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June 30, 2011

Round We Go, CircDSwirl and CirclePaperLace

My minds has been on Circles. Well more like I have been playing with circles.  I love swirls, borders and paperlaces more than objects. So I was playing with circles and here are some screenshots of the result. The SVG files are under the file tab as well.  If you like them do I would appreciate it if you left a comment and it would be so much fun if you posted a link to your project :)
SO here are the snapshots of the file

Round We Go

Lol do not know why I named it such

And finally

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June 28, 2011

A Little Love Notebook

Hi ya everyone!  This is Melissa from MelissaMade and I'm sharing a little notebook tutorial using the YUDU cardshop that I received from The Cricut Couple  as blog candy giveaway!!  I was so excited with this win that I had to share a project with you all!  Thank you to my friend Pam for letting me teach and learn with you today!  First, I started with some Tan Havane Yudu Ink and a number of papers from the DCWV Linen Stack.
I chose the LOVE screen from Provo Craft for this project and placed the screen in the top of the machine.
Next I adhered a turquoise paper (5x7) from the above photo.  The color is a bit washed out but it is turquoise.
Next I placed a strip of the tan ink along the top.
I do not flood fill my machine first as the directions say - I've noticed that when I do I get overflow.  So I do a swipe down and then a swipe up and take a look.
UH OH!!!  I didn't like the light tan on my paper - it did not show up well - so I changed my mind and opted for this chocolate ink.  I removed my old paper and placed a fresh sheet in.  Without cleaning the screen I added the chocolate and repeated the above process.
I also decided to swap out the tan paper for a nice rich chocolate paper.  I then cut the square down to a 4.75 x 4.75 sheet.  My notebook will be a 6x6 book.  I cut two chocolate pieces at this size and also cut two pieces of thin cardboard (cereal box) at this size.
I then layered the chocolate paper on top of the cardboard and left my paper to dry.
Next I chose a cute stamp from The Greeting Farm that my sweet hubby got me for my birthday - this is Flirty Anya and she can be found HERE.
I stamped her in Memento Ink as I can use this with my Copics on Express It cardstock .
Next, I used the following Copics to bring her to life!
Isn't she just the cutest?? I love her little smiley face!  I also added a bit of pink to give a little pop of color to the notebook that is predominantly turquoise and brown.
Since I liked the pop of pink in Anya, I decided to add a very thin layer of bright pink to the back of my Love paper.  I then layered each paper and placed Anya close to my YUDU'd piece of paper!
I cut a number of pink and white sheets of paper at 6x6 to fill the inside for a writing tablet and used the cinch to bind my notebook together.
This was a simple project - adding embellishments and small touches would add more interest.  However, I chose not to as this will be in and out of my daughter's schoolbag and would likely rip the paper.  I also thought that this might make an adorable mini album!
Thanks for stopping by today I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.  For more fun projects head over to MelissaMade!  Don't forget to leave a comment - I just love them and please feel free to ask questions too!

June 27, 2011

Silhouette machine

I unpacked it and set it up and tried cutting a print and cut image with it. It cuts intricate details as tiny as a a double strand of hair. I am so impressed. And print and cut is awesome. It did keep saying can't find registration mark until I manually dragged it to first point and then it automatically started finding other registration marks.
I also played with software. One thing I found out while converting AI files to .dxf format - is that one needs to ungroup and also release all compound paths else you get an error. Yep the scroll square frame. I wish it accepted svg files directly and  more easily. If only it were 12 x 12 but no problem now either as I am going to use this mainly for print and cut and it so easy printing in your regular printer and putting it on here and if I want bigger I always have the huge 24 inch knk don't I? I haven't yet tried MTC with both knk and silhouette. I need to do that soon and also start using the knk for embossing , emgraving and punching.

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June 26, 2011

Scroll Square Frame

I was playing with AI and made this scroll square frame.
I have not cut it out yet. The file is up in svg  tab (in my blog) though if you want to play with it.


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June 21, 2011

Kick Up Your Heels!

Good morning and let me tell you that I am so excited about my latest toy!

I wanted to share a project using the new Cricut Expression 2. All this week on http://sweetsassydiva.com we are posting projects using all different carts. I chose a newer cartridge that is preloaded on the E2 called Cricut American Alphabet. It is one of 4 that come ready to use.

I used a paper stack my Erin Lee Creative called Cowgirl Up. The cowboy boot paper coordinated well with the boot cut on page 27 of the handbook. And as I hit a really good deal on the paper and received the stacks recently, you know that I just had to play with it!

Aren't the boots on the cardstock just so cute!

I did have to flip the icon on the e2 because it just didn't feel right that the boot was facing the opposite direction.

I decided to flip all the cuts and chose 3.5" to cut all the layers out.

What's nice is that as you prepare to cut your paper, there are drop down menus to select your speed, pressure and depth on the E2. I used 80# cardstock so, I selected the option heavy cardstock.

To assemble the pieces, I used my zig pen for the detailed cuts. Plus, liquid adhesives work better with this paper stack.

I decided to do a note card. The base is a finished 4x4". It's easy to make your own card bases. For this one, take a piece if cardstock and cut down to 4x8". Next, take your scoreboard and score at 4".

Next, I decided to do another cut using the same cartridge.

I decided to cut the two shadow pieces as you see above.

The great thing is that I can easily line up my cutting fields by adding carriage returns and brackets that will give spaces.

Then, if you click on the icon on the lower right hand side that looks like a house, it takes you to the next step.

As you see below, I chose two circles. It will now cut each in their corresponding quadrant.

