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December 28, 2009

What has caused the problem with the frozen G's?

I racked and racked my brain and re read all the posts of those who have frozen G's
It's frozen because the g sync got interrupted somehow. That's for sure But why did it get interrupted? The OS were all different and were compatible. Most were first time users or returned only after some time
All were running as administrators. Many programs ask the firewall to be down while installing a new program. So if your are doing it for the first time obviously it's better that firewall be down. And hopefully they were doing it too while running G sync.
So the only other thing which can affect or interrupt the G sync - is the browser
IE has been having some problems lately especially IE 7 and IE 8.
So before updating try to download google or firefox. Make that your default browser. Add cricut .com as a trusted site (can be done from tools or options or wrench - in the top task bar ).

It's either this or the giant leap across build/update that the G has to make (first time users are jumping all the way from 1st build to 0155 in one go) that is freezing up our poor birdbrained G

If you already have a frozen G seems like only PC can unlock it for you. 
For the rest try to do it this way and choose a time to update when PC is open so that you can call instead waiting through the holidays.


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