f The Bugbytes: Imagine now is on ver 1.01(0096:0008:0239:202A)? atleast mine is

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October 26, 2010

Imagine now is on ver 1.01(0096:0008:0239:202A)? atleast mine is

There is an update available both to the cricut sync and Imagine.Windows7 with 64 bit are seemingly having problems installing the drivers. The cricut sync asks to be replaced with the new to
Windows does bring up it's firewall defense - unblock. Mine asked to update adobe bridge and a driver for the reader or something. I did that and then uninstalled cricut sync downloaded and then installed cricut sync again Then Mine did say can detect machine but power replace or something.I disconnected USB cable from computer end, switched off Imagine and took out cartridges and then switched on Imagine.. Then switched on cricut sync and after it said no machine detected went and connected the Imagine to the computer and it said firmware and content and updated for me.. 
But note windows 7 and even vista seems to have a problem with  adobe. One thing is this update will not happen unless it comes to screen where it says update firmware. So unless you choose to update Imagine won't get updated just cricut sync gets ready..
Some helpful sites
Screen shots are there now  at http://www.cricut.com/imagine/support.aspx
for driver problems if you want to check out (even otherwise read. Knowledge is always power and keep reading - at first it may seem like greek or latin and then slowly some stuff sinks in)
Here is what is posted by Admin Becky on MB
Not much but..

Gypsy/Imagine Update (PHASE 1 COMING OCTOBER 18)
1. Edge to Edge printing (Imagine only update)
- Full bleed (may leave a small boarder on your paper depending on how well it is aligned)
- Overspray: this will print just beyond the edge of the paper leaving a bit of ink on your mat which can easily be rinsed out with warm water – this assures a full bleed.

PHASE 1 Gypsy/Imagine Compatibility
1. Allows you to cut your classic Cricut Cartridges with Cricut Imagine using Gypsy (no printing using Gypsy, yet)
2. Cricut Imagine and Gypsy bug fixes: this will be standard with most upgrades to ensure you have the best experience with your machines.
3. No special Gypsy design features with Imagine content (like welding, stretching, etc.), just yet.

More information will be released about future updates (release dates and update details) when appropriate. 


And by Chris on a yahoo group .I really wish this guy posts on MB so all can gain.

Update on the update. Over the weekend we released a content update and a
firmware update that corrects the relative size on layers issue. It does
introduce a new issue, which is when you select an image, size it and add it to
the queue, the next image you select and add to the queue should be sized the
same as the first. It isn't. It reverts to the 2 inch size. We felt this bug was
easier to work around than the relative size issue so we decided to release
version 96. This issue will be fixed in the coming days.

There is also a CricutSync software update that will fix some people's
computers. It did not fix mine, which runs Windows Vista 64 bit. So I brought my
laptop to work today so that the computer guys can figure out what is going
wrong. I have refrained from issuing an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT because I want an
update that fixes everyone's problems.

You are welcome to run the update if you choose. Just know that some of you may
experience the same problems I am having.


And thank goodness he says about size as I was trying to test cut skeleton from happy Haunting to check if that cartridge works as that was my main problem last time and I got so mad when I had to resize his hat and then band and everything as all got set to 2 and I had to keep changing that to10.5. Here I thought I have to send it back in.
Also I have to keep calibrating  - advance calibrating.I think for it it leaves way off on one side and I get white. 
Gypsy cuts first make sure you set the pressure on the mat before choosing cut from gypsy.
Also we now have 4 icons one for paper printing. (full size)
Gypsy does not say connected. You just have to choose ct only from settings and then open file and cut. Gypsy screen will do the rest. I still need to figure to to change pressure as it did not cut all the way through.So next time I will set pressure first on a different image an then cut with G.
But first let me get better and then maybe I will play more and do video.
Now I am happy it is just working. I need to fix calibration oo


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