressing this and a little pliable and not too thick cardstock ).
then use the figure as guide if you want to do the bottom my way else try your way. Do not glue it yet. Slide in the triangular flaps and then the circular flaps carefully. Too rough handling then the paper will tear. After all it's paper. Lastly glue the bottom.
This was a welding experiment so please try it out before wasting good paper.

November 12, 2009

Gypsy Files

I will be posting gypsy files for downloads. Navigate from the top - it's under My gypsy files. Feel free to download and tweak. Please read the copyright on my blog. I will very much appreciate that -Thank you
If any link is not working or the title does not match up to the file please let me know.
I have tried using Gypsy font and wanderings as much as  possible so that you need not buy them. But sometimes we just  have to use the one we like :). So I have listed the cartridges upfront on the download info itself so that it'll save u from download if you do not have the cartridge.
Thank you for all the comments and keep it coming. It's the fuel for this engine:)

November 10, 2009

Gypsy Videos - Episode 8 - More on Grouping & Welding - Part 1 & 2

So here is the video to the earlier post as requested by my fellow MB members. Mercy Gal if you're watching this one is for you :). The trial files can be downloaded under Test Files & the writings for this post especially part 2 is  2 posts behind this one.

November 8, 2009

Resetting your Gypsy & your Cricut

Resetting your Gypsy

There are two methods of resetting your Gypsy

  1. First method - 3 button method- The Gypsy should be off for this. Hold down the top left silver button (the zoom button), the right round silver button (menu button) and the power button all at the same time till you get a banded colored screen like you get on the TV sometimes. Then Gypsy will ask you to recalibrate. Just follow the directions. 
  2. Second method - Stylus method - The Gypsy need not be off for this. So this is the method you chose when your G freezes. Remove your stylus cap at the top. You will find a thin needle.Turn your gypsy and stick that pin into a small hole (as small as the needle). Power on your G after this. Additionally you can also go to settings (wrench) and recalibrate the screen.
* Both procedures leave all your files and cartridges untouched. So fear not
And for the video link - http://www.thebugbytes.com/2009/11/resetting-your-gypsy-your-cricut.html

Resetting your Cricut
(from cricut website)
 The steps are
1) Turn your machine on with no cartridge loaded. Then you are going to roll all your gray dials (the two on the left and the one on the right) down to their lowest settings.

2) Then you will want to grasp the green/gold cylinder blade assembly and use it to pull the entire gray carriage car unit (the one with the Cricut bug on it) along its track to the other side of the machine. Back in the cave where the gray carriage car usually sits there is a red button. Press that button and hold it down for about three seconds. Let go and then move the gray carriage car back into place.

3) This next step will sound a bit odd, but many times it can fix your little "bug". You're going to roll all your dials (one by one) all the way up and all the way down three times---three times for each dial. Then you are going to hit the Cut button and turn the machine off. Let the machine sit for a few minutes (15-20), load a cartridge, turn it on, and try a practice cut.

If  all else fails do call  Provocraft customer support

Gift card

Here is a card I made.

You can download the gypsy file from my blog. It's under gypsy files. The cartridge used is gypsy wanderings. I have not made a cut file as yet for people who do not own gypsy. But will do do in the near future. You can of course convert this into DS file.
In the 4th fig. I have shown scoring marks. There are 3 on one side. Two near the tabs are pretty obvious. If you look close I have tried to make the 4th visible by increasing the middle square just a notch so that you can score (it's 2.25" from one side). In my gypsy the squares and some shape  don't look straight like other cartridges. Many others have the same problem too. Cutting does not get affected so much but you might see it a little off. I had called provocraft on this. I have not closed the card. But you can maybe put a brad on one side and loop on the other.
Also there is a 3rd page which you need not cut if you use a 2 sided paper as I have used. But if you want to layer or you use single sided paper you may cut the 3rd page.
You can tweak and use it for personal individual use. usual copyrights apply
These files are meant for personal individual useand  not meant for distribution. Do not post these files on your website/blog or claim. You can of course link upto my blog. Please do respect another fellow crafter in this  request.

