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November 5, 2009

Transferring files between Gypsy and DS

Yeah! at last with the latest update we can do it
Any Gypsy build higher than after   Build 0142
So let me break it down into  steps
 For Windows users
  1.   First update your gypsy sync (with gypsy connected of course) and it'll finish updating and refreshing the gypsy and will also turn it off. You need not reinstall gypsy sync unless you have problems. (if you do then update it once again). When you press the help and then about you should now have the gypsy sync version as - 1.1.3586.23506. Go ahead and turn gypsy back on again . 
  2.  On gypsy sync go to "File" and you'll see drop down menu - 2 frames - one having a + sign with folder icon which says Gypsy and down below a gray button saying "upload files"  and the other frame with file details and grey button which says "save selected files". n the left frame click the + and it'll open up another folder designs and now if you click on designs it'll bring up all the files in the right window or frame. At this stage if you added any designs on your gypsy you can go to "File" on the gypsy sync and "refresh gypsy data"
  3.  To back up all the files for the first time you can go to "File" menu on gypsy sync and choose "back up gypsy data" or you can select all files (like in previous step - pressing shift and going to end selects all files on PC) from the right frame with the file details and select "save selected files to PC" button. For saving just some files just press Ctrl and select the files and then "press the save selected files to PC" button. If you don't see the file do go to gypsy sync "File" menu and press "Refresh gypsy data".
  4. Now for transferring files to DS (preferable if you have the full paid version). First download the update for DS and run the update. The DS version will then  be 1.0.31101.0.
  5.  To just open gypsy file and seeing needs no conversion - just go to "File" menu on DS and "open project". In the pop up box which comes up choose for "file type"  as "Gypsy files(.gypsy)". You can even cut this file from DS itself without converting provided you have not used gypsy font or wanderings and then having the cartridge in the cricut or the jukebox.
  6.  But if you want to play with files and convert to cut file then - open the file the same way as in step 5 and then press "Save as" from DS File menu and in the pop up window choose "file type" as "cut file" and save in a folder of your choice.
  7.  Now to transfer a cut file from DS to gypsy - "open" the cut file on DS and choose "Save as" from file menu of DS  and when the save pop up menu comes up go to "File type" and choose "All files" and then type the filename and add ext .gypsy so it should now read filename.gypsy. Now go to gypsy sync with Gypsy connected - run it and in the File Menu of the Gypsy sync from the right frame click the + sign till the folder designs comes up . click on it and then press the bottom grey button "Upload Files to Gypsy" and you'll see the file in the gypsy when you open it.
For Mac users 
Since you cannot convert the files from CDS as CDS is only for PC users you can only download and transfer the .gypsy files to the gypsy through Gypsy sync
Here are the steps for File Transfer  (MAC): 
1) Turn on your Gypsy
2) Plug it into your PC
3) Launch Gypsy Sync
4) After checking for updates you will see a file list window
5) To transfer these files to your MAC
a. Select a  file(s) and drag them to the desktop
6) To transfer files to your Gypsy select the file(s) on your MAC and drag them to the file list window 

Note: After the DS and gypsy sync update also update the cricut (from gypsy - it'll tell you the steps to follow)  before cutting.

Also according to the update notes (found in cricut/support/gypsy/updates)
there are known issues quoted here

Just found that one issue not listed is that the new update fails to recognize eorge - people who have used George have noticed this But I personally haven't tested it out yet

We are aware of an issue with Skewing/Slanting. This capability does not function properly when transferring files from Cricut DesignStudio and Gypsy. Files that have Skewing/Slanting in them may not have the same Skewing/Slanting or in some cases the Skewing/Slanting is completely removed. This only happens when transferring files. You can transfer files and then add Skewing/Slanting. This is known issue that we are still working to resolve. Images that have skewing/slanting that are transferred might not cut properly until this issue is resolved.

Multi-page Files
Transferring designs with multiple pages from Cricut DesignStudio to Gypsy is available. You will also be able to create new multi-page designs on your Gypsy and cut them on your Gypsy. When transferring any multi-page design from Gypsy to Cricut DesignStudio the pages will all be combined into one page. This includes designs that were created in Cricut DesignStudio, transferred to Gypsy and then transferred back to Cricut DesignStudio. We recommend that you keep a copy of the original Cricut DesignStudio files when transferring them to the Gypsy and vice versa. 

Gypsy Synch (Mac)
The installer does not automatically close the old version when installing the new version. You must close the old version when installing the new version.
Gypsy Synch (Windows)
The file list does not automatically refresh. You must refresh in order to see the updated file list.
Gypsy Help
The help files have not been updated since the previous version. 



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Thank you soooooo much you are a great teacher.......make things so easy.

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Thank you for your help - I certainly appreciate it. I'll have a book here with all your instructions!

Kerry Peasland

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Thank you for this post. I was lost and now I'm found. After finally receiving the missing piece of information that I needed to download the latest DS update, I was able to save my file and download DS cut files to my gypsy.

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Thanks again, You rock girl! I am learning so much from you and I really appreciate it. Candace

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