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October 8, 2010

Lil' Pumpkin Box

Hello ~ I am Lori Apgar from ScrappinMyStressAway.  I am back with a Halloween project because Halloween is my favorite holiday!!!  I wanted to make a box to use as a gift holder.  I got out my Gypsy and used George and Basic Shapes and Pumpkin Carving to make this box.
I started with a square from George at 3.74w x 3.30h in the center of the mat. 

I used the Copy & Paste to duplicate the square.

I used the x axis to line the second square up with the first square, positioning it above the center square.  The trick is to line up the square edges right on top of each other, not to overlap them.  Once the squares are lined up, I welded them.

I double tapped on the center square (turning it blue) and then duplicated it.  Again I used the x axis to line up the square and moved it under the center square.  Once it was in position, I welded it.

Repeat the process to duplicate the center square again and line up the square with the y axis of the center square.  Move it to the right of the center square and weld.

And, you guessed it ~ repeat and move the square to the left of the center square and weld!

Here is your plus sign!

From Pumpkin Carving, I took one of the square pumpkin faces.  I sized it 3.30h and moved it over the top square.  I used the Hide Contour option to hide the square around the face.  I set the face on the box square, but did NOT weld.

If you weld a shape inside a solid shape, it will become the solid shape.  This means it will NOT cut out the details inside ~ not what I wanted here.

I duplicated the pumpkin face and put it on the square on the bottom.

I flipped the face upside down so it would be the correct way once the box is assembled.  Note that the star eyes are on the same side for both faces.

I found some flaps from George ~ I think they are tabs.  I sized them at 0.88w x 3.30h.  Originally I welded the flaps on the solid squares, but I realized that they would show through the mouth and eye holes once the box was assembled.

I used Copy and Paste and Rotate to put flaps on both sides of the face squares.

I welded everything together.

I made a test cut out of cardstock and saw a flap that needed adjusting.  I went back and scootched the flap over a bit and re-welded.

Here is my box fresh from the cricut.

I used my Martha Stewart Score Board to score the flaps and box seams.

I creased the folds with the bone folder.

I used my Pink ATG Gun to adhere the flaps and assemble the box.

Here is the box assembled.

I wanted to add shread to the inside, but I did not have any.  I decided to make my own out of yellow cardstock scraps and my paper crimper.

I scrunched the paper shreads before putting them in the box.

Here is my Lil' Pumpkin Box all ready to eat some candy or a small gift!

Thanks to Pam for showcasing my work and the work of the other Guest Design Team!!  I hope you enjoy my favorite month of the year!!! 


papillon digital design said...

This is so cute. Love it. And wowee what clear instructions!! Only a G queen will say DO NOT WELD :) loud. Awesome. Love you writing!!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Lori, this is a great little box... love his face. TFS

Carol Ric said...

Super cute! Thanks for showing how you did it in the gypsy. I always love to know how people create their items. TFS!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing, Lori!

hugs, MelodyR

4kids4 said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!! I can now make my own little box!! :-)

Dakota Bear said...

A very cute box!TFS

Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, great job!!! That box is so darn cute!

Lynn Marie' Crafty Corner said...

This is darling do you think you would share your file with us gypsy newbies
and do I need the cartridges to cut a file already made?
I own george but not the other one you speak of

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.