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October 18, 2010

Admin Darryn

Yep I was all prepared to shout at whoever picked up the phone and ask for the manager as my return label has still not come and my son is ill and I have a doctor's appointment which I had to fix for afternoon as you know how long it takes to hold the line. And then....
I got Admin Darryn on the phone and all my anger was diffused. He was so nice and he apologized . BTW there was no record of my Friday phone call. Grrr...
He is trying to fix this for me.
He raised my hope back a little though I would still like a WORKING PRODUCT FROM DAY 1 FROM PC!!!

Now I feel a whole lot better after I shouted the last line.[lol]

I know better than to be angry at the customer CS for PC's mistakes as these are people who just work there but this time I was justified I think as ha ha - my call was not in the database!!! And if I had not called I would have waited and waited!! Well until atleast Mike's arrival in Houston. I could always hold him for Ransom right :) Then all circle members and PC would have ensured that I got a working Imagine pronto :)


Tanya said...

I feel your pain. I bought a defective Gypsy. I sent it to PC for a replacement, and when it took a long time to receive the replacement, I called and was told PC was "out" of the product! Of course, after my phone call, they suddenly had them back in stock and it shipped.

Tracy said...

I hope it gets straight soon Pam. I feel your pain too. I had my Imagine replaced 3 times and the 3rd time was the charm. I hope you have as much luck. Hugs sweetie :)

Bee said...

Oh bless your heart! I get livid when I'm told there's no record of my phone call. Like you're just doing this for fun as if you need extra stress in your life. Our 21 yr old DD works at Old Navy. I'm trying to stress to her why alot of customers get so defensive soo fast, because big corporate (not necessarily ON, but others) has discared the average customer so many times and when we reach our limit, that's it. Like I've told her, don't take it personal. To the customer, she is the customer's only connection at that moment to Old Navy. CS skills have gone out the window so fast. Good luck with getting this resolved and soon. On a side note, I've learned when I get a good CS rep. in situations like this, to ask to speak to the same one in the future so at least you can maybe help them to recall your prior conversation. I feel for you!

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I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.