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August 2, 2010

Nunanuna Nunanuna - Batman!

Hello Everyone - this is Amy from redwolfscraps.com.  Thank you again Pam for the chance to be a guest designer.  The Cartridge fo the month is Just Because Cards - but since mine is in the mail - Thanks Ebay! - I asked Pam if I could cover the Batman cartridge instead.  My little boy has reached a major milestone in life - he is FIVE!  Were you aware that there are so many amazing new things a little boy can do when the turn 5?  On his actual birthday my mom took him on his first airplane ride all the way to Texas to spend a week with her...the funniest reaction is when he called me after the landed..."Mommy - Im in Texas - and Im still 5!"

Ok enough proud mommy rambling and onto the project at hand.  We made invitations from the cartridge along with the cooredinating envelopes...they were pretty intecrete and my the end (and a few adult beverages) my BFF Claire and I had created a few shortcuts (her son was born 8 days after mine so we have done joint bday parties for the past 2 years).

Due to the qty we had to make I set up the tabs in the gypsy per paper color.  I bought the primary pack of 8-1/2" x 11" Recollections.  I really like the new hide contour feature, I was able to use it on the "yellow" tab.  There cut has a polygon and part of the belt, I was able to hide/rotate/weld so that the belt cut out of the "covered" part of the polygon and could squeeze a lot more pieces on a sheet of paper. 
Also by setting up the colors we could cut and start and assembly line. The base card was cut at 4.5, the enevelope was also cut at 4.5 and fit perfectly. 
The dark shadow part of batman was the hardest part - the nose, eyebrow and some of the accent peices were just too small...it would have been ok for one...but we made like 20! 
By the end we just left some of those off and you couldnt really tell.  I didnt think to make pictures of the assembly line (like I said adult beverages were involved) but here is the completed project!

I also made gift bags with Batman and Green Lantern (I thought it was Robin...but was promptly corrected by my now all knowing 5 year old!)  I got the bags 2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.  I measured the height of each bag and settled on 9" tall...everything worked really well - so I dont know that I would suggest much smaller than that or you might need a magnifing glass and tiny tweezers!! 
The last thing I wanted to share was a pic of the "Birthday Boys" (mine is on the right in the orange shirt) and their cake.  Claires friend Erica made it...now if only we had the cricut cake...think of the possibilites!!! (PS...we only picked the hottest day in North Carolina to have the party - heat index was 115!!)
I still want to try the 3-D figures...


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