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December 6, 2009

Some awesome websites for software learning

After scrapbooking (and that was after getting a cricut 6 months ago) I saw that I was way behind computer wise. Shame on me!

I am not that much impressed with the company ie Provocraft mind you as their instructions on their products leave a lot to be desired though their products are nice. Maybe it's because of just this that we learn more as we  explore more. So I went fishing.Well not for real :) ... I am a veggie.. and also can't watch fishes being hooked and struggling... I went exploring in the internet world.

 On one of those explorations I went searching for videos - found pinkstampers - wow - learnt about cricut. Then searched about DS and found www.learningthecricutds.com. And then searching for SCAL ( a software like DS but with this we can cut almost any solid image or fonts) found that I did not know anything about SVG - which means scalable vector graphics. My bulb fused. After replacing that - ha ha decided I needed a update. So google my life saver got me two sites www.lynda.com/ & www.vtc.com/. Saw some free lessons and decided that even though lynda has less number of tutorials it suited my style more as the instructions were not cold and business like and had more artist tutors. Great so I joined and am I learning. It's thanks to this website http://www.lynda.com that I am making videos and began playing with my digital photos
Then comes my gypsy and what can I say... If  DS had less instructions then this one - Have to borrow some curses from TinTins  - Captain Haddock - " Billions and billions of blue blistering barnacles!*##**!!!" & "Thousand thundering typhoons!!**##*!!!!". I just love these comics along with Asterix.

Anyway there I go and before you know it start a blog, make videos and become so addicted to the Gypsy MB. Would you believe that I never visited the cricut MB before this in all the time I had cricut (theat long 6 months :) and here I am with a Gypsy and in one day and night I start a blog and put up video. I am crazy!!!
Well without further ado - one of the most sweetest ladies on MB - yes our very own Myamagoo suggested after I appreciated her blog and asked her questions to check out a website called http://www.jessicasprague.com/.  Gosh! I just love this site. This site is made for scrabookers who want to learn digital or hybrid scrapbooking focussing mainly on photoshop and some photography with photoshop. Another website which I like with monthly downloads and videos is http://www.scrappersguide.com/. This site was recommended in Scrapbook memories TV.
So these are the 3 sites I am learning from - lynda.com , jessicasprague.com and scrappersguide.com . And a disclaimer here - I am just a student here and I am sure they do not even know I exist apart from being a paying customer/student and I do not get any benefits ( hey would I even get a coupon for this??? cool. Oops sorry that was just my inner de... speaking.I just squashed it - don't worry :) ).

Anyway just sharing info. If you are interested you can jump along and join me.


Jessica Sprague said...

Ha! Don't think we don't see ya! ;) And appreciate the shout out, for sure! :D Thank you!

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.