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February 9, 2010

Tuesday Treats Project - Feb 9th - TBBM Pg. 117 - button 36

Hello Everyone
This is Pam aka thebugbytes. My project today is the box/bag from cartridge TBBM - pg 117 which is button 36 on the keypad overlay - blackout creative feature (I have used the word box throughout in the video so please forgive me. Guess I was so impressed with Mya's box that the word just stuck.). I have gone with the color scheme of pink/rose. I felt I needed all the help in making this look feminine - the tomboy that I am - so used plenty of weapons in the arsenal - bling, ribbons, colors, flowers, pearls buttons, stamps, ink & paint. Guess I just spared the glitter and embossing powder ;). And since it's going to be valentine , what's a more ideal setting than shells & pearls, chocolates ; china & crystal (I'm a teetotaller - so no wine for me ).

I had to struggle and literally go on a warpath with my computer to get the video edited and loaded. I was about to settle on just the photo story/instructions in case I could not make it to the finish line, but since I was able to make it through I decided to leave the original post as it is and just add the videos.I should mention that my build on the G is 0160. Each build does change and has different functions so what is possible in one may not be the same in another. And to top it - G world is so wacky that each G responds differently. 

Here's Part 1

Here's Part 2

Here's Part3

You can always watch from my youtube channel thebugbytes in case you have a problem watching from here.
Now for the story...well.... instructions
Ok - So here we go.
Materials used for the bags(I have given for all 3 so fine tune to what you need and if I have left out some ....just add them :) )
1. Cricut E
2. Gypsy & the cord and all the rest of the paraphernalia like mat, cords etc
4. Score pal or any scorer will do
4. Pattern Papers - 12 x 12 (if you want to resize then 81/2 x 11 can also be used)
5. Scissors - thin sharp ones
6. Adhesives - Red tape - or whacky tape; zip dry or 2 way zig markers; pop dots or dimenionals - both mini and the big ones; glue dots
7. Inkjet transperency for the window bag only
8. Bling - adhesive pearls in different sizes and also rhinestones - (I have used pink ones here)
9. Twine or lanyard or crochet thread for the string for the tag
10. Inks ( for the stitches to show clearly I did use versamark fine black ink)
11. Paint - Watercolor - (or acrylic if you work pretty fast) Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow Medium or Deep
12. Watercolor brush (& of course some water ;) )
13. Ribbons and buttons(I have used - a ladybug button, a heart shaped one for the tag and another which looks like a perfume for the 1st bag
14. Reinforcement label - in case you want to do the bag without handle
15. Acrylic block and some clear stitch stamps in case you want to add a border around the window.
I have loaded a gypsy file (and also the stain glass window gif file but under the misc. section)
Just a caution for the G file before I begin. Page 5 has 2 images (which are grouped together so you need to tap just once) which are from love struck cartridge. If you do not have the cartridge please delete the images and save the file before cutting. I have given a workaround for those not having the cartridge. It needs a little bit of assembly. Pages from page 7 starting with "Do not cut" are just instructions so please do not cut them.
For cardstock - I usually set my blade depth at 6, pressure on the higher side - high or max and speed low as the G tends to speed up the cricut.
Pattern Papers used (for all 3 bags): (I got these at Hobby Lobby and the bling, buttons and the ribbon for the handle from there too)

Page 1(from my gypsy file) is used to cut the bag 1 shown below

and page 3 has some options to decorate/embellish this bag. I have used the tag on the top left from this page (page 3). I deleted all the rest of the images in that page and cut the page/mat remembering not to save the file as I do not want the file to change
I inked the tag edge. I opened the tag - added some strips from the left over papers to give a iris fold effect (after inking them too) and then glued it shut. Also I blinged it and then pop darted this piece to the bag. Added some embellishments. I used even the heart shape left over from the window and the 2 pieces inside the handles to make the tags . No wasting paper.
I made this bag from Page 2.