I have a tutorial that goes more in depth on using the E2 along with an informative video at http://sweetsassydiva.com

I used the printed cardstock in the upper left hand side and the scrap piece of dark teal paper in the lower section. You can see it's the same piece that I used for the boot shadow layer.

After the two pieces were cut, I used my ATG scotch tape on the teal layer and placed the scalloped cut on top. It sandwiched the coordinating stash ribbon.

I tied a bow and cut the edges on a diagonal slant.

I adhered the boot to the card and added faux stitching using my white signo pen.

Next, I reached for my stamp stash. I added a sentiment from Unity Stamp Co. "for You".

I hope you enjoyed the E2 project and be sure to check out the rest of the projects that the Sweetsassydiva design team have been working to excite you at http://sweetsassydiva.com

Thank you Pam for allowing me to share my passion with the Tuesday Treats followers!

I hope that you decide to check out my blog and I would love to see you.


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Magic Kingdom Moments

Hello everyone! Allison from Goody Bag Diva here to share a layout for my Disney album - these are some pictures of my daughter taking in the wildlife outside of the Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom.

The details: 

The paper I used is from DCVW Summer Dreams stack and coordinating cardstock - it just went perfectly with the colors in the pictures. I used the font on Designer's Calendar (with the shadow) cut at 1.5 inches and welded together for my title. That particular font is a hidden treasure on that cartridge   - I always forget it is there and then am so happy when I remember!

To create my "ribbon slide" I used the Tag Feature for the castle on Wrap it Up - and then I welded it to a plain tag that I rotated 180 degrees. Voila! A ribbon slide. The cut is a little more than 5 inches when it is all together. For the layer behind it, I just welded two of the plain tags together. The whole cut was another treasure I found by using my Gypsy to do a search for castles. The ribbon was a clearance find and the journaling tag is from Maya Road.

This was an easy layout to put together once all the welding was done - and I am so pleased with the way it came out. Thanks for looking!

June 20, 2011

Wedding Invitations -

Hello Friends,

This is Denine from PumpkinSpice, the wonderful Pam of The Bugbytes is allowing me to share a project today with you.  I hope you enjoy. :)

Today I would like to share the Wedding Invitations I made for my oldest son and his Bride to be.  I think they turned out pretty well and the Bride to be was thrilled, so that makes it all worth it!!  

We made about 200..

Thanks you so much for taking the time to check out my posting today. 

I hope you got a 'smile' out of something you saw or got some inspiration to go do something crafty. 

June 17, 2011


Hello, everyone!!!  It's me, Audrey, again!  Much thanks Pam for having me here for another month as a team designer and, as always, I'm glad to be here to share another project with you.

What I have for you today is a little bath salts project with a matching card.  I call this project "Put It On Display" because these little bath salt envelopes rest in their own little display box.  Here it is:

And here's a picture showing one of the bath salts envelopes outside the display box:

And, of course, you just have to embellish the back and include the directions for it to be well dressed:

This little display box holds 2 envelopes of bath salts (or you can add potpourri, candy, or whatever you like).  It makes an adorable gift, and it's quick and easy!  Here's how you can make it.  First cut out the 2-page cut.file which will be the display box and the envelopes (I have these files available for you for download as a cut or gypsy file on my blog today):

Page 1

Page 2

Once you have cut the box and envelopes, this is what you'll have:

I'm sure you all are familiar with how to fold cut files but, just in case, I'll go through it for you.  Starting with the display box, fold in the outer side tab on the right side of the box, and next fold in the front, back and side panels by aligning the folds with the middle of each tab slit; last fold in each bottom tab.  Below is an example of how the folds will look:

Next fold the side tab upward toward the inside of the box and add adhesive/glue to the front side of the side tab (the side that's facing up); bring over the opposite side panel and adhere the top side of side tab to the back side of the panel.  See example below:

Once you have glued the sides together you will notice part of the side tab protruding over the diagonal edge of the side panel, before completing the display box you will need to snip off the protruding edge aligning it with the diagonal edge as shown below: 

All that's left to do with the box is fold and glue the bottom tabs, saving one of the larger tabs to fold in last:

Now it's time to fold the envelopes for the bath salts.  So easy -- just fold in the side tabs, add glue only to the top of the tabs, and fold the bottom panel up to just along the top of (and aligning with) the panels on each side:

Below I'm showing you that I've added tick-marks so you'll know where to fold the flap down for your bath salt envelope:

And here's your display box and bath salts envelopes:

All that's left for you to do is decorate/embellish them as you'd like, and add whatever you wish inside your envies.  You can even toss in a small matching card using the scraps like I did!  As I added bath salts to my envies, I used about 6 teaspoons of bath salts to each envelope; of course you can use a store-bought brand but I used a very simple and basic recipe.  If you like to use it too, here's how:

Mixall the ingredients together well and allow to dry for 24 hours - 
(All except the oils can be found at your local grocery or drug store. Oils can usually be purchased at a health food or beauty supply store) 
  • 1/2 cup each  Epsom Salt and Sea Salt
  • 3-4 drops of glycerin
  • Several drops of fragrant or essential oil (or spray with your favorite perfume/cologne)
  • Optional:  1-2 drops of food color, if you prefer your salts to have a color 
Because I like a finer and less course bath salt, once the glycerin is dry, I blend it for several seconds in a blender.  That's it!

The cut and gypsy files are available at the end of the post on my blog today, and was designed using the George cartridge.  If you'd like it, click on my name at the top of this post and it is a direct link to my blog.  If you have any comments and/or questions, I'd love to hear from you!

Have fun with this!    I hope you please let me see what you've done with it, and thank you so much for stopping by!!!

I'll be seeing you!