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October 13, 2011

A failed experiment in storage

Cartridge storage is such a headache. I resorted to simply reene - clip it on as I mentioned before. I added a 3rd tire and for some months my set up has looked like a leaning tower of pisa. But then everytime I add a cartridge it groans and I was so afraid which cartridge would prove proverbial straw on the camels back. So I decided to spare myself the pain and ordered a base so that I now have 2 sets. A wonderful alternate are those shoe chrome spinners from walmart - http://www.walmart.com/ip/Whitmor-Chrome-Shoe-Spinner/3868465
But the problem is the clips will not move all the way as there is a section/spoke every inch or so. So adding cartridges in case you are nuts like me who has to have in alphabetical order (well I am in no way mrs. clean but just quirky in some ways) then requires constant moving. I have kept mine for Imagine cartridges and glitters.
So my advice if you do not have that many cartridges and are careful with balance and don't overburden and do not mind leaning then go for 3rd tier (no way am I buying that expensive floor model) - else get another base :)
Now a question to you. What is your storage method. Do post about it here and I would love to read and learn


mfc.melissamade2 said...

Well I stack the boxes likes books - but all my booklets are kept in a large photo box alphabetized with tabs so I can grab the one I want to look at pics - otherwise I just use my Gypsy to work out what I want/need. Then go to my shelf with all my adorable boxes and pull one out. I love those boxes for some reason and like to see them all lined up and alphabetized - does that make me weird?? LOL

papillon digital design said...

I am glad Melissa that you are like me. And boy I wish I had gone the storage box route but the clip on is fun too. I have seen your stickles idea and am going to try that for my stickles. Thanks Melissa for sharing

Audrey Frelx said...

LOL!!! Pam, you don't even want to know how I store my carts!!! It's absolutely shameful!!! LOL!

Kymberlee - The Mama Midwife said...

I am a mess when it comes to storage. I moved my room thinking i would reorganize and come up with some better storage solutions but alas I decoded to organize children into my life instead :)

Electra said...

On my storage.... I use the 5 drawer plastic storage on wheels. What I did was remove the wheels and I stacked on top of one another, so I have 10 nice size drawers for everything Cricut. And best of all there is no dust, and yes, mine are all in alpha order, and yes in am a neatnick, clean freak, and organized!! LOL

papillon digital design said...

That's such a great idea Electra. And I am so glad to know you alphabetize too. Kymberlee - family comes first and audrey knowing you I think I should just drop by and see for myself as I do not believe you in this for I am sure you will have me beat! :)

AllisonF (Goody Bag Diva) said...

I wanna see pics please! Mine are in my Cgull bag and the boxes are hidden from my husband!!

Mandy said...

I was thinking about getting some of the cricut binders for mine. Haven't decided yet but I need to do something. The boxes just take up too much space!

Ohhh Snap said...

I had them in bins (because of the Gypsy) however, I was frequently digging them out to get to the handbooks. So now I've got them stacked, 7 stacks in a 9 stack space so I can move the stacks like those little games with moveable squares. But I have them roughly sorted between carts I used the handbook for and carts where the handbook doesnt' really give me any information I can't get off my G.

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