I cut a square out of the ink jet transperency print out of the gif file and then glued it on to the back. I used a stitches clear stamp to ink around the outside of the window as it is so easy to see where to stamp and can also be molded/shaped on the acrylic block to follow the curves before inking and stamping. Then added some bling and ribbon. Tied a bow on the ribbon and then glued it on near the handles with glue dot. The black inking brings out the black in the stain glass and also rhythms with the doodling on the pattern paper.
This is finally the 3rd bag from page 4 which I assembled again in the video and for which the following photos/instructions are for.

This bag is bigger than the rest by playing around in the G by switching to a bigger mat size, resizing and then switching back so that the handle gets cut off and we still use 12 x 12 mat ( you can always use just the 12 x 24 mat and cricut never know. (I always load on both sides - of course keeping in mind which side goes in the cricut and turning the mat first one way and loading paper and then the other and loading the paper)
Ok now to the nitty gritty.
Load the mat carefully paying attention to which side goes in. Here it is more important that I be extra careful, as I have used striped pattern paper and  I want the stripes to go up and down and not sideways. Nothing wrong the other way but I like it vertical as that makes the bag seem taller and elegant and gives a light airy look while sideways makes it more grounded and heavy which was not the emotion I was going for with this box/bag.

I then cut away the extra bit of handle. The paper has some score marks. So align and score (4 score lines ) on the back of the paper (not the pattern side). But I felt the bag opened too wide like a gator's mouth. Didn't want that so I added an extra score - very light pressure on the front patterned side of the paper this time so that the bag could fold in.

I added red tape glue (or wacky tacky tape or bacon tape as some call it - ha ha) to the 2 sides and the aligned and glued them. It's better to use this tape or atg gun for bags else they tend to fall apart if the glue is not strong enough

For decorations I used the flowers on page 3 lower right quadrant. I have actually used 6 sets of flowers for front and back but just 2 sizes and the 3rd smaller size. I painted them with watercolor paint after wetting them and then left them to dry (You can also use chalk. Inking was too harsh for me as I was going for the soft effect and LOL I'm a watercolor painter after all and that would obviously be my medium of choice).

Then after it dried I gave them dimensions by twisting/folding them around a paper piercer or quilling needle.

Then I applied glue and stacked the 2 layers (did not use the 3rd) - staggering it & then added a half pearl at it's center.

After this done I took the bag back aligned the sides together and punched a hole with cropadile. And reinforced the holes with round reinforcement label got from office store or even walmart.

I then threaded the ribbon through and taped it on the inside of the bag so that the knotted ends do not peep out or move too much and tear the bag - it's paper after all :)

Finally I used 2 pattern papers - a pink one for the top half of page 6 and a musical one for the blackout part on the bottom and then cut away.
I glued the 3 pieces from page 6 top ( or you can use just the single piece from page 5 if you have the love struck cartridge) to resemble the heart from love struck. Blinged with some small half pearls on the front.

pop darted with mini pop darts to give dimension (on the reverse side ie the back)

and glued it to the black out (lower image in the G file) cutting of another pattern paper ( I used a nice musical paper for this.

I then turned the piece back and added some more bigger pop darts

and glued this on to the bag. Added 3 flowers to each side of the bag with glue dots. ie 2 each to cover the handles reinforcement tab and then one at the bottom. I also added a cute lady bug button I got from Hobby Lobby with a glue dot after cutting off it's shank. Now the bag is ready to be filled with some candies or favors. I just need to add one of the tags and then gift it to someone special.
Hope you enjoyed the show and also made a bag right along with me. Do mail us pictures of your follow along projects so that we can add them to the gallery.
Tune in next week to more treats from Sassy Lady.


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Pam I just love this project it is absolutely stunning! This is the perfect project for valentines day! I love everything about it. Thanks for the clear directions.

ShawnfromMN said...

