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November 7, 2009

Gypsy tip - Grouping or Welding Order

When making the exploding box I discovered something new - atleast to me while welding. The order in which you group or weld is important. A note on welding in gypsy - you do not necessarily need to group to weld. You just select click the weld button and then select the next shape.When you do not want to weld another shape just click on the weld button (it'll not be yellow anymore) and then add the shape. But grouping makes it so easy :) and we gypsy users are spoilt.
So coming back to the topic. It's better that you try with me here. Trial files 1 & 2 are in my blog under Test files. Download  both and open to see what I am talking about and then create a new file to try it out.
Hope you saw that and now let's try
New File - page 1
1.Set a cursor size  to 3 and select a square from gypsy wanderings.
2.Make 4 copies.
3.Ungroup everything to start over fresh.
4. Make the 1st square center square.
5. Next move the rest of the 4 squares on each side and overlap.
6. Press ungroup once again
7. Now press group and select the outside squares first and then lastly the center one
8. Press weld and preview
Here's the picture of the mat (trial file 1)

Now open new file (or you can open new page in the same file)
Follow steps 1 to 6
7) this time press group and select the center image first followed by the outer squares
8) Press weld and preview
here's how my mat looks like (view of .gypsy file in DS) - trial file 2

So grouping and welding order is important especially when you are closing the images. So next time if your welding does not seem right - you can check for this too :)


Rozette said...

Thank you for all your videos. I consider you one of the Gypsy Chics. LOL I left some love for you on my blog and an award. Stop by and pick it up.

Rozette aka Fluffy


Michele said...

Ok, you are awesome... I couldn't figure out why some things weren't welding right, when they should. This must be it!

I am passing along a blog award to you on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

It works! It really works because I tried it! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name to my last comment so please it!

Mercy! The one that I said it works because I tried it!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.