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December 29, 2009

Episode 14 - Cricut Gypsy - Basics - Reseting your Gypsy & more

This is once again a basic video on the Gypsy. This video is on how to reset your Gypsy and also shows you how to calibrate the gypsy .
I have already written in previous post - way back on how to reset the gypsy and cricut.
Link to the post is here
So here is the video (only for the Gypsy and not the cricut). My build is 0158 so you will see 3 icons in the application launcher. But since this was pulled many of you will see only 2 icons on yours for some time till they get the update right.


Cindy said...


Thank you for all your tips. I just got my G for Christmas and have learned alot from you. I come to your site everyday to learn more things about the G. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Pam~Thank you so much! I am thrilled with your videos!

scrappy critters said...

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this video! I cannot tell you how it saved me! I went to use my gypsy and it froze up on me and I was completely panicked! Loved your video and it re-set PERFECTLY!!! You are the best! ♥Tammy

Tersia said...

Thx Pammie - good as always! I wonder if you can help me. All of a sudden - when I switch on my Gypsy the 3 icons appear. I press on cricut icon, then i want to scroll down my cartridges .... when i press the left hand button in order to se list of cartridges it took me back to the 3 icons at startup! I've unplug and restart several times with no success. Appreciate your advice in this matter!

papillon digital design said...

Tersia - you have to run troubleshoot sweetie. Choose yes to troubleshoot and yes to the 2nd option and try that 2 times. If that does not solve then you have to say yes to 3rd option and this will reset your G to factory settings and you have to relink all your cartridges again. Check this link http://www.thebugbytes.com/2010/11/cricut-sync-troubleshoot-for-gypsy.html

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