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November 2, 2010

cricut sync troubleshoot for Gypsy

Since cricut sync now is for gypsy too
Here are the snap shots for troubleshoot when only G is connected
(remember to keep your G connected to AC power as you do not want the G running out of juice as these things take time)
Note question 1 and 2 in G sync has been merged so for cartridge problems there is only 1 question and for application problem there is anther question.Again do application only if there is a problem with application and as this sets everything back to factory settings you will have to re update and relink all cartridges.
(note cartridge however has the G serial number written on it and still can link only to this gypsy)

Initially to run cricut sync

If it fails to run properly the first time uncheck the protect box and run and try . Remember to check it back again when you open another program. Not safe otherwise.

Once you connect G

Then it checks updates and since mine is updated

Pressing ok will bring me to this screen

And choosing help

choose troubleshoot

Obviously since you have problem choose yes  - no will take you back to the project screen.

Question 1)

If the problem is with cartridge like car decal not written right or something tells you that maybe the cartridge is not written right then choose this option and it will rebuild the cartridge meta data
saying yes

No  to question 1 ie are you missing cartridges
will take you to the next screen for
Question 2)
application (note question 1 & 2 in G sync is just 1 here after answering yes to troubleshoot of course - that does not count)

and yes will take you to

And this will reformat your G. So choose this answer with care. But sometimes when you zoom , search etc and it keeps jumping to welcome screen then you have no option but to choose this


cricut software said...

the screen shots really help. it's easier to learn with pictures not just text,and with your help we won't be pulling our hair out, thanks.

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Love it! Very, very cute

Anonymous said...

Thank you! My day was saved. Over the weekend, I downloaded update but when completed, I could not access any of my cartridges. After trying repeatedly, I thought for sure I had a warranty issue and had to send in for repair. After a Monday morning on hold with cricut
I was later told to watch for an update where I could address this issue. Yours was the best.
Now off to more designing. Thank you-Christy

Jana said...

I followed you till the last screen shot. When it tells me that they recommend I reinstall the Gypsy software I clicked yes and nothing happens.

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.