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October 16, 2010

Vegetable puffs

Say what ? Say what?
Hmm have you accidentally dropped into a cooking blog?
Nope. This is me refraining from using G or cricut or cuttlebug!! I am still miffed because of my Imagine and when I get miffed I get royally snobbishly miffed!! So I did some cooking. Guess who was happy. Yes! Hubby. Not only is he dreaming - I can tell you I can see the thought bubble floating above his head - thinking " Yeah not  only can I save money and watch my bank balance stop getting depleted but now I have my wife back and I get yummy food!!" Men - I tell you. I know how his gears spin!
So yep I did some cooking - some Indian cooking

Here is vegetabe puffs -my own adaptation

Ingredients: (not an exact science /measure just throw in ;) )

Potatoes - 3 - 5 large (well 1 and 1/2 ended in my dogsstomach ;) ) - boiled (with salt added in the boiling water)  peeled and mashed ;
Onions - 2
Cilantro leaves
Tomato - 1/2
Oil for seasoning
optional - turmeric (a type of food coloring powder which is a herb and naturally acts as antiseptic - used in the old days to protect the body from effects of weavils etc in the food . Not only do they actually repel them and ants the turmeric is so good for body both externally and internally.
Mustard seeds (yep it adds a lot to the taste buds so go visit an Indian store)
Bengal Gram Dhal (a type of lentil - optional but yum!! Now are you going to that Indian store yet? )
Puff pastry sheet (you get a dozen out of 1 box)

Well if you are running to Indian store go get the mango pulp can too and you can make a yummy mango milk shake to go with it


Boil, peel and mash the potatoes. I use a steam pressure cooker and add salt (about 1 - 1& 1/2 teaspoon )while boiling ( I also add turmeric 1/2 a tsp - that gives it the yellow color and the salt sinks in and makes the potato yummy! Dice onions (after peeling the hard flaky skin of course) and some cilantro leaves too. Dice 1/2  tomato. Meanwhile keep the puff pastry sheet outside to thaw (takes about 30 mins).
Take a saute pan and add oil. Now be careful - we Indians are pretty much used to this step. But if you feel uncomfortable avoid this step. We add mustard seeds and allow it to sputter. If you are not used to this yu will get singed with the splattering mustard's. Better to close the pan and use your ingenuity if you are a brave one. Adda tbsp of Bengal Gram Dhal and when it also gets slightly red (now you can avoid these 2 steps as they are optional and only for the brave). Add onions. Saute it till it turns slightly brown and then add the diced tomatoes. Fry it for a while and then add potatoes. Salt to taste and finally Cilantro.We add spice too diced green chilies but you can totally avoid that. This process can take about 5 - 10 mins.Allow it to cool.
This is the stuffing folks if you can handle it. Looks like this.Now you knew I would have step by step pics didn't you?

Now take the thawed sheets.

You have 2 folded sheets. Each sheet is folded 1/3 rds. So spread it out and cut into thirds and then each 3rds into halfs again. That gives you 6 rectangular pieces. Spoon in the stuffing and fold and crink the corners

Place it in the oven to bake at appropriate temp following the instructions on the pastry sheet box

Mine said 15 mins at 400 degrees .At the end of it we get yummy golden colored vegetable puffs - Yum!!!

Now if you have mango pulp can and some milk and some sugar whip up a milk shake (you can use just 1/2  a can for this) . It goes so well together! Wow what a meal!! So that was dinner tonight for us folks. One happy hubby and kids I tell you..


Ticketgoddess said...


Jodie R said...

Oh, that looks so good!

Audrey Frelx said...

Pam, I find your story funny because I cook too when I'm agitated!!! These veggie puffs look delish; I'll have to try that recipe!!!

Hope things get better for you soon!

jandokan said...

That looks like it's yummy :D
Wish I could come over to taste :P

if you've time, check my blog for the Breast Cancer Awareness/Girl Power Blog Hop

Hugs Anja

Nadia (WithGlitteringEyes.blogspot.com) said...

Oh my gosh! These look marvelous!

Diane M. said...

Looks like I'm headed to the Indian market. :)

Maureen Reiss said...

Wow!! Those look good! Yum Yum!!

BugJunkie said...

MMMM, they look Yummy!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Looks yummy to me!

The Bug said...

Oh man - now I am bummed that I missed dinner! Why didn't you call me earlier? Thanks looks so yummy and delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe too!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.