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February 15, 2010

Gypsy vs Design Studio

I have been thinking of making a pros and cons for Gypsy vs Ds for a long time and finally when this question was asked in the MB I thought I would post it both here and in the MB
As of today with G at build 0159/0160 and CDS at 1.0.31101.0
Here is the Advantage of Gypsy
1) Can be used by both Mac users and windows users (as long as the OS is compatible)
2) portability - you do not need to lug the computer to your cricut or anywhere
3) need not have cartridge in the cricut so no lugging them to swarms and crops (provided you  link them)
4) group feature makes resizing your whole creation (not just the single cartidge image) easier and also actions like welding etc. Just group all images and a single tap of the key takes care if it
5) Zoomed to the max it can be to scale which is so useful when designing.
6) Open template feature is such a blessing ( and also a curse)
7) comes with 2 wonderful cartridges that can be used to create many things like boxes etc ;)
Disadvantages of Gypsy
1) no hide and contour
2) If you need to convert your files too and from gypsy and cut you need DS paid version
3) smaller screen (but can be zoomed that I do not quite consider this as disadvantage)
4) needs to be updated and as it is a new product :) each update is very very exciting ;) like a circus knife throw
5) keyword search cannot be tagged
6) pages cannot be named as yet and neither can they be deleted easily with a single button. Right now this feature works differently in each update.
7) files in G cannot be closed as yet with a simple close function - Have to open another file to close this one
8) The templates can get too confusing as we keep adding multipages. Wish we can selectively turn it off

9) cartridges need to be linked if you want to cut from them. Even though cartridge can be still used physically it cannot be linked to another G again so it's resale value may go down and you have to give the cartridge too away with the G when you want to sell
10) G's parts are not that sturdy and some parts have fallen off internally. Battery? needs replacing? but how and what conditions? no clear answer on this yet

Advantages of Design Studio(CDS)

1) can convert files to and from cut and gypsy (but you still have some bugs in it)
2) hide and contour
Disadvantages of CDS
1) Can be used only by windows users
2) you do need the cartridges and have to lug all to crops
3) No grouping sadly. Little bit of struggle getting your creation to the next page as you have to copy and paste each part

Both have errors in date handling and in regards to file transfers  and are not fully compatible  with each other. Needs  fixing on slanting, skewing and multipage dump etc

I will add and edit as I think of more. ;)
Thanks Lauren - edited. Since I don't have mac yet that particular fact doesn't pop in my mind until reminded. Sorry


Lauren said...

Thanks for this. I've been considering buying a Gypsy and I value your opinions. I have a Macintosh, so DS isn't an option for me. That's another MAJOR advantage of the Gypsy!


papillon digital design said...

Thanks dear for reminding me. I have edited.

Dawn McCarty said...

thank I have the G and use it alot. because I am a mac

Danese said...

Thank you for outlining the pros and cons, it's a great help for someone like me who is sitting on the fence!

Nancy Curtis said...

I use DS on my Mac using an emulation program called Parallels. I only use Parallels for DS but you can run other windows software if you wish. I want Mac DS but this works for me because I don't think a Mac version is coming any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I bought the DS I didn't put it in the computer yet because I may get a new computer down the road and I understand you can only download the DS once. I was told you don't need the gypsy if you have the DS...I don't know what to do....Any feedback on this.....thanks
P.S. I have windows XP

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, If for some reason you get a new computer, or hard drive fails you can reinstall the DS. Just call the wonderful people at Provo Crafts and they will walk you through reinstalling it.
I still don't know if i should get a G or stick with my DS. Anyone out there have both and prefer one over the other?

Anonymous said...

If I purchase a cartridge that has been linked to their G, can I still use it on DS? THANKS.

papillon digital design said...

Yes you can as of now. Till now Cartridge is only linked to gypsy and cricut craft room so no problem using in imagine or with ds

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.