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July 26, 2010

Cartridge storage solution - 2

Remember way back I had got this Husky 22" Cantilever box from home depot for cartridge.
here is a link to the earlier post http://www.thebugbytes.com/2010/02/cartridge-storage-solution.html
and the pic

I had initially planned on just taking this thing to crop and just as a solution for my friend. But I guess I have to use this myself as my cartridge shelf is overflowing thanks to PC's releasing more and more tempting cartrides lol.
I was reorganizing my scraproom/studio room. Since my poor room has to do double duty and I am as worse is stocking paint things as my scrap things. Now since I am a watercolor painter or should I say was a watercolor painter - my papers are not the convenient 12 x 12 but a whopping 22 x 30" and since they need to be protected they have to be in a shelf and so I have 2 safco flat file shelves which are huge. I got these used form ebay when I was in California. for $100 each (we had to go and pick up) . Some shops sell used office furnitures from companies which close down an I am was lucky to have got this else each shelf costs just an extra 0 lol.
I digressed there. So since that too has to be in my scraproom along with the 100's of brushes and paint and easel etc etc - it is not easy organizing all that. I have been slowly buying and organizing the room piece by piece.
Still have to organize as while rearranging furniture to suit me (and getting my poor hubby to help  and thus ruining his weekend) I had to resort to using this storage.
Whew! how did this simple topic get so long winded!!
Here is the finished box
Note - I put only as many cartridges as the lower portion could handle the booklets.
So I had space to put some extra bins. I removed 1 row from the top smaller bins (let's call it A bins) and all the lower taller bins from the bottom (let's call this B bin). Then I laid the cartridge booklets as I wanted and added 4 A bins (stacked 2 on one another).  So I replaced this many cartridges. They go off to a plastic container to the attic and the extra 1 row of bins and lower bins which I removed -  I can use for storing some stuff and the other bins inside the box - I will maybe store some blades , cartridge housing etc.
Note the reason I removed 1 row of top bins is that the top lid can close but I felt as if it were pressing if I left it in and I did not want that. Now the other bins prevent the cartridges from sliding and they fit so well.

I love the cantilever system as it conveniently opens on a leg and stands instead of toppling over

And when closed

I still need to organize this further with maybe arranging it by alphabetizing it. I also need to set up my scraproom further.
More photos will come soon.
I am not a very good cleaner and neither a perfect scrapbook diva. So my room by no means will have that decorated , perfect paper organized by color etc. Anyway I do not have that many colors as I prefer to have paper stacks like DCWV , K&Company, My Mind's Eye and Me & My Big idea.
So my scraproom is just a simple storage for max. space I can get out of it.
The only reason I am doing this shw and tell is maybe just maybe one the idea might give you an idea.
For sure both Mya's and Tammy's idea on that IKEA Ribba shelf helped me and I have sent out hubby to get that for me. but this hefty and also the expedit - I figured it all on my own :)
Oh finally I took the cinch and yourstory out of the box :)
Don't ask me if I have used it yet lol


Angi Barrs said...

Great idea. I need a good storage solution for my carts. :)

Dakota Bear said...

A very clever storage system. I use the Clip-it-Up system.

flowerdisco said...

I ran out of space too but I like to keep mine in their boxes. :)

Jennie Garcia said...

Woooooooowwwwww I just have 5 for now and I hope to get more but that is just crazy!!! Really cool solution... I have a little good envy right now

Leslie McGrath said...

I purchased a yourstory from HSN back when they were having a special in December!! I just used it for the first time in June. The directions are not very clear (or maybe I'm challenged lol!), I had to call pc for assistance, but it worked nicely once I got it to turn on and stay on!! Now I need to figure out what creations I can make with it!!

217 Creations said...

I like your storage idea!

Karen said...

It's always interesting to see how others store their "stuff". I haven't got a designated crafting spot yet as we're still under renovations so I have a huge "pile" in the corner of what will someday be just my diningroom area.

Magoo said...

lol! I'm so glad I enabled you!! This must be a first :) :)

Diana Joy said...

This is an interesting box. Am going to check it out next time I go by that store. thanks. Bye the way.....love your blog.

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