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October 28, 2010

Gypsy Tip - Selecting an image which is difficult to grab

Sometimes selecting an image gets difficult. There are 2 methods you can try to grab

1) Make the cursor smaller than the image. This way you can easily grab hold of the image. If even that's difficult - then zoom and then select the image and zoom back

2) Sometimes we see a huge selection box around an image and that's because the selection box is for the  relative size of the image. This makes it difficult to grab another image which you might have placed before and now falls under this selection box. So each time you select the 2nd one gets selected and not the poor image which is umbrella'ed (wow - what a word!Gads! I should have written Webster's dictionary!! ). To overcome this just set the actual dial size button ON (it will be yellow) That will get rid of the offending selection box around the other image and make it closely cropped around it's own image. Then select the other image. Remember that you have the actual dial size On though when you go do something - so switch off once you get the dirty job done :) ! Even here if you are still not able to grab - zoom and grab.
Hope that helps!!


Maureen Reiss said...

Wow!!! Thanks soooo much!! That is one of the main reasons I get mad at my Gypsy. That and when you select an image to move and suddenly your whole page moves. AARRRGGGG!! I would love a suggestion on that one. Thanks for your help

flowerdisco said...

even after trying your tip here, sometimes still hard to grab and that is when i pull out my fiskars stylus, hehehe

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I don't use my Gypsy much. You see, I am an owner of an independent scrapbook store and because we can't even come close to competitive pricing, we don't sell it. There is another store nearby that does Cricut classes, so I try not to step on her toes and let her specialize in that. Really all I have time to work on is what is in the store, and what I have to make for classes and make and takes, examples and such-----so in my world, the Gypsy sits gathering dust most of the time. Occasionally I'll pull it out, like to do the vinyl on our crop room wall to weld the letters together, and now, to make die cuts for 500 2-page layout kits I have to make and it's certainly easier to have the Cricut cut them them to cut them on a non-electronic machine (ie. sizzix or quickutz or cuttlebug, etc.). That being said, i have pretty much figured out the hide contour thing and have a file here with layers for each of the colors i have to cut.....my BIGGEST PROBLEM WAS WHAT YOU ANSWERED ABOVE!!!!!!! So sorry this is so long, but you have NO IDEA the frustration that you just took away from me! :) thank you from the bottom of my heart! ----and I'll be recommending your site to my Bug-lovin' friends and customers!

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I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.