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October 10, 2010

Autofill in Imagine - Advance Calibration and deleting Images

Hi everyone I am back from the swarm at Salt lake City Utah and it was fun!! Will be posting the photos and videos soon. I even had my ugly mug shot next to the lovely Ginger and That CRICUT BUG!!! It touched my head eeekss!!! I have to find out who was inside that bug!
I loved meeting everyone there. It was so wonderful putting the faces to MB names. I felt touched when so many came and hugged me and told me that I had helped them with the G. Wow! That alone makes this Gypsy journey and this blog so worth it!! I cried! THANK YOU ALL and HUGS BACK AT YOU.
Sheesh!! All this is making me so emotional and I can feel myself becoming more and more girly!! The Horror!!
Well if I received HUGS! from the MB the PC people manning the cricut and Imagine and gypsy ran away from me with Terror! I think Brandon especially will have nightmares for some time. Poor guy!!
So I went and played with the Imagine and yeah!!! The Imagine has some Bugs too!! Gypsy is vindicated!! Now it is not the only product with BUGS!!
But I should say hopefully the bugs will be minor.
First bug is
When you select couple of  images and autofill it and if for say you want them in sets and you have 4 of 1st image and 3 of second image and want to delete just one instance of the image . Try doing this in autofill or quantity it deletes all instance of that image. So does quantity.
So your best option in this situation would be to copy /paste. for when you copy/paste instances of the images are created and I think this registers in that (pea brain? memory? - ha ha) as seperate instances lol and so you can delete just one copy of the image and the rest will stay.
2) When you do autofill towards the end when cutting you might have a drift. You can see makeupirl217creations' post on this on her blog ( Atleast I hope she has a post on it as she was the one with the problem).  You can try correcting this to some extent using the ADVANCE CALIBRATION.
Oh yes !! just like the Gypsy there seems to be some secret key dance. Remember in gypsy how we do the reset with the zoom, menu and power. Well I knew since we did not have the zoom yet that left top and bottom keys had to play  some role.
Well the top one does it seems.
When you calibrate just the blade from settings before pressing start calibration you press the  upper left key and then holding it press start calibration. 
1. Settings -> blade calibration -> hold the top left button (above the menu button) and tap on the start calibration
Note here - I have not done it still as my Imagine replacement has to come back This was just from Chris' mouth as the Imagine line was huge and we didn't want to waste time holding back people from cutting. Of course will do a video on this.
2. In the advanced calibration screen which comes up chose the respective checkboxes
    a)  Auto-Calibrate Scale - If the distance between the top and bottom cut lines or
the left and the right cut lines is too small then the scale needs to be
increased.  So do this if you have autofill drifting is too much. It still will drift some - yep  a bug but hopefully soon will be fixed I think with yes!! updates (We Gypsy people oh so love these updates don't we?) Don't ask me anymore this is just words to me. I have to see on Imagine

b) - Auto-Calibrate Offsets - If the cut path is too high on both the top and
bottom lines then you will need to increase the offset for the Top-Bottom offset
setting. If the cut path is too far to the left on both the left and right side
of the image then you will need to increase the Left-Right offset setting.

Then whatever whatever blah blah blah you do (unless I see it in action practically in front of me well everything is blah blah to me so yes I have to do this  when my Imagine comes and only then will it sink into my brain and make sense) -
 Apply the settings and then  cancel from the blade calibration first screen and do it again if needs be.

Of course I will be adjusting and editing and posting this again when I have actually tried it. Oh pray for me that this one will work .. Else I might just stick with the E. I do not know if I can lift the box again and post it away!! Oh My !! it is heavy!! 40lbs!! and in the box so unwieldy!! 


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