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December 26, 2009

Trying to handle frozen G's and unsuccessful G updates

updated on dec 27 2009
First of all a disclaimer
I am not a PC employee and this is just a collective info from earlier posts in what was successful during those earlier updates. Some steps maybe risky to your computer so following these steps is entirely upto you .Always better to have a computer savvy person by your side when doing some of the steps. Best option is to reset try and then to call PC . Nobody is forcing you to do this 
I've tried to make a list here for you to cross check and troubleshoot. 
First before starting your G should have be on and in the settings screen when you connected the G to Gypsy sync and then you would run the gypsy sync for successful update to occur. Also preferably with the G connected to ac power cord and almost fully charged for you never know how long the update will take. [:D]Whew! wasn't that a long sentence. Taking a deep breath here to continue. Now to go to my check list which actually is just a list of what others have done before which led them in having a successful update:

  1. First use the stylus reset to unfreeze the G and power off (check my earlier posts for the resets of both cricut and G). Then go ahead and do the other G reset too. (totally safe) This is the only thing which unfreezes the G. If your G does not go past the initial screen rest of the steps are moot anyway as you need the G on and in the initial settings screen to proceed. So the rest of the steps are just for G being recognised by the G sync 
  2. Fully charge your G - some have advised to allow it to drain and then recharging. (safe -what u got to loose - oh wait - maybe power wastage)
  3. Check if your OS is blocking/interfering with Gypsy sync some how. Most of the problems are cropping with windows and not mac and that too windows 7 or vista. (safe - what's the harm in checking) 
  4. Check antivirus program is interfering with G. ( risky - anytime you lower a defense - wham - enemy strikes can occur - so see if this is worth it? But best of luck calling PC as they ask you to do this) 
  5. So uninstall Gypsy sync; reboot your computer; turn both off (firewall and any antivirus or any security  device that may block the G sync) and then reinstall G sync and then try again. (very risky to yor computer but the g sync guy may be happy) 
  6. Check if you have administrator privileges while doing this. This was the main culprit in previous updates. You can right click gypsy sync and choose run as and then choose the option as administrator (or user with that privelege). If that still does not work  restart your computer and running as admistrator run the G sync (totally risk free as most of the program ask this - to rule u need to be a the guy) 
  7. And lastly but not the least check if you are using the right USB port. It should be a data transfer port as you're using USB type 2.0 cable. See your computer's manual if necessary to check this.( [:D] Simpler way is also to plug into each USB port to check). (totally safe)
The G is a temperamental creature. This being just my checklist and not PC if you have hubbies, friends or anyone you know who are computer experts please rope them in. Give these people extra love and gifts if necessary :) - don't let them go and have them by your side. :)
If all this fails it's time to call PC.


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