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November 2, 2010

I was inspired by the Harvest  Maiden picture I googled. See that stress on the word I. Obviously my younger son who was wants to lie down in bed beside me and read to give me company WAS NOT. All he could say was she is creepy. Well I did not think so.
It is my turn today at Tuesday Treats....
Now you all know that my back is gone for tossers the past week right? And so I have limited supplies. which my son was kind enough to get me. One of that was copic markers. My Imagine was also down. Still waiting for some cartridges but till then limited supply. But my  Gypsy was updated - Sometimes there is real blessing in having old technology :) and thank heavens to my XP and 32 bit - it updated!! So I made 2 cards - the pumpkin for October challenge and this. I cut out of cream cardstock - which I prefer when coloring as the slight cream color gives warmth to a picture. If I want real white then I can always use opaque marker.
As to cartridges used - keyword search and whatever I liked in the way of fruit got in. I also searched for wreath and added one in. Face - paper doll.
So I set cut only in settings - connected the G and cut. G shows Imagine connected and then
paper barely cut through
So I set blade depth to full 6  and went to Imagine - added some image from best friends - in the mat set the pressure to 5 ie max an speed to 4 (does not matter as the imagine like cake behaves with the G). And then tried the G - no communicating message. Grrr.. So I switched off checked for loose contact (only thing remotely loose was my brain :) ) and switched on without the Imagine cartridge and this time the thing went smoothly. So I cut and colored and glued and doodled. No bling!!! Just a cherry ribbon I had got from Michaels and never taken upstairs. Oh and the label  or frame and the flowers on the frame ? Well I tested a couple of frames from best friends to see if inside cuts so I just used ( 2- of same pink one reversed for main image and other right side printed up for the inside of the card. I snipped flowers from a different frame - green one. I think they are frompage 21 and 22)
See never give up your scissors (or using it) just because you get  some expensive machines. The always come handy.
Now the card itself is an easel card which is pretty simple to do but watch out for some boo boos
Score the card in half and score the front again - anywhere you want (preferably within half mark - from the opening end - not the folded end) and apply glue to only this area
Then make sure the front panel is exactly the same size as the folded card ( ie if you have folded a 5 1/2  X 8 1/2 then the folded card is 5 1/2  X 4 1/4so panel is also 51/2 X 4 1/4th) .
What am I saying?...
This should be better

Now my little boo boo which I had to correct -  I had the brilliant idea of making the green panel a quarter inch smaller and did just that and stuck it directly instead of cutting same size panel and I had lower portion with black outline an upper just green without back shadow.Oops!So removed the green - cut black - glued green on it and then on to the card (see the pic above and apply glue only to the folded glue area)

Here is the card

Printed a sentiment in word and adjusted the font size till it fit in that imagine test frame I had printed

My son still says face is nice mom but kind of weird having fruits on her hair.
Now don't you dare - and I mean DARE!!! agree with him - Don't you even think and more over no COMMENTS SAYING THAT!!
Hey!! Did you just...            :)


Claudia said...

She is NOT Weird with fruit in her hair. She is adorable~

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Tell your son I really like it too! Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Linda Kaiser said...

I love your card! Thanks for all your help on the MB.


Jodie R said...

Very cute! She looks great with fruit for hair.

Donna said...

Really sweet face ---- fruit or not. Really I think it is a wonderful card and your coloring is beautiful. Thanks

Donna C.

Michele said...

I love her! Your son is still young, and can learn to appreciate such art! :)

Kathryn said...

ROFLOL!!! My daughter just looked at it and said almost the exact same thing. I had to leave the room for a minute cause I was laughing to hard. Now I will admit my little one is 10, and didn't see the heading for this post. It was just the look on her face and the "mom does this lady know that people do have real hair not fruit hair?" I did finally explain and she then said "Ok, then it is pretty."

I think the card is beautiful and love the framed sentiment as well. TFS


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