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March 10, 2011

Cricut sync update - G & I - 0208/0214/ & the Imagine part - 0110

Oh how I love Beth's Mariposa frame. She is the princess of altered art in my books (Queen being Greenbean of course )
Since many want to do the update I though I would post here. Remember you can choose to have I updated or not as that app will slow down your G a bit. Also any time you run into trouble after updating - troubleshoot

I will be posting just the G update here. Imagine will come later

You have to reinstall the cricut sync which is now available at http://www.cricut.com/cricutsync/
you might get unknown publisher. Always better to first save it and then run as admin rather than just running it from the website.
Once you do and you connect it to the G it will ask if you want the G updated. Mine needed a G firmware and then also Imagine content and firmware
I would advise you to do it step by step selecting one box at a time. First pic is photoshopped as I did not take a snap so words won't exactly match but just follow the gist. Those not having Imagine do not do the 2nd part and for those having it - do it in steps. First just do the 1st part. 2nd & 3rd part come together .

Now remember the1st pic is photoshopped from another pic

After this it came as G not connected and then on it's own went to check for update again as I had not yet done the update for Imagine on the G it brought up that menu (fig down below which I photoshopped for my 1st one as I had not taken the first pic lol)

What? Say Whatttttttttttttttttttt?? and I do the support again (Pam cursing out loudly at this stage) it is 8:40 am now and I started at 5:30 am

Hmm getting the white screen of death in file zone. Let me see if later running as admin changes it as I have tried fixing and overriding the unknown driver before

closing the app and then again running it as admin to see if screen of white death goes away


So let's take a quick look at the update timings - yep made a log in notepad - aren't you glad I did
Here is it in quotes lol
" started at 5:35 am

1) downloading content - 1 min

2) uploading updates - 5 min

3)do not turn off device -updating G - about 3mins

4) restart G

5)brings up the files and then if update is pending says G not connected and then goes back

6) Again Gypsy Imagine - firmware & content - has to be selected

7)downloading - 2 secs

8) uploading updates - 20 - 30 mins

9) after 100% it stayed on for some time.

10) do not turn off device - gypsy updating - 10 mins - 15 mins

11) it updated gypsy - 30 sec

12) again asked update are available

Gypsy support and Imagine application - say what?ok so here I go again

13) this time downloading data file and going pretty fast - 2 - 3 mins

14) Then uploading updates which is goes slow - it took 30 - 40 mins

15) And then again do not turn off device - says started - 1 min

16)and then writing cartridge data - 3 - 5 mins

17) writing cartridge overlay - 5 - 8 mins. Time is now 8:40 am

18) ok - restart G and then - say what?? Again just gypsy support remaining?

19) Pam now cursing loudly - can you hear?

20 ) ok - now again downloading data file - quick - - 1 min

21) Then uploading updates - a bit slower - 5 mins

22) do not turn off the device - 1-2 mins

23) do not turn off device - updating cartridge data - about 2 - 3 mins

24)then again do not turn off - cartridge overlays - another 2 - 3 mins. The time now is 9.29 AM

ok now for a brief look at the G

Ok I did do the I update as well - Yeah! It went real fast about 20 - 30 mins

First the log

1)update available - firmware and support
2) downloading data - 30 secs - Imagine shows as connected
3) uploading updates - - Imagine firmware - takes a bit longer - Imagine shows as receiving updates -
please do not power off - 5 min
4) Imagine updating - screen gets off and then comes one - sync shows as do not turn off device &
then Imagine restarting - at this screen for some minutes
 - hmm Imagine restarted but C sync did not seem to catch up even after 5 mins - so do I
restart the Imagine? Let's see I restarted the Imagine. Nope nothing happening. so let's restart cricut sync
5)lol now it shows only support update is pending -so guess I have to close cricut sync after all
6) updating - ie downloading data file - 30 secs.
7) Imagine shows as connected when it downloads data file
8)next sync shows as uploadingupdates - Imagine content
9) Imagine shows as receiving updates do not power off - taking long - around 10 mins- 20 mins
10) well that was fast compared to G
11) it says Imagine updating and then Imagine closes down and restarts
12) cricut ysnc still does not catch on that Imagine has restarted lol so now to switch off
cricut sync and then check and also check the version on Imagine
13) So my Imagine went form version 0096:0013:0239:202A to 0110:0020;0239:202A
So here are pictures I will post both cricut sync and Imagine shot
before beginning Imagine version (mine)

Imagine then shows as connected while donwloading data file

and Imagine shows as do not power off - receiving updates

cricut sync shows Imagine restarting

and then cricut sync does not get it that Imagine has restarted lol. SO I waited for few mins - restarted Imagine and then after nothing happened closed cricut sync and reopened. Guess it also does only one update at a time. So the Imaganie firmware was over but the support part of it had to be done

Now again Imagine shows the same screens - connected - that white just plain cricu Imagine and then do not power on receiving updates (see above for the screen shots - I will not repeat them again :) )

so just the cricut sync shots

and then again cricut sync does not get it that Imagine has restarted so I close cricut sync and check Imagine version

and for sure I got that changed - version 1.01 and (110:020:0239:0202A)

I think salient thing here is 0110 and then the last but one bit ie 0239
where 0110 is the firmware part and 0239 is the content part .

And let's see the cricut sync

as I have not connected G it will not show G version.
So that's it both the Imagine and G updated and kind of talking to each other. Now to connect a couple of my favorite cartridges and play but mostly after I come back from Dallas as I have lots of stuff to do before then.


Tracy said...

You rock Pam -- thanks so much for taking the time to post this. It is very helpful. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pam I was wondering when I try to cut the free carts from the Gypsy they won't cut for me are you having the same problems? dhardie484@sbcglobal.net

Jasmine Wilmany said...

I agree, not having to look at a cartridge we don't have would be nice. Maybe if you could select a list that says, "all" or "synced cartridges".

So far, it doesn't look like you can fill welded shapes with patterns... if there is a way, I haven't figured it out yet... but oh well, I'm just glad my Gypsy is talking to my Imagine! lol

Thanks for the great info!

Hugs and Blessings!

★ Jasmine Wilmany ★

Sandi Clarkson said...

Thanks a bunch got this post, Pam. Updating my G was a bear .. I invested well over 10 hours in doing it because I initally was attempting it at high volume times. Finally breezed through it LOL this morning but kept using your post as my guide. My Imagine hasn't arrived yet but hopefully soon and I'll be back if I have trouble there!

Jane said...

Thank you so much Pam for taking the time to do this. I have gound it really useful. Am updating my gypsy and imagine. It was nice to have a reference guide as i went along. Thanks again.

Sandra said...

This has been so HELPFUL! I do have a question that i hope you can answer for me. I'm on the second update and it's telling me "please restart your Gypsy after it has shutdown" and my Gypsy says "connected..." it's been like this for awhile - does it take a long time to shutdown or has something froze up? Hope you can help!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.