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October 18, 2009

Planning a Wordbook

Creative ideas can hit us Bong!” in our head (from the right side of our brain) at any time or place but to implement these very ideas we need to use the left side of our brain. We need to have a basic roadmap or in the least a starting direction. “Oh my gosh! What is she talking about. Talk in plain English girl and get to wordbooks !” I’m sure that’s going through the minds of lot of people who are reading this. Have patience - getting to it.
Let’s say I want to make a wordbook. O.K, Good job! But..
Question 1- What is the wordbook about?
(Now we’re getting somewhere so let’s say.. )
Answer 1: I want to make a baby book
Snapshot of my left brain :(ha ha - an edited version - spellchecked and de cluttered) : Baby - stroller, pastel colors, paisleys, scalloped, primary colors too - babies gravitate to those, rattles, toys, o.k. brake brake.
Q2- Who’s going to handle the book/who’s the book for? - mom or baby?
A2 - Mom
Snapshot of my LB - Yes ! I don’t need to be ultra careful about edges. I can go with pastel colors - Hmmm.. something soft that reminds me of how I feel when I touch and smell the baby. yes I want a shape for the main frame as a stroller or rattle. Let me just grab my Gypsy. Hmm. stroller in new arrival looks good and I do have that cartridge. That shape allows me to put a small picture inside. Yep! Main frame is going to be a stroller shape. I don’t want to distort the shape so this WB should definitely be Type 1 (if you’re wondering what type 1 is take a look at my previous post. Note: it’s just my categorization.) same size frame in each page ; tab on pages will be - b, a , b ,y and they'll be staggered. O.k. when the idea is fresh in my mind let me grab get my gypsy and design and after cutting the chipboard let me worry about picking the colors, pages and other elements.
(Phew!! Writing all that down!! Talk about light speed.)
Each question and answer is a clue which brings us one step closer to our objective, solidifying our thoughts and shaping the final look of the wordbook.
So going from there where this path lead me was-
Type 1 WB . Main Frame a stroller shape, tabs staggered - letters b, a, b, y about 1 - 1.5 inch. Color choice - Analogous color theme to give a soft feeling and flow. I want soft green ( neutral color both for boys and girls) , blue and pink . Additional pages (only stroller frames) to add more photos, tags, journal etc. Of course I will try to pay attention to the principles and elements of design and come up with a passable WB. (Will discuss the principles and elements in later posts.) I am in the process of completeing this WB and making the video. Will edit and put up the videos and pictures within this week.


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