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January 1, 2010

New gypsy users

First thing to do as soon as you get your gypsy is to charge it preferably during PC’s working hours switch your G on and it will take you to calibration screen. After you  calibrate it will take you to the Application launcher . Click on the wrench and change the settings to suit you. After that while still preferably connected to AC power and your Gypsy connected to your computer with the correct cable and on the still switched on - register. If you are  in the MB you already have a user account so just type in that email id while registering from http://www.cricut.com/gypsy/gettingstarted.aspx
  as it links the Gypsy to your account and your reward will be sent there too. ;) Try not have eager hubbies do the registering and put their email. Ask them to just stand by your side. It’s better to set the rules early on with your spouse and kids when it come to the G.
  Your reward points will come in the mail to you maybe a week or so later depending on PC‘s traffic. If you need further help call PC . Also see post 2 in this thread http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=5553391
Run the gypsy sync again (preferably during PC’s working hours) when the G is on and in the application launcher screen (atleast). This is the screen with 2 or 3 icons - the wrench, bug head and if you have it - then the 3rd one iz an orange box icon.  You will see the G sync look for updates . This step has to be followed regularly (after watching the MB to get a heads up on glitchy updates) to keep your G updated.
If there are updates you will find that after the update is done the G switches off and the Gypsy Sync says gypsy not found. That means the update is complete. Switch  your G on and tap on the wrench icon and on the lower left in the screen which come u you can see the  version and build of your Gypsy. If G is still connected explore the Gypsy Sync. Drop down the file menu and take a look. Drop down the Gypsy folder and the design folder too. That will be the place all your files get placed when the G sync refreshes. These files are the files on your Gypsy and not the computer. You have to manually move the files yourself (take care while moving file from computer to G as it will overwrite without any warning message).
Then if you do not have the CDS and have not updated your cricut firmware for a while please do so.
Gypsy will give you the instructions (tap on design app. ie the bughead and choose update cricut ).
Then make a test cut by adding an image from the 2 preloaded cartridge Gypsy Font and Gypsy wanderings.
(all the rest of the cartridges are preview only and have to be linked to make a cut. You can design with these- but just cannot cut)
Just play around and my advise is not to link your cartridges until you get familiar and you are sure you are keeping your G. There are some glitches and some kinks need to be yet worked out . Once you link the cartridge you cannot sell your cartridge and your cartridge can only be linked to one G. So you will be loosing the cartridge if you want to return your Gypsy. So just be sure before linking.
So Play with the G . Be a part of the gypsy MB , watch some videos from MB members and visit their blogs
Well I hope I covered most of the  points.
Happy crafting


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