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November 3, 2010

Imagine - Adding images from Imagine cartridges and update sizing error

 Oh Oh - Yet another post by me today?
Sorry Denine! But this one I promised a MB member I will do. And if I do not post my addled brain tends to forget and this is something which may help another person too. So

Now first let me share a cool thing I found which probably you all already know.
I know - I know - dumb right? But I got to play with Imagine just now.  All in all I have spent about 2 hours with it and in that 1 and half have gone just for updating. My back is still toss
Now when you add an image from Imagine and you want to layer it and change the colors instead of individually going and changing each layer and adding - you just have to go to the first image and edit and add and all get added to the image queue
How stupid was I  - editing each and every image
 here are the pics

That's the image I want to add

Once I select that  I first want to layer it. Right now it is combined. But edit will still show you layers as you can change the colors. But it will get combined and still cut in one single piece

Just showing the relative size button .Note it is white

Now I have the layer button on it will cut each layer shown . I have now changed the size to 5.3

Note the green box around the 2nd image (and of course the 1st image gets selected as it is layers so it will be also green) but the size here remains 5.3 without me having to change - very important as you will see later with ordinary cartridge what the glitch is

3rd image now has green box ie 2nd layer of the image and note again the size

Now I make sure I just select the 1st image and then click on it and then choose + and see how both layers have been added

Now if I want to delete sometimes without zoom feature there yet it is difficult to grab so instead go back by pressing back and delete from image queue by pressing backspc just like in G

And now to show how this update has fixed the sizing issue in only the Imagine cartridges (caused by the last sync version or something)

If I change the relative size in one layer of the image - I have set it to 3.8

the other remains the same ie 3.8 without getting resetted (wow isn't reset itself the past tense :) )

Now let's compare the cricut original cartridge - our friend the nifty fifty.  why do I have this cartridge ? I was only born in nifty sixty so gaiety eighty will make more sense.
But that is rather beside the point :)
So without  comments to intersperse the pics. Note how in each layer it gets reset to 2.0. And of course original cartridges do not have combined. S it gets painful as if you want the layers to align then you have to note the height you set which itself is painful changing as there is no way to key in numbers but you have to use the up and down arrow key


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I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.