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February 13, 2011

Valentine Target Mailbox

This time I decided to decorate some valentine  Target mailboxes for my son's teachers and a small treat each for the kids with pencil and Hershey's kisses.
Simple and fast. everything was cut and done super fast and then came the part of using hot glue.
Well my elder son claims that hot glue gun and me are disaster. I get too impatient and before it heats up press so  strongly that it gets stuck and nothing comes. Then he - having no patience with me lol takes it cleans it and then says to me -" Mom can you leave the hot gun gluing to me?"
I said that's A O.K with me & so he ended up hot gluing the flowers to the pencil.
Here is the small project. I have included a gypsy file for just the target box without embellsiment - that is plain center cut and side cuts to cover up. The red scallop with decoration is not included as you may want to use your own decoration. Flower also not included as I just punched a 2 1/2 inch circle using punch , just frilled up the ribbon and stuck 1 3/4 punched scalloped circle and  just traced a star and stuck on it.

The words were so small that I used a criKut glitter gel pen and then filled it with souffle opaque pen.
I just add the wordings on one page in G and cuts on another page with preview set on the cut page so that I can place the words properly. While changing the blade cartridge to marker (remember to keep a paper underneath as your project will get spoiled otherwise). After using the marker on words I pressed  return to design without unloading and then cut the "cut page" after making sure to pull out the marker and putting in the blade.
 That's it. The flower was simple too but here I used smiley cartridge. Hot glue the flower to pencil(on both sides - so 2 sets of flower for 1 pencil) & hotglued 2 hershey's kisses.
Then I just used the xyron small printer and printed like a border on matching cardstock and cut into small pieces like a label saying Happy Valentine and ATG to glue the ends.
Simple simple project
Gypsy file can be downloaded from the tab - under Gypsy files


Ohhh Snap said...

Lucky teacher and classmates! Awesome project :D. Good thing you have someone to work the hot glue gun lol. I usually wind up with some strings and burnt fingers (I suffer for Art lol).

217 Creations said...

I love doing these Target Mailboxes! Yours looks great!

Tracy said...

so cute! Happy Valenteine's to you sweet lady! :)

TR said...

Very cute...
I didn't do any valentine stuff this year.
This would have been nice. Maybe next year. :)


"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

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