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March 24, 2011

Circle Weekly Challenge #25: Use Your Imagine-ation Challenge!

Well this time since the challenge was with Imagine I decided it was time that I did one and tested the Imagine after the update. Still not happy with the calibration for it still cuts off when it cuts to the lower ends of the mat how much ever I calibrate. But otherwise it went smoothly.
Cartridges used
Imagine More for pattern and oval
Imagine More cards
and Easter 2010 (regular)

The paper is all with the pattern with Imagine. I took a card shape from Imagine cards (if you go by the online pdf file on cricut.com/information/cartridge library it is Imagine more cards and pg number 22) but wanted the pattern  from Imagine More (pg 35 right side) So I cached it and I did want to cut the card first so I could calculate inner dimensions. I did not like the pattern on the sides either so I used a pattern this time from Imagine more cards itself pg 36 right side)
Lol both the machines were working - Imagine and cricut E.
Remember to get to pattern you have to select any image and then press edit - only then can you reach the paper patterns as Imagine loads them only then so that you can flood fill. So I cached and then changed and added the card and edited so that I can cut it as big as it can. I think I got 6.6. Then I print and cut and then flipped it and printed it again so that I can stick it back to back.
Then I loaded Imagine More and liked the oval shape image (again online Imagine more - pg number 14 lower image). I now knew how big I wanted the oval. But before cutting I took a soda can (drinking lots of sunkist nowadays) and cut it open and used nestability and cut an oval shape for my egg. Then I cuttlebugged it. I got a shiny egg. I used sharpie/copic and gold foil pen to color it in. I measured the egg (G makes it so easy - just zoom to maximum and it is exactly to scale). So I used Easter 2010 and adjusted the bunny to fit. This bunny I cut using my cricut E and also the Happy Easter . Count squares! Count squares and size and cut. I think that was my mantra.
Ok the egg now gave me how big the oval should be and the card gave me an idea how small it should be
ie  I now got the   >  and < figures and so I cut the image. I wanted a smaller flower shape for the front circle tab shape so I cut the same flower shape only to the appropriate size.
I wanted to decorate and instead of ribbon used pattern on pg 27 of Imagine more (top).
Well that was it. Then I cut shadow of Easter phrase and bunny in cricut E colored it with Copic added some pearls . I also colored the Velcro brown so that it would blend in and I could close the card.

Well nothing will make much sense without the pictures will it?

So here goes

The composite wink (so that I can post this for the magazine)


Sandi Clarkson said...

Looks like a lot of great work but I love it! I had my I one day and it went nuts the next, so I've sent it back for replacement. Boohoo! When it comes, I'm sure these posts will make a tad bit more sense to me!

Dakota Bear said...

Very cute, but looks like a lot of work went into making the card. I don't have the imagine yet.

Denine said...

Adorable.. Love the card.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.