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November 13, 2009

Truffle Box

 I decided to sharpen my welding skills a little. So took up a project. One of Gypsy MB members suggested a nice site for templates and I decided to use one ( http://www.jersgirl.com/temps.html).  I didn't even know what a truffle box was but the template seemed to be a little challenging. So I decided why not. I may very well be wrong how I have assembled it but I'm sure with the template you can do better.
For the next couple of posts we will discuss some aspect of it and why I have chosen that particular combination to weld.  I will include screen shots of the weld (from DS)  explaining my reasoning. Please do post questions in the comment and I'll put it up in the blog. By the end of this session I want you guys to say "Where there is a will there is a weld " 
Here are the pictures

My experience with the box. Do not use too sturdy cardstock - the cardstock needs a certain give for the top to slide together it needs a little flexibility. Use trial version first before cutting it in . Align the first score marks It's across all the way (will be the bottom of the box - it's the one which has 3 of the 4 shapes different) through as shown in the pic. Use the two - what shall I call it - pincers, bull horns :) as guide for scoring.
I originally used gypsy wanderings but for the centre rectangle mine looks so distorted (and cuts that way too) that I could not place the rest of the shapes. So after doing in Gypsy W,  I then used george for the 10 x 2.5 (actual size) unlinked rectangle. Yu can use gypsy or plantin for this. Just select that delete and then put the rectangle in and remember to group back and preview. Always preview and take time to view both in 100% and zoomed.
After scoring the bottom, sides and tab, turn over and apply atg gun or red tape to the tab (it needs to be pretty sturdy else it'll come out when sliding the top (Try out in trial version first please - You'll then see why I'm stressing this and a little pliable and not too thick cardstock ).
then use the figure as guide if you want to do the bottom my way else try your way. Do not glue it yet. Slide in the triangular flaps and then the circular flaps carefully. Too rough handling then the paper will tear. After all it's paper. Lastly glue the bottom.
This was a welding experiment so please try it out before wasting good paper.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty boxes! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Just plain exquisite! I LOVE your creative mind as it just goes into different directions that end up in a beautiful place with beautiful creations! Love it! Thanks a bunch!


papillon digital design said...

Thanks Mercy. Nice to be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Cute boxes! Thanks for the info. I was looking for something to hold my coconut-lemon balls for christmas presents. So easy to make -- 1/2 c almond meal; 3/4 c dried coconut; 1 tb agave syrup; 3 tb coconut oil; dash of salt; dash of lemon extract and lemon rind. Mix and form into balls. Voila!

Hopefully the boxes will come out as easy and fun!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.