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August 6, 2010

Sweet Dreams

It is my turn at Shes a Sassy Lady. Thank you Sassy for having me in your blog.
And this time my project is a simple card which I made for my son to keep in his room as he just wanted mommy to make him a card
I have not cut the envelope out as he didn't want to waste paper. Isn't he so considerate? But I have included the envelope in the gypsy file (which will be on my blog under gypsy files ). The envelope as in the case of my previous project will not fit 12 x 12 and so I made that extra piece about 2-3" which will be found in the 1st page of the gypsy file to coordinate with the card
Here is the trifold card

I added coordinating brads and tied a string for closure. The green paper is from K&Company (12x12)and the inside blue dark one is from DCWV pocket full of Posies(8x8)
I changed the design a bit in the gypsy file which I have shared as I did not like the triangle cut into the back too. The swan and cloud are cut out of adhesive backed felt which are just about 40 or 49c .
Did you see that this card is Bare. Only adornment is stickles and the brad. Absolutely no Bling.Wow! That's a rare one for me. But sometimes you do not need any and this was one of those. I took care in sizing the swan so that it could peek out of the tiny diamond.

The card when opened

The cartridges used are Picturesque(card base, swan) , Create a Critter(phrase, cloud and lake) and Plantin for the envelope). I have used the blister package which the cartridge comes in for the window. I always save my blister packs. I cut them so that they lay flat for storage and get rid of the corners. See how useful they are. The felt was cut 3 times. As the past update gave me a little trouble with multicut I decided not to waste the felt so what I did for 3 is return to design and cut. Oh and the felt paper slips of the mat and does not stick so I just counted squares in the gypsy and then cut the felt out and removed the backing and stuck it to the mat. Adhesive on adhesive backed things like felt, magnet, foil etc come easily off the mat when you are done.
The lake and the sweet dreams was cut with a blue paper but i wanted t add some white to it and also to the felt which wasn't white enough for me so I used what I had - Arches liquid paper but you can use any acrylic white paint. I brushed the inside of the word and added white highlights to water and white on the felt and cloud. Then stickled it.
Here is the Gypsy file page 1

Now here is the Glitch. This was the file where when I went back I discovered it. I designed this file as soon as I got my picturesque cartridge and completely forgot about that and the other day when I was going through this ( yep - no mojo - so have to rely on past creations) stumbled upon it. My the things I stumble upon are hilarious. Well.. maybe not as hilarious as what my family stumble upon and curse me  loud (ha ha - Books scattered across the whole house).
To read that post - http://www.thebugbytes.com/2010/06/sigh-small-glitch-with-this-update.html & video

So now coming to the point "Do not move the card image at all on the gypsy file unless you switch o the larger 12 x 24 mat"
oops! Did I screamwrite?
Sorry just reminding you.. else you will have to place the card back or just close the file without saving and re open it unless you move to a larger mat like this

The lower portion of the mat is for the envelope as I mentioned.
2nd page for shadow

3rd page

I  deleted the phrase and then cut just the other images with felt and did not save the file (make sure you have already saved the file earlier when  if you make a new file and cut immediately as you design). Then reopened the file to cut sweet dreams. Alternately you can move it out of the mat and cut or even delete and press undo though undo will work only one step. Better to save the file earlier for with any mistakes you can go back.
Oh! create a critter does not have shadow feature for the whole phrase so I had to resort to free hand sketching inside the word with white.

Finally the envelope which is about 3 inches shorter and to which you can attach an extra piece.

So that's the project for today. My son barely allowed me to photograph it before he snatched it off my hands and kept it in his room (sans the envelope which I did not cut.)

Have I made you all sleepy with the lonn..........gggg  post
ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. Sweet Dreams to you then..


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