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February 4, 2011

Anna Griffin Day! For You

Hello there this is Pam from The Bug Bytes
Today's my turn at  SassyLady's blog
Here's a  simple card "For You"
I decided to try climbing up to my scraproom . I could walk upright half way and then the rest of the way like a child does. And when I went to the room - it was horrible. Things scattered here and there. And of course !! my Gypsy was still downstairs! Anyway I was not in a mood for gypsy or cricut. Yes I do craft without all these things (sometimes :) ) and I wanted to play with Anna Griffin stuff especially the lace stamps which I one of my dear friend Kelly shipped me from London as it I wanted these and had been watching HSN for 7 months - but nope. I finally traced it to QVC London . If I had waited for 3 more months could have saved the trouble for that poor girl! HSN now has it or had it as I am sure if you see them up close and imagine the  possibilities and the price it will be gone in a wink again.
Well anyway since I was upstairs I decided to use my purple cow lovely trimmer with so many blades, papers - K & company I think designer which had lovely rose print & Bazill, nestabilities - a cuttlebug (well cannot be completely cricut free can we though big shot would do too - I find cuttle bug easy and more comfortable as it is more familiar. note the big shot is out of the box but still unused. This year that should be my resolution - use things more than once!! Ha Ha) , anna griffin stamps - lace and sentimental, anna griffin corner punch, stickes and glues/adhesives, ink and some trimmings/ribbons.
I love blings etc but sadly out of them as it's been so long since I have been in a craft shop and my supplies in some of these things are dangerously low. Poor hubby did do some shopping but cannot find some things! and gets lost..
Well I was rather pleased with how this card turned out.


 Sometimes one needs to just let go and loosen up. I stopped worrying about how blank my mind  was and how I had no mojo and just sat and stared at the stamps. Loved the roses in the stamp. Stared at it a while and then rememered how I had seen a lovely paper with roses in K & Company paperstack. So I picked that up. Then took some Bazill paper and picked a pink one (hubby having me got a couple of pink shades for another project). And then so on and so forth playing around I made the card and decided to match up the envelope too - the card base and envelope is the ivory set - ones you get at Hobby Lobby. They are lovely as a base .
The Anna Griffin corner punch came in handy. I used the flower one from below
Here's hsn's link in case you want to look. (ha ha - am I enabling you? Good!

Removing the corner attachment gave me more options. Likewise inking only part of the stamps gave me more room to play. For eg in the inside of the card - the frame is partial stamp and also in the envelope the roses is a partial inked stamping.
nestabilities are good choice for sentiment as you can try keeping the nestability plate on the stamp and decide which one fits. And the way I remember the sandwich in cuttlebug is to cut use the c- plate.
Isn't that easy? So the basic A and then a c plate cardstock and nestability (blade always in the direction facing the cardstock) and then the B plate . Note the order of c-plate and b plate can be interchanged and the order of nestability and cardstock also interchanged. I have not embossed but if I wanted to I would be very careful while removing the cardstock keeping the nestability and the cutpiece without moving them out of place too much . In that case ie for embossing -  A-plate, Bplate , already cut cardstock & nestability , rubber gasket/spellbinder embossing mat, couple of cardstocks for shim as required, Bplate.
So easy peasy - C is for cutting!!! which is the only thing I have done

See how frugal I am in this project :) well shortage of supplies does that to you. I have used even the negative lest after using the nestability and then punched some more and used as a nameplate frame (is that even a right word?).  After punching the envelope flap I backed it with a tiny strip of pink paper. Partially inked stamp with pink ink ( roses) and stickled inside leaving the outline alone. Now the close up of the card front

The trimming at the bottom I think I got it from India. They are sold for dresses and they had only a couple of yards. The wave is purple cow trimmer and flower is anna griffin corner punch. Scallops are nestabilities. The center ribbon was short so I used double length and used the shortcut method by cutting and attaching to the back of green paper. Tied bow seperately . Love liquid fabric glue. When you add just a little to the inside of the knot and also to glue it on bows do not unravel and fabric glue on strong. Liquid also gives us some leeway time to arrange and adjust.

And finally the inside

Like the stamps they are again from anna griffin's clear lace & sentiment

See the oval one at the bottom and the rectangle one below that to the left with another lace inside yep - that's the one selectively inked. Sentiment from sentiment again for you only inked from for you father


Well that's it for the simple project and my 1st day back to scrapping after a long time. I enjoyed making this card. Hope you enjoy looking at the project.
If I haven't bored you out will hopefully see you again next time!


Audrey Frelx said...

Well, aren't you fortunate to have such a good friend in London, lol!!!

Pam, you're card is so pretty! I love Anna too!

Please take of yourself and get well soon! I'm praying you do!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Love your beautiful card and I love even more that you are back! Keep moving forward in that healing process as we all want you back! Thanks for sharing this great card on Shes A Sassy Lady today.

Wende said...

Really a beautiful card. I love the "Anna Griffin" look. So very elegant. Great job. Pam, I too have back problems. I feel for you girlfriend. Somedays it is overwhelming. Let me know if you find the magical cure. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Karen said...

A very cute card. What a dedicated scrapper to crawl your way to your scraproom and work with a bad back!

Unknown said...

Have been praying for your return.

Magoo said...

hooray!! you made it 1/2 way up the stairs upright!!

And if you can make a card like this in that condition - I can only imagine the wonderment we're in for when you are all healed!!

Beautiful card Pam - your details just amaze me :)


TR said...


"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.