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March 6, 2012

Organizing Your Copic Markers Saves You Time

Today I would like to share a little organizational tip that is sure to save you time! I started buying my Copic Markers a few months ago and now have almost 72 of them! I am so excited as I am taking the Copic Class called Created From Color with Melissa of Melissa Made and Kristie of The Odd Girl teaching. Well I was having a hard time as I bought the little cases for on $5 ($3 if you use the coupon) at Hobby Lobby and put the Copics in by the little 6 pack I bought them in. See Hobby Lobby has them in little 6 packs, you know primary colors, pastels etc. Well I thought that was great and loaded my cases... WRONG! They were just impossible to use.

Well Melissa had suggested I keep them by color groups and WOW what a difference! I took them out and sorted them by the number on the marker and then placed them back in the cases.

What a difference..... all the earth tones are together, the reds, blues, yellows etc making it so much easier to find the colors you are looking for. I love it, just check out these photos....

Earth tones above.

 The yellows and yellow reds. and my blender is on the far right.
 My grays, black, and greens here.
 Then I have my blues and blue greens.
 Blue violets and violets.
Pinks and reds here.... and everything is from the lightest to the darkest  making it very easy to find. I have 2 Copic Marker Hand Color Charts colored in with the markers I have. One I use at home to match colors I want to use and the other I carry in my purse so when I am out shopping I always have my list folded and with me so that I do not purchase duplicates. It is a real time saver. Now also be sure to watch for those Hobby Lobby coupons as I really is nice to get 40% and 50% off Copics just by using a coupon! It really saved me a bundle although I must admit that Icopic.com is wonderful  with competitive pricing and speedy delivery. I will become a regular customer for sure, I had my first order in hand 2 days after I ordered!
Well I sure hope you enjoyed today's little tips and can put a couple to use. If you have any other suggestions please add to the comments for all to learn.
Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments inspire me to continue sharing with you.


papillon digital design said...

What a lovely way to organise. I never knew HL sold these organisers. I will be on the look out. I have my copics stored in the new copics bag but these are great for the other markers and gel pens I have. TFS

Michelle said...

Great idea - have just ordered some ProMarkers, so I will need to get my organising head on :)

Kymberlee - The Mama Midwife said...

I had a few of those organizing moments thinking the aesthetic was more important than the function and when I finally gave up and grouped in colors using the large Copic tote it really WAS so much easier. Now are we going to place a bet on how long it takes you to outgrow one wallet and you have one for EACH color group? heh TFS

Audrey Frelx said...

Great job, Sheila!!!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.