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December 25, 2009

Gypsy tips - Ungrouping just a single image from a bunch of grouped images

Grouping is one of the main plus points in Gypsy. It's so easy now to just select a bunch of object and perform a single action on them. In CDS if you want a bunch of objects copied  to another page then you have to select each one individually  copy and then paste on another page. But here - as long as it's grouped  - wham ! just a single action.
Well if you look at Grouping carefully as soon as you group you cannot just leave it at that. Grouping needs another action to come out of that mode or complete the picture if you will. Try it yourself. Let's experiment. Randomly select 3 objects. To get a clearer picture - do not select in a single line in the keypad overlay (white box at the top) as this will make it automatically  grouped for you. We don't want that now. But instead select an image - go to the mat tap elsewhere - come back to keypad and select another image and do the same and then select another. Now you have 3 ungrouped images. Now press group and select all three and try tapping outside to get back your nudge keys - you will be stuck as you cannot get your nudge keys back. This means the action is not complete. To get out of the mode you atleast have to press preview. You have to press any other key .Is this a fault? No - since grouping is done so that you have to do something else to the image - anything weld, kern, rotate etc.
Now for the tip
Now after pressing preview twice (once to get out of group and once to get out of preview) just select one image in the group till that turns purple and press copy/paste. That image will also be blue as it is automatically grouped. 
And suppose you do not want that image only to be in a group. And you do not want to ungroup all the rest . How do you do that? 
Maybe you have spent hours over a complicated design and then mistakenly added another image in the image queue and it's grouped too and you don't want that ? Is there a way other than just deleting the image or just ungrouping and then cumbersomely grouping everything back together? Wouldn't that be a nightmare?  So what do you do?
Very simple. Tap out on the mat where it's clear and tap on the group button and just tap on the image you want ungrouped - it'll turn red (if the rest are welded) or black . Now just press preview to get out of grouping mode. Press preview again to get out of preview mode now and come back to the mat. Now you will have a set of grouped images and another ungrouped single image. You can check by tapping on the bunch of images - only those will be in blue and not the single image - Lo and behold you have just ungrouped one image from the bunch.
You can also press group again to get out of the group mode but in this case I wanted to avoid doing it for confusion
Hope that tip was useful...


Britta said...

I just got my Gypsy today and already appreciate your blog to help me learn the tricks more quickly. Here's a trick for you. When you group your images and want to get out of the group mode, you can press the group button a second time. Since there's a separate ungroup button, this doesn't effect your grouped objects - just ends the group action. This is faster than switching to advanced mode, and clicking preview twice. Thanks again for sharing all your hard work.

Michele said...

AH HA!!! This is very useful indeed! Thank you so much!!!

Chinajo said...

I've had my Gypsy for a while and having really played with it much now that I'm ready to I am happy you have these tips. Thanks Pam

Anonymous said...

Just got my Gypsy yesterday. Loving having these tips. It's been so very useful.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.