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December 2, 2009

Santa collage

I entered a contest. Phew! Never again will I do something like this again as it is too time consuming. I have not put up the file for this as it's nothing great and you can easily do the same. One thing I really liked is the perfect pearls. It really glows and with the lights on it really jazzes up.
here's the picture

And here are the instructions

Cartridge used:
Gypsy Font, Gypsy Wanderings, Christmas Solutions

12 x 12 cardstock papers  -  1 black, 1 white, 1 pattern (from K & Y) Life’s Journey
Perfect Pearls
Perfect Ink Refresher
Brush to apply Perfect medium
Water and mist spray
White glitter
Adhesive - pop dots, zip glue (or strong acid free liquid glue)
And of course the Gypsy and Cricut

You can use another dark pattern paper for Santa but I preferred to use the perfect medium to get the iridescence, so that with lights on it will  really shine. Weld the Santa (CS), sleighs (shadow feature from CS) and the letters T, O, T, O, W, N (GF) in the gypsy. Then cut with black 12 x 12 cardstock. Also in the same file add letters H,O, H, O, H, O (GF - you can wed if you want) . In the next page of the gypsy file using the Santa template as guide weld together snowflakes(GW) to form beard. Add a reindeer (GW) and resize near the pompom of Santa’s  cap. Weld together mistletoes (CS) and an ornament(CS) to form Santa’s nose and beard. Also add 2 heart(GW) and a musical note(GW) sizing it to form the eyes and brows .Weld letters (from GF) S, A, N, T, A together; C, L, A, U, S together; I, S together and C, O, M, I, N, G together resizing and arranging to go in the cap area of Santa. Also add the sleighs (CS) regular keeping it one or two size smaller than the ones in previous page in Gypsy file. Cut all this in white cardstock.
Take the black Santa cutout and spray it with perfect ink refresher and work it in. With a brush apply the different perfect pearls trying to add more of the reds near the cap and blues near the beard. After you finish applying spray with a water very lightly to set. Allow it to dry (you can also hasten the process with heat tool ).
Add glitter and stickles to the white pieces and allow to dry. Stick it on the black Santa base in the respective places using zip glue and pop dots to give dimension (Caution: a strong glue is needed to stick the pieces on top of perfect medium. You might also need to apply  on the back of the pop dots to make it stick). Then glue the black decorated Santa to the pattern paper of your choice. I have used pop dots to give more dimension. Add the stickled words HO HO HO in it with tiny pop dots. Apply some more stickles to the background if you want. You can mat it and add to a frame (which I have not done yet) and put it up on the fireplace mantle during Christmas time.


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