November 7, 2009

Gypsy tip - Grouping or Welding Order

When making the exploding box I discovered something new - atleast to me while welding. The order in which you group or weld is important. A note on welding in gypsy - you do not necessarily need to group to weld. You just select click the weld button and then select the next shape.When you do not want to weld another shape just click on the weld button (it'll not be yellow anymore) and then add the shape. But grouping makes it so easy :) and we gypsy users are spoilt.
So coming back to the topic. It's better that you try with me here. Trial files 1 & 2 are in my blog under Test files. Download  both and open to see what I am talking about and then create a new file to try it out.
Hope you saw that and now let's try
New File - page 1
1.Set a cursor size  to 3 and select a square from gypsy wanderings.
2.Make 4 copies.
3.Ungroup everything to start over fresh.
4. Make the 1st square center square.
5. Next move the rest of the 4 squares on each side and overlap.
6. Press ungroup once again
7. Now press group and select the outside squares first and then lastly the center one
8. Press weld and preview
Here's the picture of the mat (trial file 1)

Now open new file (or you can open new page in the same file)
Follow steps 1 to 6
7) this time press group and select the center image first followed by the outer squares
8) Press weld and preview
here's how my mat looks like (view of .gypsy file in DS) - trial file 2

So grouping and welding order is important especially when you are closing the images. So next time if your welding does not seem right - you can check for this too :)

November 6, 2009

Exploding Box

Today is my birthday and the Gypsy MB has become an extended family to me. So many wished me in their posts that I was truly touched.
Here is a return gift I made - virtually of course :)
The file can be downloaded by navigating to Gypsy files in my blog. feel free to tweak and make it your own.
I have not yet to done  the cut file for this . Since it's a multi page cannot just convert - it'll all be dumped into a single page. So will work on that tomorrow.
Heres are some pictures. Enjoy

November 5, 2009

Episode 7 - Transferring & viewing files between Gypsy and Design Studio

Here is the video for the previous post

Transferring files between Gypsy and DS

Yeah! at last with the latest update we can do it
Any Gypsy build higher than after   Build 0142
So let me break it down into  steps
 For Windows users
  1.   First update your gypsy sync (with gypsy connected of course) and it'll finish updating and refreshing the gypsy and will also turn it off. You need not reinstall gypsy sync unless you have problems. (if you do then update it once again). When you press the help and then about you should now have the gypsy sync version as - 1.1.3586.23506. Go ahead and turn gypsy back on again . 
  2.  On gypsy sync go to "File" and you'll see drop down menu - 2 frames - one having a + sign with folder icon which says Gypsy and down below a gray button saying "upload files"  and the other frame with file details and grey button which says "save selected files". n the left frame click the + and it'll open up another folder designs and now if you click on designs it'll bring up all the files in the right window or frame. At this stage if you added any designs on your gypsy you can go to "File" on the gypsy sync and "refresh gypsy data"
  3.  To back up all the files for the first time you can go to "File" menu on gypsy sync and choose "back up gypsy data" or you can select all files (like in previous step - pressing shift and going to end selects all files on PC) from the right frame with the file details and select "save selected files to PC" button. For saving just some files just press Ctrl and select the files and then "press the save selected files to PC" button. If you don't see the file do go to gypsy sync "File" menu and press "Refresh gypsy data".
  4. Now for transferring files to DS (preferable if you have the full paid version). First download the update for DS and run the update. The DS version will then  be 1.0.31101.0.
  5.  To just open gypsy file and seeing needs no conversion - just go to "File" menu on DS and "open project". In the pop up box which comes up choose for "file type"  as "Gypsy files(.gypsy)". You can even cut this file from DS itself without converting provided you have not used gypsy font or wanderings and then having the cartridge in the cricut or the jukebox.
  6.  But if you want to play with files and convert to cut file then - open the file the same way as in step 5 and then press "Save as" from DS File menu and in the pop up window choose "file type" as "cut file" and save in a folder of your choice.
  7.  Now to transfer a cut file from DS to gypsy - "open" the cut file on DS and choose "Save as" from file menu of DS  and when the save pop up menu comes up go to "File type" and choose "All files" and then type the filename and add ext .gypsy so it should now read filename.gypsy. Now go to gypsy sync with Gypsy connected - run it and in the File Menu of the Gypsy sync from the right frame click the + sign till the folder designs comes up . click on it and then press the bottom grey button "Upload Files to Gypsy" and you'll see the file in the gypsy when you open it.
For Mac users 
Since you cannot convert the files from CDS as CDS is only for PC users you can only download and transfer the .gypsy files to the gypsy through Gypsy sync
Here are the steps for File Transfer  (MAC): 
1) Turn on your Gypsy
2) Plug it into your PC
3) Launch Gypsy Sync
4) After checking for updates you will see a file list window
5) To transfer these files to your MAC
a. Select a  file(s) and drag them to the desktop
6) To transfer files to your Gypsy select the file(s) on your MAC and drag them to the file list window 

