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October 24, 2010

Imagine should I buy it or not? (oct 24 2010)

Yesterday I was asked at the swarm-Should I buy the Imagine?
Here is what I said to them - Buying This particular product is totally depends on the style of your papercrafting. If you are the sort who occassionally loves digi stamps or like me just uses white paper and colors the pieces in it in most of the time then it is a fantastic  product. You need not print all like colored digi stamp. You can have some layers colored and some not and is great
But let's come to the cons
1)   a) If you think you can do away with your E then no because
          you still cannot cut 12 x 24 paper from it
     b) thicker materials do not go in like in E as the mat takes a curved path inside
2) The updates are still buggy and expect a long time for reasonably ok updates - Early G users - you will know what I am talking about. Though out of the box it is better off than the G it still has some errors.
3) The Imagine cartridges till now have not been better thought out when it comes to layering. Some people call it flood filling. For eg If say there is an image of a white lamb and I wanted a blue lamb. Since they have not layered the lamb for facial features like eyes etc in a seperate layer all I will be getting is a faceless all over blue pattern paper in the shape of a lamb. But this I stress is the problem NOT OF THE MACHINE but the imagine cartridges. The original cricut cartridges which can be used on the Imagine (you can use 1 imagine and 1 cricut cartridge at the same time) is great for this.
4) Right now the Imagine however much you calibrate when it comes does have a bug that on repeated cuttings or when you  move too far down or right depending on your Imagine does drift in the cutting. It still needs to be fine tuned in cutting or image needs to be bled more :) Wow! how gorish that sounds!! I beleive they are bringing this and making this possible in the update
5) Gypsy can connect to the imagine (provided your update went in successfully and you did not have to send your Imagine in for replacement) but still rudimentary. It works only like an expression and you can only add pattern papers and not use it like an Imagine where you add welded images to them or so I have been told.cannot verify this as I HAVE MINE SENT IN FOR REPLACEMENT...
 6) Also ink is not completely acid free nor is it waterproof

It is an amazing machine alright- possibilities think of printable vinyl, printable and cut-table magnet , heat fusion fabric etc. But I say if there is no special offers like extra points, cartridges etc - Hold on for a while.. If anything the only thing that will happen will be that the price will go down which is to your advantage. But meanwhile they might fix the bugs and after while when it is out of beta (God I wish PC would hire better QC persons and stop making paying customers - beta customers. I am so tempted to send PC my medical bill and physiotherapist bills for back ache now :) ) stage you can consider buying it.


Dana said...

Thank you for your post. It's nice to hear the pros and cons of a product before you buy (especially one that costs this much). I know that you have had problems...hope they are fixed soon.


eiyiyi said...

Thanks Pam. It's so good to know that we can always count on your for an honest assessment of a product. Perhaps the next Imagine should sit on the doorstep till your husband gets home! Save that back, girl. hugs, eileen

cricaholic said...

TFS!!! I LOVE YOUR HONESTY!!!! You enabled me to get the Gypsy and I want the Imagine...but like you said...it doesn't do much YET and still too many problems. I went through ALL those problems with the Gypsy-Lesson Learned -WAIT!!!! WAIT till they get a majority of the problems fixed then get the Imagine... I'm HOPING by Mothers Day...LOL

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I have not been tempted enough to buy this machine. I love my thick paper and have a hard time with colors and I have a scrap room filled with stacks that would cry if I lest them so for now I will stick to my E.
After they get all the bugs out, I could be tempted I Imagine!

Pam said...

Pam, I love reading your blog and reviews because you are so honest!! The others are still saying how great everything is and not talking about the problems.
I hope you get your Imagine soon. I haven't bought one and won't until I decide I need one. I bought the Gypsy at launch and decided to sit this one out!! Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your post and opinion. I did but the I, I am really pleased with its cutting precision on smaller items. I f i had tries the same cuts on my E...they would never have come out right..I have never been able to use my G with my Expression, they dont copmmunicate at all. I am guessing it is because my computers are Vista * M-soft-7...the same reason i am waiting to upgrade my Gypsy and my imagine, per provocraft's suggetion. I bought the I magine specifically to color flood my objects with patterned paper or color. It may have been crazy on my part for that reason, but I also was excited about printing on printable vinyl for decor projects. So far i was lucky with my 1st update ith my Imaginer and everything I have tried so far has been successful. I know for a fact i will need HELP (lol) figuring out the gypsy and my Imagine working together....maybe hire someone to take me step by step (lol)right now my gypsy is my source of finding objects and fonding whatcartridge they are on !!!!!)55+ cartridges, anyway... I do love reading your blog so tytyty for all you do

flowerdisco said...

i was tempted in the beginning and still sometimes i wonder if i should get one but i do not know yet. i would love for pc in some way make the imagine carts compatible for the e since i do like the images in them.

Scrappymama Elaine said...

thanks so much! I don't have an E and was considereing the imagine instead but I think I'll save for the E and wait on the other.

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