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October 6, 2010

A Halloween Surprise

Hi Everyone!  It’s Wini from Looneybugdesigns.  I am so excited to be able to share my project with you today.   I love Halloween so when I found out I was up during the Halloween theme at The Bug Bytes I knew exactly what I wanted to do.   Would you like a preview?  Are you curious?  Would you like a hint?
Artsy Shot
I just couldn’t resist using this filter on my project photo.  I think it fits the season perfectly!  What do you think?  I LOVE Halloween and love to decorate for Halloween.  My husband and kids LOVE to carve pumpkins and every year we get 3 pumpkins and my hubby and girls carve them and we have so much fun – the fire crackles, the cider flows and the pumpkins are cut.  But wait – did you notice I said 3 pumpkins?  3??  I have a family of 4 (including myself) so why only 3 pumpkins every year….  Can I say as much as I LOVE Halloween and love the look of Jack-O-Lanterns I HATE carving pumpkins!  Yes – I admit I HATE it!  Just the thought of that gloppy, gooey, slimy mess on my hands just sends Chills down my spine right now as I type this – GROSS!!  I can feel that slime on my hands {shudder}….  Okay now I need to go wash my hands just to get the thought out of my mind.

So this year I decided I WANTED a pumpkin.  But what was I going to do… I certainly was NOT going to carve one.  NO WAY!  So out came my Gypsy and my Cricut and I am still able to decorate a pumpkin and enjoy the thrill of Halloween.
TBB Gypsy
I started by laying out my design on my Gypsy.  I used the Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge for this project.  I loved this tree with the face – but it was too wide for my pumpkin but that was no problem for my gypsy.  I just too the aspect ratio off and was able to adjust the height and width separately.  I then sized my Bat, Ghost and George Circle to fit the proportions of the tree and cut everything out.
 TBB Parts
I placed everything out on my table about how I was going to want them on my pumpkin.  The tree is cut from brown vinyl with black vinyl placed behind the face (although you can’t see this in the photo – it does stand out in real life).  The bat is from black vinyl and the ghost and moon are cut from an adhesive sheet.
TBB Adhesive
I placed my adhesive moon on my pumpkin and then place my bat and tree over the moon.  I used some yellow Sparkly Fluffy Flock to cover the remaining adhesive of the moon to give it some texture and sparkle.  I just used a spoon and started pouring it over the adhesive – burnished it in with the back of the spoon and kept doing that until the entire moon was covered.
TBB Ghost
I love the way the ghost turned out (but now how it photographed).  In real life it is actually very transparent just like you would imagine a real ghost to be so you can really see the tree behind it.  I started the ghost by covering the adhesive with white flock, rubbed it in really well then shook off the extra.  It gave a nice even coat of flock.  I felt it needed something more so I then lightly sprayed my ghost with spray adhesive and sprinkled on white glitter.  I love the way it turned out.  When I laid it on the pumpkin I made sure to leave pleats in the ghost and not to push it down too hard so it appears to be floating on the pumpkin.  So pretty!
TBB Pumpkin
Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to tune back in tomorrow for more Halloween inspiration!


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