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November 1, 2010

edited:New gypsy update 0206:0206

Please wait on this a bit and try going to g tech and see there live on what's happening.
Also Cricut sync  is for both Imagine and Gypsy and most probably will replace gyspsy sync soon when they get it working

This was sent as beta test to some.
Let me first tell you it had some problems and even these few managed o get the board down. So be glad that you weren't one.  First it was run through cricut sync and not gypsy sync.Yes - cricut sync is no just for Imagine. But cricut sync has still some problems with Mac and 64 bit though  not know with latest cricut sync as it changed on sunday
Anyway till now here is the procedure of
1) First keep your G on AC power. It may take a long while
2) run cricut sync and do not run g sync and cricut sync at the same time. Also do not connect Imagine to it. This way it will recognize the gypsy and check for updates
3) if you need to update drivers like adobe air - do so as cricut sync uses that!! Adobe air btw is a manager program for adobe flash and reader unless you have the full version - then bridge takes over
4)Keep trying as the site may keep winking out due to overload.

5) the update should have firmware and content
6) check wrench icon and version - it should read 0206:0206
first part is firmware and 2nd content
7) For many of us the firmware seemed to go fine. but are getting stuck on content. For some it's the other way
8) so if it is firmware that is the problem - list your OS specifying if yours is 32 or 64.to see this in computer start and in my computer - right click and go to properties - that should list your OS
9) if it is content then try doing update with G sync

10) and lastly unless you close G sync or cricut sync your G will say connected . That has not changed.So be sure to close  after the update is done.

Keep trying. If after updating your cartridge is red try troubleshooting once or twice chosing option 1 or 2 (ie yes to questions 1 or 2 . DO NOT CHOOSE yes to 3rd question) but some with 64 bit have reported problem so wait for a fix

Here is also a check list

1)connect the G to power as this may take a long time and you do not want to run out of juice
2) Make sure you are connected to the right USB drive. If this is your first time connecting try to see which is the USB 2.0 drive. If laptop ones on sides work well. But if desktop usually the one in the back is the right one
3) download cricut sync from http://www.cricut.com/imagine/support.aspx
and install. check no security measures are blocking it like popup blockers, antivirus. Usually firewall is ok if you have set option to ask you while installing. Sometimes after installations it will need the computer to restart. So shut down and restart. Do it anyway.
4)then run cricut sync .Make sure you are running as admin or with admin privileges
5) when connecting G to computer it should not take too long for cricut sync to recognize the device - not more than 5 - 10 mins max. See if the G shows connected. It should not be on the welcome screen. If not try closing and then unconnecting the G then running cricut sync and when it shows no device then connect G.
Server might be busy so keep trying.
6)Make sure you are connecting just the Gypsy and not the Imagine an do not run G sync and cricut sync at the same time
7)If yours gets updated check if g version shows (0206:0206).If either is not correct then your update did not go through ok. Some have had success doing the firmware with cricut sync and then trying the content with G sync
8) If nothing works (NOTE MAC USERS - you have to still wait for update. 
Also PC CS has said to one of the MB members who called that Trend Micro has problems and needs to be uninstalled. I would wait on this a bit as uniNstalling antivirus is not the way to go and is risky!! find a friend who doesn't use this would rather be the way to goLOL 
edited: exiting the trend by right clicking and then installing the cricut sync and running has met with many successes) Call PC CS

Ok now here are some pics for the cricut sync

which can be downloaded from

see the site for instructions. Turn off your firewall and install drivers if asked for. Also remember to 
turn off pop up blocker and always when installing software do it as administator with admin privileges

Now for some screen shots

If asked to replace do so if you have previous version like I did - do so

run the cricut sync

It will automatically check for updates and if you have none it will say so like mine here did

If for some reason it fails to do so then go to file and choose check updates

If the firmware update is done and content has problem try doing with gypsy sync. If update goes on fine then you can see the updates version by clicking on the help and then about

See you need not check G fr version - about tells you
and you can also troubleshoot (both Imagine and G ( from cricut sync though for now I would prefer you to troubleshoot from gypsy sync)


Scrappymama Elaine said...

ok, this may sound like a stupid question but is cricut sync just something for the imagine? i have a baby bug. i'm just trying to get the gypsy update with the new cartridges.

S Glup said...

THX so very much Pam for all that you do...you are GREATLY appreciated.

I'm running on XP professional and not sure if it's 32 or 64...checked like you said, but doesn't show??

I did both the cricut syn and my numbers are where they are suppose to be, but no free carts are added and the car decals still takes me to the main screen, also tried the gypsy sync and it's saying my gypsy is up to date, so I will step away for now..lol...wanted to thank you bunches again though for sharing your knowledge
Sheri G

Anonymous said...

thx for your help. I've gone thru all the steps and looks like it did everything you showed on your blog BUT... my G still says "connected". Can I unplug it? thx

"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.