Pam = thank you for the video. Very nice! I wanted to share with you what i have found. I can cut this same file @ 7.75 inches on a 12 x 12 peice of paper. With the gypsy i make it as large as i can and then i rotate it 45 degrees to make it fit in the cutting area.
Hope you understand that!

Pam said...

Sorry. I should have mentioned that this is for build 0160. I annotated to show that now. Thanks for letting me know. The G does change so much with each updates that it is wise to mention the build. I usually do that but as i said this video was jinxed from the word go and my pain meds didnt help either :-t

Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

Your creation is beautiful! Thank you for all the detail you put into the instructions/videos!!
Hope you are feeling better!!!

Bobbi said...

Very cute bags. I love the one with the music behind it. Thanks.

nikki said...

Wow Pam!! You have outdone yourself! I can't wait to come back this evening when everyone is in bed so I can really look over what you've done and catch the videos. You're incredible Girlfriend!!

Cindy said...

So cute! Very good advice to watch your stripe placement and paying attention to the arrows on the mats. Especially when I use my gypsy I get confused about which way it goes in because it's sideways if you don't think about it.

Cher~ said...

Pam, you rocked this little bag. You are so attentive to the details and I think your bag is gorgeous. Great job. I love that you included the video and all the pics. What were you stressed about? ;-)

Pam said...

Oh cher- the videos was a disaster. Since it was in 3 parts it was too much for my old laptop to handle and every editing went down the drain. I had also recorded over some parts so had to retake and splice it in ~x( By the time I was done I was sick of hearing my own voice. Forgot to mention somethings in the retake like the important build which changes everything. Let many faults go on to the video as I couldn't do much about it. My health wasn't helping either Don't ask. Am I glad that this is now over and I can sit back and enjoy both yours and sassy's creations.

Grammy GG said...

Pam, your project is lovely and your directions more than wonderful. I am a very visual learner and your videos and pictures as well as the written instructions are such a help. I felt like I was learning so much about the Gypsy as we went along as well as how to make the valentine bags. Thank you again for your sharing spirit.

Deb said...

Beautiful project......thank you so much for sharing.

kimmie said...

these are incredibly beautiful. i can't find hte flowers you used. which cart are they from? and the heart with the fluer d'lis? thanks!

flowerdisco said...

I was very happy to see your videos and the work and love you put into it.., The bags are just perfect and I love all the embellies. So romantic and feminine. TFS!

Jodie R said...

Oh, wow! Pam, these are beautiful! I love the way you used the music paper, the way you used the pearls, how you changed the handles... I could go on, but you get the picture! My hats off to you!

217 Creations said...

Just awesome!!! TFS!!!

yvette said...

oh Pam, what amazing bags you made!! I love how you made 3 of the same, but all 3 so different, with the heart cut out in one, and the other one with ribbons as handles (is that how you call it?). It is a true inspiration, and the cartridge is going more up in the list of wanna haves by the week hahaha :)

Magoo said...

Well my dear.....what can I say?! YOU ROCKED IT OUT GIRL!!!

I adore these purses...and you did 3 of them!!! They are just the best :) :)

I don't see any sign of tomboy around here ;)) very girly, EXCELLENT instructions.....and I love your voice on your video!!! so very calm and relaxing to listen to :) :)

cricaholic said...

Gorgeous!!! Great video, very informative. THANKS!!

imafarmgirl said...

Bravo! Bravo!!

A splash here and there said...

Pam, you're project was simply beautiful - stunning! Been busy all week making goody pouches for my kids' Valentine's Day parties at their school and just had enough time to finally see what everyone is talking about over at the Cricut MB. Awesome job! Thanks for sharing!

MelodyR aka RyandMysMom

cfine said...

Thank you so much for all of the detail and time you put into this project. I love how you recreated a heart from Lovestruck as I do not have that cart. The Gypsy tips are very helpful as well. Your bags are beautiful!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Stop by my blog today. I have something there for you :)

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.