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November 3, 2010

My Imagine update fiasco!! ahh Story

That was such a beauiful cards by Denine wasn't it. My with limited supplies what this girl can do.
Now why is she creating when she is travelling? I tend to tune off but guess I carry food an am worried about that more than my crafting :).Have to learn from this girl

Well you know I have been HANGING in the G tech this past 2 days with all this cricut sync and oh my G updated but Imagine.
Well her's my story and hopefully someone will benefit from my struggles

I have windows XP Sp3 all beautifully updated and running superb
cricut sync
beautifully communicating with the Gypsy
Imagine (0096:0013:0239:202A)

Then tried to do update but then headache time!!
Seriously this cricut sync is taking a toll on my patience!
After 2 days of breatihng this in and out in G tech and seeing countless problems surfacing and so many people suffering my patience with this was stretched thin as it is
For those for whom this thing went smooth as butter BOOOOO!!!
Mine went fine in G. My G is good girl
But this I - has been nothing but Trouble from day 1. atleast I think it is warming up to me
this one did not go that bad
but pain enough
First I did the adobe air  - which is the run time environment for adobe products and since this uses something of adobe most probably the flash player  - we have to do the update and so I did the update yet again
Then ran the crcut sync
Duh!! haven't I told people countless times to restart well guess how tired and off my hed I was
but asking for a driver Gadget serial v2.4
(now I know some are available from some sites but can I trust that - do not want a virus on my already poor beaten computer)

Here are screen shots Crying 

well after this I decided to restart my computer and work with fill stomach and then came up and switched on and off the computer for a couple of times and then voila

driver updating

Again the pesky wizard

at last some other message than driver v2.4

Ok I trust you - Go on !! Go On

Just get on with it buddy . Grrrr...

Now this was a loop content updating and then going  back 

6 times  it kept happening After 2 - 3 times I used to close C sync and try again
when finally

Yippee and my Imagine goes from

to this

and after all the updating 

and the proof



S Glup said...

WHOO HOO girl...lol...so happy it FINALLY cooperated for you...I was reading and thought...been there and done that....your posts are always so helpful...thank you so very much for continuing to share them...glad you're updated...keep sharing all your helpful tips.

}}}HUGS{{{ and THANKS so VERY MUCH!!!

Sheri G

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.