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October 10, 2009

My Cricut settings chart

When using the Cricut with different materials to get optimum results I found that it helped making a chart of the settings and pasting it on my studio wall above my cricut.
I collected the various settings from websites and also from my own personal experience.
So here is the chart I have up on my studio wall.

Settings from Cricut Website
 0.35”/0.80mm  - deepcut blade - speed med, pressure max, blade depth 6 and multicut 4
0.0155”/0.40mm - standard blade - speed med, pressure max, blade depth 6 and multicut 2
* adhesive backing is repositionable. cover the rest of piece back again.
.059”/0.40mm - deepcut blade - speed med, pressure high, blade depth 6 and multicut 5
0.0415”/1.05mm - deepcut blade - speed med, pressure high, blade depth 4 or 5 and multicut 1
Embossing folder
0.0160”/0.41mm - standard blade - speed med, pressure max, blade depth 6 and multicut 2
Iron on fabric
0.023”/0.58mm - standard blade - speed med, pressure high, blade depth 5 and multicut 1
* add iron on transfer to regular fabric set with iron before cutting.
Settings from experience and gleaned from other cricut users
Chipboard settings
A new blade and mat work best
For thicker board like Grafix medium weight I use a old mat which I haven’t discarded then attach it using atg gun and then cut. (have to muticut 8 times)
 .022- this is like a med-heavy cardstock, blade:5-6, pressure:max,
speed: 4, multi cut:2
.024- think cereal box- same as .022, if clay coated, multi cut:3
.028- IDEAL for cricut usage! blade:6, pressure:max, speed: 4-5
multi cut:4
Grafix medium weight chipboard - deepcut blade, speed high, pressure - max, multicut - 8
(to multicut 8 times load mat - multicut with setting 4 then without unloading the mat  press load again and then repeat last)
Paper & speeds
Thin paper -speed  low , blade depth - 3 , pressure - low to medium and multicut 1
Cardstock -speed  low, blade depth - 3, pressure - medium to high, multicut 1
Thicker Cardstock -speed low, blade depth - 3 or 4 , pressure - high or max
kiss cut (i.e not cutting the adhesive backing )
blade depth - 6
speed - 3
pressure 3
Cricut Dan’s recommended setting for vinyl - deep cut blade (angle is important so can also use the deep blade in green housing) , blade depth 4, speed med and pressure medium.

Shrinky dinks
Pressure set to 5
Speed set to 5
Depth set to 5
Multi-Cut set to twice

lots of people ask me where I buy my chipboards from . I get it from either
uline - 12 x 12 and 0.022 thickness - here's the link http://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-7909/Pads/12-x-12-x-022-Chipboard-Pads

or if I need just a small amount from
ckresale 0 here's that link http://www.ckresale.com/

** you have permission to copy and use for personal use. Do not upload to your website but you can link my blog to yours.


Brendabee said...

Thanks Pam for your information concerning updating the "G". I did have to uninstall the Gypsy Syn and then install new data. Extremely good information. Will try cutting a design tomorrow. Merry Christmas.

Paula said...

I just purchased the cricut expression and bought chipboard and tried the multi cut 4 and went back over it again as mentioned . Well my 1st go round it skipped and no luck , so I couldn't even begin to think what was goin wrong? Any suggestions?

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I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.