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July 13, 2010

Gypsy File and CDS with this update

Hope you all enjoyed the double "Project/Design" post today at TheBugBytes. 
That was rather a mistake on my part and I apologise to Cher who was so nice about it. I completely forgot that "Duh" if it is my time posting at Sassy or  Tuesdaytreats then for my log I also post here.

Well hopefully I will learn and not repeat the mistake.
Posts like these (which I call Dry Posts lol) I do not mind and I do post in the evenings not clashing with my designer's as I feel it is better that I share  these as soon as I find them and remember what I wanted to say. If I wait for my designer's (proudly we have awesome designer's don't we ) I might have to wait a fortnight and this info might help atleast someone. So I do post such posts ;)

Now for moving to the substance
When you open your gypsy files in CDS take a moment to check it out convert (some things can be changed in the gypsy file itself before conversion and some need to be done after)  check  again and make changes in the cut file and save.
For there are 3 things I observed .

1. The deleted layers/pages come through as untitled pages in the gypsy file opened in CDS and also in the converted cut file. Here is the gypsy file

and the CDS cut file (and the gypsy file open in CDS  too)

2. The order of the layers/pages. If you have changed it in the Gypsy it will not change in the same gypsy file  opened in CDS and in the cut file and also in the converted cut file
Note the gypsy file - the order is flower, shoe and bottle

The gypsy file on CDS - note the order - bottle, flower, shoe

3. When you convert even though hide and contour shows up in gypsy file. It may or may not show up in the cds cut file . You have to check each and every layer

Here is the gypsy file
note the bottle layer showing hide and contour

gypsy file on CDS - the bottle layer still showing H&C (I am shortening the name here)

and the CDS file - bottle layer - not showing H&C

But in the same file
flowersnowman layer

same layer in gypsy file open in CDS

and the same layer in the CDS file

So please check all the points I have noted and make appropriate changes in the cut file.


"kind encouraging and inspiring words"

I appreciate your comments so much. They are treasured and such an inspiration. Thanks for leaving them.