Note: After the DS and gypsy sync update also update the cricut (from gypsy - it'll tell you the steps to follow)  before cutting.

Also according to the update notes (found in cricut/support/gypsy/updates)
there are known issues quoted here

Just found that one issue not listed is that the new update fails to recognize eorge - people who have used George have noticed this But I personally haven't tested it out yet

We are aware of an issue with Skewing/Slanting. This capability does not function properly when transferring files from Cricut DesignStudio and Gypsy. Files that have Skewing/Slanting in them may not have the same Skewing/Slanting or in some cases the Skewing/Slanting is completely removed. This only happens when transferring files. You can transfer files and then add Skewing/Slanting. This is known issue that we are still working to resolve. Images that have skewing/slanting that are transferred might not cut properly until this issue is resolved.

Multi-page Files
Transferring designs with multiple pages from Cricut DesignStudio to Gypsy is available. You will also be able to create new multi-page designs on your Gypsy and cut them on your Gypsy. When transferring any multi-page design from Gypsy to Cricut DesignStudio the pages will all be combined into one page. This includes designs that were created in Cricut DesignStudio, transferred to Gypsy and then transferred back to Cricut DesignStudio. We recommend that you keep a copy of the original Cricut DesignStudio files when transferring them to the Gypsy and vice versa. 

Gypsy Synch (Mac)
The installer does not automatically close the old version when installing the new version. You must close the old version when installing the new version.
Gypsy Synch (Windows)
The file list does not automatically refresh. You must refresh in order to see the updated file list.
Gypsy Help
The help files have not been updated since the previous version. 


November 3, 2009

Making videos for the blog

Till about a month ago the only use of my laptop was for sending emails, helping out kids with their project and of course buying books and scrapbooking supplies. The gypsy changed all that. There was so much frustration in the learning process for almost everyone. As pictures speak 1000 words (how much does then does the video speak? ;) )  I decided to set up this blog and then do some gypsy videos.
But then came the question of how to's  (headache time)
So here the fun begins.
I tackled the problem by breaking it in steps and asking myself questions and then doing the researching and then applying.
1) Questions to myself :  first step - of course recording the video - what do I use?
Research and requirements:  webcam, camcorder, even some digital cameras with movie clip capability would do for recording.
If it's analog have to convert so easy if recording means/tools are digital
Answers to myself: Good I have both webcam and sony dvcamcorder -so for quality wise I chose my dvcamcorder to "Record" the video . This was the easiest step. :)  . 1st couple of hands used one hand to hold while using the other on gypsy. Felt it difficult to do . so here comes my 1st purchase - Tripod
Purchased: Tripod for setting my hands free
Process name: ( This topic header is too funny but let's use the proper names by all means) : "Record" ing the video

