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October 25, 2009

Pros and Cons of Cricut Gypsy for new buyer or user

updated on dec 27, 2009 
When one of my friend asked me to email me the pros and cons of gypsy I made this list. Just thought that I would add it here for the rest in case they need it. I will also post a copy on my blog for future use. if I have left out anything please do add. Hope it helps a someone. 
disclaimer *I want to stress that this is just the pros and cons as relates to me *

Gypsy - Build 0158 


  1. Easier to design with the touch screen and can design anywhere and at anytime. As the as says it's in the palm of your hand. To quote a user" It's therapeutical"
  2. Can store all cartridges so makes it easy to take to crop - more portable than lugging all the cartridges and also can replace the jukebox- this means also using all my cartridges in one design without having to swap the cartridges in cricut or jukebox
  3. Comes loaded with two cartridge - one font - Gypsy font and one shape - Gypsy wanderings (and u get reward points for these two )
  4. Can now after the latest update transfer files to and fro between gypsy and DS (though don't know how mac users will manage this. also you need full DS and not trial version for this)
  5. Has a multi page option now like DS
  6. Can Weld - we need not glue down each tiny pieces in a word - creative possibilities endless as we can join images together.
  7. Welding flipped images now possible
  8.  Grouping images possible so can apply parameters like size changing etc to a whole bunch of images in one go.
  9. Copy and paste a whole group of image possible and can now copy across page (to copy across page - select the image and then go to the new page and tap the copy/paste button). CDS(design studio) users will find this very useful 
  10. Can get accurate effects with numpad/10key feature in controlling sizing, rotation, kerning and placement (x and y axis)
  11. Mac users can use the gypsy (depending on your Cricut firmware - you still might need PC to update your Cricut for the first time)
  12. Virtual mat (like in CDS) makes it easy to lay different papers on a single mat thus saving paper and cutting layers also in one go.
  13. Keyword search brings up the images on the keyboard layout
  14. Keypad layout now brings the cartridge as help bubble when you tap on it and hold
  15. pressing zoom button and then selecting image buttons on keypad now zooms it up to full size though the creative feature buttons still don't have help bubble telling their function.
  16. Image can now go out of the mat and is not only visible but can even cut the partial image.
  17. It has a new photo application though is more just like a digital photo album  and the photos cannot be brought to the mat.
  18. Cartridges are now categorized by all, linked and used (i.e gives the cartridges used in a design) so designing now is easy.

  1. Once cartridge is linked it’s permanent and it can be done only once (in the cartridge’s lifetime) to just one gypsy (but cartridge can be reused on any Cricut as it is as it does not get erased) - so resale value of cartridge if any (not quite sure that we can sell - check EULA for this) - but if you can then you have to disclose that it can’t be linked to any gypsy
  2. Policy restriction about selling a gypsy. Please read EULA (end license agreement)
  3. Even though settings can be changed for left handers users say it is not completely left hand friendly. For e.g according to one of the users when you scroll through lists you still have to put your left hand over to the right and doing this makes the wrist cover up the screen.
  4. No help bubble to name the creative feature in the keypad layout. Have to refer the book.
  5. Even though multipage option is now possible - it opens up as a template (you can of course press preview to suppress the template) and since there is no way to turn it off (ie be selective) the mat gets way too chaotic by the time you reach page 5.
  6. Cutting time of welding image is proportional to the number of welded image in a mat and also the size of a mat
  7. No autofill feature/fit to page/fit to length but workaround possible by copy/paste and sizing features.
  8. Hide and contour not possible like in DS.
  9. Keyword database not complete. Some cartridges's images do not show up on the database
  10. Battery life ? Can it be replaced by provocraft? How long will it last?
  11. The power cord doesn't go all the way in when charging and hangs out. User can easily when trying to press it in make the pin fall inside the device as the pin inside does not seem to stand sturdy. (it has happened to more than one user)
  12. The device is temperamental at best. Quality  is poor when compared to the cost. Many a G's have been known to freeze while updating or even randomly and has to be sent back to the manufacturer and this process is lengthy if you have linked your cartridges. 
  13. The Gypsy has also been known to interfere and mess up the cricut while updating the cricut and rendering the cricut useless. 
  14. Each updates done by the company has so far brought more problems with it.
So the pros seem better but getting a working G itself is like a luck of the draw. If its working right then it's a nice device to have. But I live forever in fear when the Gypsy might die out on me .Will it be the next file or the next update?

***Note: For new users
Mercy from cricut gypsy messageboard has a thread which tells you to how to update and install. Here's the link


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