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August 14, 2010

New Gypsy update - Content only - 0201

This is a content only update (Friday or Thursday evening). So the first part in the G settings screen build will be still 0191 (firmware portion) while the 2nd part after the slash is 0201
Since this is a content only there is still no Celebrate with Flourish.
New cartridges (we already had MS cake cartridges and the rest in previous updates) from this update

  1. Boys will be boys
  2. Creative Memories Cheerful season
  3. Creative Memories Reminisce Accents
  4. Christmas cards
  5. Christmas Village
  6. Thanksgiving
Well thankfully since it is a content only update 90% ok. with G one never knows. But atleast with nowadays especially with the content updates - update have gone from Russian Roulette to being just some thorns in the ..

Sheesh! I cannot keep track of these cartridges anymore. I had to edit post as I added christmas cheer on the list. That shows how many cartridges there are and they are merging together in  my brain .
No it does not mean I am old or loosing memory.. (maybe an occassional lapse here and there ;)
I switched to Simply Renee system of  keeping cartridges and just finished cataloging them and scanning the backk of the boxes (well 100% cataoging and 50% scanningdone) so I do know all cartridges I have so memory is not a problem  . It's just these cartridges.
As if these are not already a problem we now have another machine which will create more problems!!!!Imagine That!!!
I need to go to a Cricut  Cartridge Desert ( th one which is spelled with only one S and not two )


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I don't even open my books from the carts after the first little look. I do print from the Cartridge library a letter size sheet of the images and keep a notebook on that as it is easier than all the little books. Hope that can help someone.

Ohhh Snap said...

Thanks for the info :D. I'm still a little gunshy when it comes to updates, and I only do them Monday to early Friday lol.

flowerdisco said...

I was just planning to get the handbooks out and get some kind of handy storage for them since my library has outgrown its place. I am going to have to put the boxes somewhere else but accessible just in case I need the cartridges.
Maybe I should copy the pages and have them in a binder like Sassy.
Which one is Renee's system? TIA

Ohh Snap, I do too wait for the business hours to do updates, just in case :D

Barb Craft said...

There is just so much to keep track of and soooo many cartridges!! I love Sheila's idea... I hate having all those mini book out!!
Barb :)

Dakota Bear said...

I have my carts, booklets and overlays store on the Renee Clip-it-Up system on the top ring and all the Cricut supplies on the base ring. All the boxes I presently have as decoration on the top of a high book shelf in my scrap/computer/library room. I printed all the image pages at their largest zoom possible and put them on snap ring. I hang that as well on the base ring of the Clip-it-Up.

Jeanene said...

I would love to learn more about the system you are using for your carts which requires scanning them. I was thinking of seeing if I can scan them into my Motodroid phone to have for a reference when I am out shopping. How do you use the Simply Renee system for carts? Thanks for your willingness to share and help us newbies :) Jeanene

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