2) Q: Now comes - how to  transfer the data from dvcamcorder to the computer?
R& R: 2 parts to this - 1st part Transferring cable  from camera to the computer and capturing software.
For my camera it already came with USB2.0 cable to connect and my camera cd installation had a capturing software - bare minimum but enough for transfer at least for a while to get started. But much better would be firewire - a cable for transferring which was not supplied but could be got in any computer shop or web. There was 2 choices - my camera to PC (4 pins to 6 pins) or my camera to my laptop (4 pins to 4 pins ).  PC side is mostly 6 pins but laptops vary. Googled mine and also turned and counted the pinholes (yep - better to be safe than sorry) & found mine to be 4 pin.. 2nd part   was better editing software or much better an all in one software
A: Got a firewire . Cheapest and easiest was ordering in amazon or ebay .Best Buy was expensive and too lazy and busy to go to radioshack  when I could easily manage for a while with my USB. For the software googled and researched and finally go AVS4you which was an all round software and not too expensive and instantly downloadable. Could also be used free with their copyright? appearing. But i decided it was a worthwhile one time cost as not only cold I use it for my blog but taking movies for home in future. researched some more and found a coupon too. So now that I had it could easily "capture" the movie (that's the right terminology)
P: Firewire & AVS4YOU software.
Process Name: "Capture" ing the video

3) Q: How to edit? Was I even doing things right?
R: OK I got the software. I could use the one which came with my laptop - windowsmoviemaker but why use that when I could use my newly downloaded software. Saw a brief overview. main thing I had to learn fast was "Trimming". Saw some youtube videos about it, the tutorials in the software both video and reading. (As always we want more. I was so tempted to by another software for editing. Could always justify myself as not just for this use but for HOME - :) . So looked into adobe premiere elements and sony vegas.) But getting back  - Also saw some videos of general editing softwares even though not exactly the same software the princples were the same.
A: Played around with the editing remembering to make a copy - renaming that and playing around with that so I could always revert back. Learnt that I had to choose a particular type for encoding for best results and i of course chose youtube. Lots of difficulties as I had done audio with video. Time consuming. So there was a choice - audio seperate and so just record the video or do both together or mix and match. Oh! Oh! If I need to do audio seperate then I have to make another purchase - headphone with mike - ie headset. Grrr....
P: Headset (headphones with mike). Guilty of also getting the premiere elements  . I know, I know I'm such a bad girl.
PN : "Edit" ing the video/movie

4) Q: Saving the video and converting
A: By now I didn't do much research as the software / s pretty much told me what to do. I could save it on my computer for a short while to further edit. This was mostly readable across platform in .AVI form and culd upload or share to youtube.
Here discovered that AVS4YOU quickly converted the file and I could upload in mins on youtube while the other software  took lots of time to directly upload or share to youtube .Well did research and found most of the softwares do take time and many go the 1st software mainly for this conversion and saving time - they liked the features and flexibility of  Adobe or corel or sony vegas but the time saving -  light conversion of AVS4YOU.  I do it both ways depending on how much time I have. Found that Elements premiere gives me H.264 or something that makes video viewable as HD.
PN: "Convert", "Upload", "Share" - go ahead just add "ing the videos" to all ;)

Well that's it.. For editing do see some video tutorials even if they are not your software. Most of the softwares offer similar features but just some stuff like say the button may look different. But when you supplement the video with the software's own tutorials you'll understand better what and how to do. At least I did :)

November 1, 2009

Episode 6 - Using Cricut markers

 To complete the wordbook I used the cricut markers on the image.
Here is a short video on how to use the cricut markers.
**Caution: The markers does not seem to be waterproof. So test it out.
Also test out on the sample paper for bleeding before using.

Here is how I finished the project:
1) I first put the marker in and cut/drew the 3 images then loaded again (without unloading- BTW rather than dancing with one hand :) on gypsy and other holding mat I just use the cricut's load and unload. Come back to the gypsy and press load again) On gypsy I pressed return to design
2) carefully changed the blade and cut again. 
3) then cut only 2 images - Cinderella in ball and with prince, again with a really nice lace paper. I did not do the embossing. But for paper to cut properly found it better to just flip the image and cut with the textured paper's front side facing the mat . Same is true for glittered paper too. 
4) took care not to save the file as I wanted the file to remain as it is
5) I cut another copy with marker which turned useful in step 7
6) I just snipped edges of Cinderella's dress and added paper. Blinged and decorated with micro beads and rhinestone. 
7) Since the prince arm needed to be on top of the dress just added the extra arm I cut from the marker copy from step 5
8) Then colored everything with gel pens (they are nice for face as they are opaque) and markers.